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Dirty South
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artist: Oberhofer
My version to a backing track by Mats Nermark for the LPF Jam Zone. Kloppmann equipped relic Strat & Axe Fx AC
Some opening bass harmonics lead into a melancholy pattern that builds into the "Walking Away" chorus.
artist: Big Wheel
title: Fuse
A nice piece of instrumental soul jazz fusion.
Fusion BT from swampman, so I had a noodle. Playing's not exactly fusion, but what the hey ;)
funky jazz. electric piano head, then guitar
title: Morning gift
Instrumental guitar track
artist: MarinBlues
an home-made rock jam track.
artist: Tri-Valves
trying to improve my drum line composition.. =P
A jazz fusion instrumental expression
artist: Jorge Marin
Cuban flavor jam. Acompanamiento musical cortesia de Jordano (Kubalibre) Este es el Sonido de una Gibson Les
artist: Alan B
Smooth Christian Jazz with an urban fusion groove. This is an Alan B production. Hear more from Flak at www.So
title: Swamp Funk
Song mixes elements of rock, funk and prog.
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Where we been....: I know it has been awhile but it is going to be a little while longer before we post anything new. We are working with some really talented artist and planning to release a couple of EPs by Spring. I am now officially inside as I am currently working at a major label. So it is exciting. Not quite as cool as an indie but the inside track is very helpful. I see you guys have been still coming around and the friend request keep coming. I am happy for that. As soon as we complete the first single and send to master I will post it for all of you to hear. mad love. Malorie....
it blows: it's been quite some time since I pulled out my old trumpet. I figured since I did learn to play it back in music college, it might be a good way to keep music/jazz in my life since playing guitar or keys seems to be out right now. The spit valves were leaking as the cork had disintegrated and the valves were stuck from lack of use and oil. I remembered an old trick to loosen the valves, clean them out with tooth paste. The tooth paste has an abrasive which cleans off all that crud making the valves smooth again. Getting out the stuck valves was a challenge but after cleaning, oiling the va...
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