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artist: DONYEA
title: Me & Dave
me and my boy smashin
artist: Yamasaki
title: new jazz era
yamasaki & children of a new jazz era
artist: Tag Bennett
title: Mice On Mars
Mice On Mars
artist: A. Molotkov
title: The Shelter
A lush world to escape to. Chris Graf: synthesizers; A. Molotkov: duduks, vocals, spoken voice
this is a high energy rock-styled jazz chart that the RSS jazz shall play at the 2007 UIL solo and ensemble co
A mix of jazz backing and rock guitar instrumental.
artist: Moe Fletcher
Cory, Jerome & Joe hooked up in New Jersey January 2006, and played together for the first time in 30 years.
artist: Todd Weller
title: Chameleon
Arrangement of Herbie's all time classic.
artist: Paracolor
title: Ejam7
An atempt at a jazz piece
artist: pmfan57
title: Amigo
Solo over the form of a jazz standard
artist: Quasitone
title: Flip Flop
A free-form,funky,fusion improvisation with plenty of ripping guitars,pounding drums,and deep throttle Stick.P
artist: jamerson
title: Comp 4: Time
Fretless P-Basses/no effects 3 movements: birth, life, death
Let's start thinking outside the "box"!!
artist: TimM Songs
title: Galavantin
Fusion Jazz, R&B composition.
title: Seven
Indo-jazz fusion in seven beats
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Akhordz Productions
They Know *NEW* (Self-sampled)
Beats General
3 for $30 lease| $45 leases with trackouts| contact me a Akhordz@gmail.com for exclusive prices | TEXT OR CALL:2147158038
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nykol 79
"Pearls": Pearls is still available... "Pearls" Produced by Nykol Co- produced by Rene' Also check out my CD,"Piano Luv" released earlier this year... Get a taste of Nykol Pure Embracing And Real Love Songs
bob bruno
The Illusion of What the American People Want : If one more person says , "What the American people want is..." I think I will blow up . The truth of the matter is that politicians pretend to have clairvoyant abilities and speak from the point of view of being a human being at times like now , during a presidential election , but in reality they are not really human beings at all . They are merely blood sucking opportunist who will go the way of the local lobbyist when the election is over . There is no amount of individual letters that will change the way they do business anymore than sending Emails to television stations will affect anyth...
she wanders in the dark: I've been meaning to use the trombone now for quite sometime but just never got around to it. On this tune I not only do nylon string guitar but use trombone along with flugelhorn and soprano sax. The trombone does a solo. The tune is based on a loop I created. I normally don't build tunes around loops but it was a quick and easy way to do one.
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