Jeffrey Rashad
'Trigger' Huge Pop Taylor Swift Type Top 40 #1 Hit
Huge Top 40 Taylor Swift-Type Pop Beat. Top 40 SMASH potential with this and others on my page. **High Quality Production** *All Genres* @Jeffrey_Rashad Contact:
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artist: Bub Roberts
2 a.m. Midi Guitar (MATON JBX6) One man band doodle triggering 8 different sounds with different velocities in
title: BludoDrive
100 watt HRM Bludodrive
title: JAM ONE
Funky guitar insrumental, one take solo
the title says it all. if you want to hear blazing, screaming trumpets, this song's for you. an absolutely awe
title: Remote Taxis
Funny little thing about the famous NYC cabs Thanks a lot for voting this little tune to #34 in Jazz
artist: Rabih Rihana
title: The Flow
A N'1 Soundclick hit. This tune is the 'middle name' and the face for Rabih's music. Smart melody themes, chu
artist: StrangeSound
title: Proto Cosmos
The fusion standard! Bro played the drums and did the mix, a friend played bass and I did the guitar/e-piano s
artist: Rip or Flip
title: Rockit!
Funky Jazz fusion played mainly live on synth.
title: In My Time
Lester speaks in 5.
title: FONK
A great instrumental with a springy funk. Everyone takes a solo. Gary Grainger's bass patterns are truely un
This is a little track made with a drum/didjeridu track created by Ed Drury which he graciously offered free o
All Instruments - Glennbo
artist: SONZOO
title: Fusion Onion
A stinky, Multilayered, unfolding improvisation
written & played by Guido Kaemmerling & The Guido K. Group. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. Visit The GKG
artist: Chris Bayne
Just a little traveling groove tune.
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Jazz Fusion
"Neon Dancer"
bass over forty
03/16/2010: Today was "Oh Well Tuesday" ...Had me thinking about new music projects. But until then, I will upload some of my favorite collabs this weekend..... "Live out Loud" right! Say a prayer for a blessed
a little wine: during a 4 hour practice session yesterday made it go very quickly. I always make my sessions fun as I use a band accompaniment in the background while playing scales or other exercises. Of course the feeling of accomplishment goes a long way too when one feels one is moving ahead during practice sessions. I know that there are many of you who never practice...just play....are frustrated with your abilities and play the same licks over and over. Maybe it's time you looked at yourself a bit closer and do something about it, maybe like practice. Nah it won't happen because you feel that you are ...
michael f
News: First off I'd like to thank everyone for your plays, emails, friendships and support! It's been a great experience so far. Also I wish each of you great successes in your own particular musical endeavors. Lately I've been working on recording some of my compositions on my own, playing all the instruments and engineering. I know alot of you work in this way. It's hard! My previous recordings have been with bandmates who all played their parts. I don't know how you guys do this! Anyway, I'm starting to make some headway and will post some new tunes when they're ready. I just set up new mu...
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