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title: The Wizard
Just a funky fusion romp with Lonnie Plaxico and Lionel Cordew.
artist: Project 808
title: Funkybeat
Jazzy Instrumental
artist: LUXUS
internet collaboration europe / usa / uk
artist: Morpheus B
title: La Guitara
High energy jazz/funk fusion featuring spanish guitar. Awarded 2nd Place - Best Jazz Instrumental Song in the
artist: OmegaJazz
title: Freeway Jam
Jeff Beck Tribute!!! Listen to this one please!
title: Saniwa
The final track from the latest album called "Melatomania".
title: Feelin' Good
Decided to post this jazzy song. Listen to the whole thing...samples by Kenny Garrett. Guarantee you'll feel
Instrumental groovin funky jazz fusion with a great funk bass fade outro!!
artist: JamBits
All Instruments - Glennbo
title: White Magic
Squier Bullet Strat & Akai MPK261 keyboard
artist: Alan L Cole
title: Cymbeotic
Concept, Content, Arrangement, Music & Keyboards by Alan L Cole.
artist: Loren
title: Begining
jazz fusion with elecronic and acoustic blend
artist: Dyalock
title: Why on Earth
A song for the Jazz Fusion challenge in the Clickers Club. I have never played Jazz or Fusion, so I have no id
artist: The Smivets
title: Ginger Ninja
A little cat-style fusion
artist: DHW
My submission for the Clickers Club! Enjoy! ;-)
artist: spinaceto
My entry for the CC Jazz-Fusion Challenge, October 2014.
title: Grandpa Max
Intergalactic secret agent 'Grandpa Max' loves his Jazz and his grandkids Ben and Gwen Tennyson.
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THE MORNING AFTER /// (7/12/15)
Jazzy Beats
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Musikreativ Studios Label
Smooth Jazz
"I'm So Glad V by Cheeseburger & Cd'A"
Musikreativ Studio Label Artist and Songs Center...featuring the finest of wine that the music industry can produce...yielding a bountiful harvest of simply amazing styles, music and songs..." just press play "...
Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
TaneeyMusicSounds by James
Nu Jazz
"Cruise Groove"
Its Another Groove!
Smooth Jazz
"Midnight Oasis"
Al Massey Alto sax Synth & Moog bass
Morten Gjermundsen
New song Wth Michael Duran!: A new song i did together with Michael Duran is up.Its called Caves Of Steel. Both of use play the intro,then i do the first verse and chorus.Michael Duran plays the amazing second part!Great work Michael Thanks a lot for doing this! Please stop by his page and give him some feedback and votes! Thank You!
22 free albums now published on Jamendo: I published now 22 free Albums on my Jamendo site and reached 6 Millions listenings and 600 000 free downloads of my music https://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/340092/patroux
no pain? what?: today is a good day to work on my guitar. For once, I'm in no pain and my fingers aren't swollen...can't understand that! But am grateful never the less. There is a tune waiting for my guitar parts...so off I go!
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