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artist: Ziggy Plato
The mood is carefree in this jazz fusion tune. One of my first attempts at completely loop-based song construc
artist: OmegaJazz
title: Freeway Jam
Jeff Beck Tribute!!! Listen to this one please!
Live concert in Rotown Rotterdam quite a few years ago with one of my favorite bands, Boobytrap
Written & played by Guido Kaemmerling & The Guido K. Group. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. Visit The GKG
artist: Frank Axtell
Music by Frank Axtell. Frank Axtell 2017 All Rights Reserved WARNING : Unauthorized distribution is a violati
Tenor sax by Sparky Allen Mcgillicuddy....................................................... drums by Toon Tr
artist: Mike-K
title: Last Favors
Funky Jazz the progressive way... it was fun!
(Our Hero Defiantly Smiles In The Face Of Sorrow)
Sonata "YOU" - Remix (Fussion) Version - 2015
artist: Mark Reed
A Jazz guitar sequence over a quick drum and bass line, Had a kind of mad rush to it. Bit like the last minute
artist: Pete Reilich
Soft Latin Wave Jazz featuring Acoustic Guitar (keytar). From an album of compositions titled SANDARO. All mus
artist: Joey D Vela
title: ReAwakened
Instrumental guitar jazz-rock opus featuring JDV's 6 string pyrotechnics and multi-instrumental stylings
Improvised Jazz Fusion
artist: Major Snagg
My take on a particular type of Jazz/Rock. Elements of 'left-field' sounds surface in various places within th
title: Seven
Indo-jazz fusion in seven beats
All the sounds barring the odd sample from freebie linux plugins, sequenced in Hydrogen and Ardour. Stems incl
artist: Boss Burato
Written and arranged by Ron Burati All instruments by Ron Burati Copyright 2014 Ron Burati all rights reserved
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Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Reach Out"
Fusion Blended With Funk
Solid E
Style: Jenny wears her hair up tied with yellow bows she's all of seventeen Wal-Mart glasses on her nose the cat who made the clothes she wears ain't go no ad on t.v. she got her wardrobe off a rack at the Salvation Army she's got style you see it in her eyes style it comes from inside style all she wants to do style is to herself be true all her friends are into rap she like Chicago blues Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy her fav' is Howlin' Wolf she's hardly ever on the phone she'd rather play her guitar a metal slide 'cross her Ibanez brings a song to her heart (repeat ch...
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4wards: I sill may have no interest in doing anything new on the guitar as I've got plenty of stuff already recorded, which have never appeared on the site. One tune for example is "Set Em Up Bartender" a swing jazz guitar tune with piano, bass, drums and me on guitar. I just uploaded it, so check it out. I also started doing jazz guitar phrases on video, as a teaching tool for those interested in learning some. They can be used on other instruments too. I'm just using guitar as my tool. I also use notation, guitar tabs, guitar fret board showing the notes played while in progress and a live video ...
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