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artist: SPRATT
try and have this one deleted GOOF
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SmokePurpp-Thats myenergy(Prod Red Drum x DJ Flipp
artist: MyndsEye
A funk-a-fied....hiphop-ish...rhythm and bluesy...kinda groove thang -:) (a song..in a series of collabs. with
Left Field Beats with the amazing production! Wrote and recorded this on 6/18/17 in about an hour on break at
artist: Sean Divine
Produced & Mixed by Sean Divine. Now available on iTunes.
Off Yonas "Transition" Deluxe Album. Its on itunes
artist: Jaiz
Download this song @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-sorry-for...-single/id660261820 A song about giving
artist: Fedarro
Notre Dame Anthem!!! IG:@Fedarro | Twitter: @1Fedarro | SnapChat: Fedarro | Facebook:Fedarro INFO@FEDARROHOOK
artist: Mr.J. Slay
title: #1 Spot
Made possible thanks to VillainBeats.net. I own nor am I claiming to own any rights to the beat. I am simply t
title: Check It Out
groovin, hip hop rock, blues,
New Song From NYC. From the mixtape 'Can't Knock La Brega' on DatPiff.com. Gordo Brega ft Mafioso Reborn -
Shoot Interview means telling the truth - 'I'm proof that puny assets/will destine you for fame on community a
Available on Itunes | DJ Scrilla - Til I See You Again feat. Lou Harris & Freedom | More Scrilla: http://www.t
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Curtiss King Beats
Gldneye007 (Rick Ross Type) *BUY 1 GET 3 FREE*
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Spiff and Krisis
Alternative Hip Hop
"What We're Working For"
Spiff and Krisis combine melodic riffs with rap vocals and lyrics promoting autonomy and constructive living.
Fly Tah
follow me @forthepurp..or FAN me and I Fan back..: I promise it will be a good investment... If/when I blow up Fuk Soundclick....... I don't know you if you didn't fuk wit me from the jump
Love: Love is something that's supposed to be taken seriously. Its not meant to be taken as a plaything... someone's heart is not a toy. Love is so easy to fall into, but so hard to fall out of. If you really love someone then you shouldn't have to hurt them. You hurt someone once, then you hurt them again... all that means is you can care less about them. Cause if you really loved em then you would have been trying to protect them from feeling that hurt. Love comes with so much happiness but at the same time it also comes with so much pain. Pain that leaves your heart feeling cold and empty. That p...
Sitting and Gritting my teeth....: "I just sat & Gritted my teeth, while he's all over TV, downtalking a man who literally saved my life like F it , i understand" Eminem (Toy soldiers) gotta agree with the angst Em felt on this song, though for different reasons. It's the Rage & frustration of a dude getting held back in a fight, with all his peeps screaming that he should let it go. but then, like Em's case, picture being given a front row seat in a show where the irritant annoys you relentlessly and you're forced to clench your fists and just well, wish. Guess it's all about how "sometimes you've gotta fight to be a man" and...
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