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title: Creamy Bean
By posu yan. "This is sorta jazz fusion hip hop thang, I think this is actually the first time I played lead g
title: Morning gift
Instrumental guitar track
artist: Dave Rich
A free download. This is from our tavistock show in late december 07. This is an extended version with a whole
artist: OrbicA
Jazzy, yet glitchy at the same time.....rhodes solo, tempo change, guitar solo....outro
artist: C Norden
Cool, live performance-like tune with even some imperfect improvisations.
a little George Benson sorta kinda?
artist: Frank Axtell
title: Cloud Nine
© 2007 FrankAxtell ® All Rights Reserved.
Colin Mitchell - Keyboards, Drum Programming, Compostion Fred Clark - Guitars, Mix
artist: RoF Project
Easy Hip-Hop Jazz/Fusion
artist: Peter Eggers
Gerry Brown's thunderous drums and John Lee's booming bass make a mad dash to outrun the fury of David Rose's
artist: Denes Hekkel
A Jazzy contemporary tune I whipped up about a year ago.
title: Swamp Funk
Song mixes elements of rock, funk and prog.
This is s smooth flow....listen,relax, find that mysterious love.
artist: AiriQ101
title: Underground
My hip-hop/jazz fusion instrumental. (not full version)
artist: MY III
title: glaze
funky jazz/rock pot luck over the infernal MIDI-as-drummer drumbeats...I should update and finish this one a t
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(NO SAMPLES) ...:: EVERYTHING I AM (Live Guitars)
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Jazz Fusion
"Neon Dancer"
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Lost Secrets"
A Melting Pot of Jazz,Fusion,Funk,New Age and World influenced music.
Solid E
Behind Lonely Eyes: I speak from experience when I say you never know where love can be found I found love in an unusual place behind solitary eyes my angel was the prettiest girl in school her daddy was a wealthy man she seemed to have the perfect world but her eyes they never shined I found an angel I found an angel I found an angel behind lonely eyes a friend said dona€™t waste your time when I said Ia€™d ask her out he said girls like her always have someone no one ever walked her home (repeat chorus) I called to ask her to the prom to my surprise she said yes wea€™ve been togethe...
Solid E
Everytime We Make Love: I start by saying I care I gaze into his eyes so warm his gentle touch takes over I lose myself in his arms everytime we make love everytime sweet baby we make love evertime we make love it's better than the last time my heart beats in rhythm with his heart as we become one our harmony fills the air the joy of love we have found (repeat chorus) I always think about what we do how romance shapes our lives a chapagne dinner dancing to our favorite tune stires desire in me and you (repeath chorus) copyright 2008 richard c. evans...
something I haven't done in over 30 yrs.: I suppose that it was one of those experimental things for me which always turns into something a little more complex with my next one I do. It was a gas orchestrating and playing the guitar parts. I wanted to see if my mind was still capable of arranging for a large ensemble. The last time I did that was after music college back in the early 70's. I took a 26 piece jazz ensemble with lots of brass, drums, Hammond B3 and guitar and wrote a piece called Speed Bump. The guitar is lead with a solo from sax and trumpet. I added plenty of screech trumpet with fall offs and shakes. Some of the...
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