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title: Strosalåten
Jazzy dixietune - start dancing!
Another standard issue soong you have to do if you want to call yourself a Jazz Band. instantly recognizeable
artist: Grand Jury
title: One & Only
Vox by Dawn Diamond,Lyrics:Dawn Sinclair,Baritone Sax & Clarinet:Juri Mochakov,clarinet:Leo Joffe,music,arr,,m
The name says it all.
Dixieland Jazz - from the 'Dixiecats' live in Tucson at 'the Fountains'
title: Rosie
(Hardley Parton)A fun little ditty about a young man trying to resist temptation
From Saint Louis Tickle, introduced at the World's Fair in Saint Louis, but really derived from Buddy Bolden's
artist: TD Brown
I meant every word when I wrote this, and still do....
Fun ragtime song that takes you for a ride.
artist: John Cohmer
Our bass player Micheal Brose plays the melody and John Cohmer plays the rest.(yes, that's our bass man.)
artist: CmonMan
"New Cambridge March" here's a really different version. Part of what jazz is about never playing the same tun
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Jazz Fusion
"Neon Dancer"
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
Hommage: Afflicted by the departure of Patrick DULPHY. He was a guitarist and author with whom I had worked for 10 years with Daniel Balavoine and the band CLIN D'OEIL. He joined Daniel on 6th March. CLIN D'OEIL: TWILIGHT ZONE
Steve Clarke Trio this Friday in CT .. No Cover : May 6th ... 7:30pm - 10:30pm ... No Cover. Savin Star CAFE & BAR (in Ramada Inn lounge) 225 Lordship Blvd, Stratford, CT Hi Hope all is well with you & yours and you can make this Friday ? Early sets, and you can be home early as well ... if you'd like :-) No cover, good food, great times and live music. STEVE CLARKE TRIO is a 3 piece Funky-Jazz-Fusion Band. Pat Marafiote -Keys (Larry Coryell, Dave Weckl) Steve Clarke -Bass (Pat Marafiote, Chris Stanley, Mike Stern) Chris Stanley -Drums (George Benson, Anthony Jackson) New CD features:Mike Stern, Chris Morrison, Au...
Captain SolarAngel
Mixonia XVIIIXV.I Chapter 35.9 .b: .............Perverse Polarities instead of Reverse Polarities, re-smooth instead of de-smooth, Your instead of All, our Universe instead of the universe, Hepatitis Hypnotist instead of Flip the swit-whooooosh, Muh instead of the. This sabotage attacks the vowel sounds and the consonants and over short distances and long distances trails off and alcoves…… To be continued…………
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