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Artie Tunes
Instrumentals :: Smooth
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Film Music
"Blood and Sand"
Film Score, Soundtrack, Orchestral, SAD,
Crucial Evidance
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Addicted: Addicted What is it that makes you so addictive? Is it your smile, the tender caring one that you wear like an old nightie when we lie together, Is it the taste of your mouth when you kiss me that holds me there, eyes closed and enraptured, Is it the way you move when I make you orgasm, head back and screaming with unbearable tensity, Is it how you look when I taste your most secret flesh, eyes closed like a child in a thunderstorm, expectant and afraid of forces beyond your control, Or is it simply because, when we lie sweaty and spent, limbs tangled like rag dolls in a toy...
Beach Getaway: Beach Getaway The sun beats down on me as I lay on the hot sand, staring out into the Gulf of Mexico looking east off the Yucatan peninsula. It is a typical day for late May, temperature in the mid to high 80's, wind about 10 mph coming in over the water and the sun shining brightly. It is a perfect day, the weather is great, the surf rolls on to the beach, the sound of the waves relax and sooth me as I lay there. I glance to my right and look at my lover stretched out on the sand. She is dozing, and enjoying the sun. The warm sun reflects off of her body, the body that I have rubbed copiou...
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