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YEHHHHH this that next sh*** here... Shuteye...infamous mobb?? produced by MR dilligence, an instant classic..
Track 12 off Bask In The Flask. Performed by M.Rock. Produced by One-Take
artist: MyRiddim
title: 04_RACKS
artist: prime grime
chillin laid back beat
title: Move
Club type..
artist: Tap3Deck
My life's motto
This Beat is not mine it's from Vybe Beatz, it's called Napsack.
artist: Undercard
Take a walk through another person's shoes...
Written & Performed By: Cal Young Engineered By: Cal Young Produced By: KajmirBeats
artist: BigDreamz
title: Lozer(open)
beat is from abruptednation
artist: Mac Vellie
older track check it out tho, all about drugs needless 2 say
This Songs A Ladies Song. Its In The R&b Section!
artist: gadmandubs
Gadmandubs-Snooker Loopy
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Hip Hop General
"Pass the Groove"
Coming from a score of many inspirations the LP is a classic combination of Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo Soul putting it without a doubt in a league of its own.
Hip Hop General
Chicago is here to stay!! Much love to all our people around the globe!
Hip Hop General
Spiff and Krisis
Alternative Hip Hop
"What We're Working For"
Spiff and Krisis combine melodic riffs with rap vocals and lyrics promoting autonomy and constructive living.
lady wrecker
CD: Hay wats poppin everybody dis be yo girlz lady wreckers and we wanted to let yall no that our cd coming out and we hope yall gett it...Its Hittin the street real soon...plz get it.......
The Dead zone: follow @Nfeeltraita Pardon my borrowing the title of a Stephen king book but I am a great fan of his work. I'm thinking of states of suspended animation, of hibernation, like a Dracula,nosferatu in his casket, waiting for the opportune time to awaken, Dormant like a seed but not dead, just patiently . Like RZA said on fams members only "head off to the dead zone". free admissions, yall welcome. come one come all. Cos it gets tiring trying and struggling to make things right. I just want to log off and have someone wake me up when September comes. Leave me dead . cos God forbid. How shall we...
Tick Tilly The Prince
This is why we must keep good music. Im here to check in......check : It is vital that WE all check in and make the right moves . if you are not paying attention to what is going on in the atmosphere, the music will get the best of you. If you are in control of your music it is important to make the right connections. take time to listen to all the music you can (the good and bad) it will open your eyes. the work of every hard working individual is important to creat great music. I chose to create check music to bring together the musics (yes musics). It's amazing that the pure thoughts of time and music mixed, can move the world.......CHECK CHECK.............h...
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