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artist: LVBAND
Very beautiful arrangement. The voice is excellent and well performed. The entire production will get a highly
title: Sprung
A goofy love song...some girls make it impossible to remain cool.
artist: Robert Anton
title: Believe
an inspiration for you
artist: Micki Murphy
A jazzy ballad - love song
This is without the voice yet for review purposes NO USE!!!
artist: Bipolar
title: How long
Piano trio type vibe.
from Songbook; vocal: Anna Christoffersson
artist: Maria Daines
A wonderful Carol Douglas song, big band sound, bags of style. Here's the link to Carol's page - http://www.s
title: You and I
All music is copyright protected
artist: Throckmorton
title: Play With Me
Story of a dad and his daughters
artist: Solid E
As of 11/28/2006 this song is #1 on the Jazz Vocal category here at SoundClick...coo!.
Taken from the album "Jazz Lounge"
Jazz and Blues Rendition of An Original Song Written and Recorded BY Loretta Withee
artist: Cara Young
title: Insatiable
Jazzy, sassy song about a woman who is insatiable when it comes to men
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John R. Jackson
Jazz Vocals
"Anytime I Think Of You"
"Anytime I Think Of You"
PRODUCER INFORMATION: check out my beats on my page, and for official work check out the mixtape i produced with my artist, http://www.datpiff.com/Darrell-its-a-love-story-its-A-Love-Story-mixtape.314954.html. FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREAT. if you know artist looking for beats hit me up, its art in your ears, more than music. if you have any work you want me to check out hit me up, always open to work with someone.
Captain SolarAngel
Mixonia XVIIIXV Chapter 34: Chapter 34 Log Update: The Opening of the Infinity-Seal, Hitting back with the glitch systems of history, Regrouping of our Entire collective etc etc etc....New Codes and Extras Completion of the Guantlet of Existence, sending those mad idiots back round the guantlet if it takes they 35.00.000 trillion years .7 plus 3 slide-wiped cycles of they own bullsheet to complete. In recent weeks in my view screen I have experianced the opening of the Seal to Infinity and this has been confirmed by our Extra-Terrestrial/ Angel Scientists and Astronaughts, after a series of tests and ordeals....
Chick Corea Elektric Band - Live at Montreaux (2004), DVD - Jazz Rock: Very good musicians indeed. But can be stressfull to listen to. But there is a trick, start with the last one, then you might forgive the band the complex harmonies at the beginning ;-) If you are married, listening to it is a good chance having to sleep outside for a night :-P
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