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It asks the question when will I find it (Love) but with fun & funk.
artist: GMANgerald
title: The Gift
'The Gift' Futuristic Funk,Fusion Funk,Jazz/Funk. From The CD: GMAN-THE JAZZMAN Vol.2
artist: cohonas
Instrumental guitar solo over fusion drums, with a spacey soundscape.
artist: Alex Saba
title: Rosane
Live Duo TV Show.
title: No U-Turn
We have put a lot of work in this Track ! Its a smooth Jazz Fusion tune...Played with E-Piano, Guitar, Ac. Bas
artist: TwangKing
Written about Sydney, Australia.
artist: Ziggy Plato
The mood is carefree in this jazz fusion tune. One of my first attempts at completely loop-based song construc
artist: OmegaJazz
title: Freeway Jam
Jeff Beck Tribute!!! Listen to this one please!
written & played by Guido Kaemmerling & The Guido K. Group. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. Visit The GKG
title: Noname Jazz
Rough Mix - Instrumental Guitar, Drum, Bass and Brass
artist: Sam Crain
title: Incantation
Slightly fringey, nice groove. An almost authoritative melody.
artist: Ryddix
FL Studio arrangement of A Night In Tunisia, the way we played it in high school, a little heavier on the drum
artist: Musicarian
An Improvisation with the fusion of Jazz & Rock. Hope you enjoy.
artist: Lead Alto
A little elevator music. Created this using Sonar X1
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Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
Jazz Fusion
"Neon Dancer"
Have you heard JD Thompson?: One of my favorite artists is JD Thompson and you can listen to some of his songs at his website at www.myspace.com/thompsonjd and also find him on youtube with a search. He has two albums out so far and the first is "Chasing Demons" found on amazon.com and the second is "My Perfect Nightmare" and you can message him on his myspace page for your copy. I just wish more people would listen to his music and get the word out about this talented and wonderful young artist. Let me know what you think ~ I am always wanting to meet and talk to new fans [go there]     [post a comment]
What iz Hip-Hop - if not a tool of xpression 2 tha individual spitta?: I bare my all - not for anything but tha individual spitter who uses spittin az a means of xpression in this fukked up world. There r those youngsta's who want to silence tha individual spitter - cuz they say their shyt don't sound dope enough. This iz soundclick - anyone can post whatever music they like! Listen to my spit on some youngsta's open collab and vote on whose verse iz tha hottest! If i win - tha individual spitters who enjoy freedom of xpression win! Hip-hop iz many things to many! I like it in all it's forms and branches - but I hate cencorship of even one!...
Soundclick Anniversary... gee, it's hard to believe that a month has passed since i joined Soundclick! it's been great discovering NEW artists and making new friends on here. my musical journey is just beginning, but i am happy to be a part of this community. i am enjoying the process of creating music... learning, experimenting and sharing my music with others. looking forward to seeing what the next month has to bring....
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