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artist: GMANgerald
Bassist GMAN Returns with compelling sounds of Jazz/Funk,Fusion & Acid Funk song:'I Remember When...' Styles-S
artist: roykeys
artist: Extra Medium
title: Last Chance
Another S90 sequence. bar says: "It sounds like I just walked into a pub in Final Fantasy, but cooler."
artist: njazz
title: third wish
((updated)) old one, recorded in 2003
artist: DJ Drake
title: Amorphous
Upbeat jazzy kinda sound. 2003
title: Slithery Sam
Funky 7/4 groove with rocking changes and an extended jam with organ and guitar
title: Isolation
A jazzy, snazzy song from the upcoming live CD which features songs we composed on the spot.
title: Batman
This song is a furious avant-guarde jazz fusion and features the late Nico Assumpção, one of the greatest bass
artist: Rip or Flip
title: Oldskool
smooth jazzy rhodes , latin jazz fusion
artist: cohonas
Instrumental guitar solo over fusion drums, with a spacey soundscape.
artist: wasa express
psychedelic jazz trance from sweden
I was inspired to write a song when I hit the big 40 by my birthday cake candle that said, "Forty & Sporty" on
title: Moonshadow
Very cool and abstract Jazz-Fusion Track. One of our bests ! If you like Jazz you really have to listen to thi
artist: Steve Bernd
A progressive rock fusion piece with strong funk rhythm and great guitar keyboard interaction!Written By Steve
artist: SWU073
title: Outside
Groove song. Recorded 12/20/03 at Thelmas in Portland, Oregon.
artist: Ziggy Plato
The mood is carefree in this jazz fusion tune. One of my first attempts at completely loop-based song construc
artist: OmegaJazz
title: Freeway Jam
Jeff Beck Tribute!!! Listen to this one please!
artist: MrJ
It's sweet, yet oh so funky
artist: TwangKing
Screaming Guitar workout over a Weather report style backing...
artist: The K.o.R
A little test of the EMG 57/89X I put in my guitar 2 months ago. I went for warm jazzy tones (LePou's SoloC cl
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Musikreativ Studios Label
Smooth Jazz
"I'm So Glad V by Cheeseburger & Cd'A"
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Jazz General
An improvisation
John R. Jackson
Jazz Vocals
"Anytime I Think Of You"
"Anytime I Think Of You"
Solid E
I'm Givin' Ninety: I could settle for a sixty forty split I could live with seventy thirty all that you bring to our relationship is a lousy a lousy ten percent I'm givin' ninety you're givin' ten I cook for you and make sure the house is clean now and then I'd like to go dancin' when I say come spend sometime with me you never you never have the time I'm givin' ninety you're givin' ten you go to work you bring home your pay your money's not enough to make me wanna' stay yesterday this letter fell from your coat you've found yourself a new lady truthfully I'm tired of reading your notes ...
it blows: it's been quite some time since I pulled out my old trumpet. I figured since I did learn to play it back in music college, it might be a good way to keep music/jazz in my life since playing guitar or keys seems to be out right now. The spit valves were leaking as the cork had disintegrated and the valves were stuck from lack of use and oil. I remembered an old trick to loosen the valves, clean them out with tooth paste. The tooth paste has an abrasive which cleans off all that crud making the valves smooth again. Getting out the stuck valves was a challenge but after cleaning, oiling the va...
Solid E
Tear My Clothes Off Tonight: her hands won't keep still she's all over me my hot oil massage has her eager to please my new way of thinkin' brings a sparkle to her eyes the answer to this question has changed our very lives what can I do to make my baby wanna' tear my clothes off tonight I used to work all day sometimes the weekend to when she wanted to have some fun I'd say no there's work to do now we go out dancing to dinner and a show this new attitude makes me love her more and more (repeat chorus) that Don Perignon has gone to her head she grabs me by the collar and drags me to bed l...
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