Zeros (Future type beat)
Future type beat | Beat without voice tags starting from lease license - $30 | Premium license $70 | for exclusive rights contact
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Brotha Grimm..M.Rock...All-Boro closed version...version wit open 4th verse still available
a f***in gangsta track for my n***s out here doin they thing in the 916 and if u a real n*** u can relate no m
artist: MiNiMaTiC
Creative Commons License - Anti-Iraq war protest 2003. Political rap.
artist: Shmoolie
The finest in Jewish rap! Laugh a little!
artist: JReyez
Beat production by J-Reyez
artist: The Kravens
Beat by mr KA
Beat Credited to Creative.. 1st Krooked-2nd SouthernMentality-3rd Malakhi-4th ???? Hook-Krooked,SM,????? n
The R.C.C. (Roxbury Crush Crew)
artist: y0ungOnEloCo
title: R.I.P mIc0
y0uNg 0nE LoCo!!
artist: La Perucha
title: Miisiin you
About a gurl that looses her boiifrend cuz he diez. and she cant take all tha paiin that iit causes her.
artist: NINJABOX
This is a tribute rap to the beastie boys. Ikkyu! You are fool! Taking Beer. An adult dream. I turn off tel
artist: Monsieur OK
Hip hip , Rap , Français , Québécois, Old School
title: Do The Work
You have to put in the effort if you wanna do anything in life. Produced by Hip Hop. Circa 2003.
title: So High
a Weed Song From The Bad Guy Worst Wish
title: Who's Real
1st internal 2nd supermack....L.L itz been a minute since me n mack collabed visit the site check out da crewz
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Hip Hop General
"Pass the Groove"
Coming from a score of many inspirations the LP is a classic combination of Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo Soul putting it without a doubt in a league of its own.
Hip Hop General
Chicago is here to stay!! Much love to all our people around the globe!
Hip Hop General
Spiff and Krisis
Alternative Hip Hop
"What We're Working For"
Spiff and Krisis combine melodic riffs with rap vocals and lyrics promoting autonomy and constructive living.
Good Music: we know that the hip hop scene is figuratively bleeding out slowly to death. We also are aware that too many of the same old copy cat rappers are hopping the gravy train and riding it until it crashes. That's why Nothin 2 Sumthin is making the music that needs to be made so that there is still hope for good music. One love to the original honest artists...and a big thumbs down to the copy cats...
The DPz: Hey in all my stations it says "DPz". It's an ONLINE amatuer label just hosted on this site, but would expand should members decide to join. If you would like to join the label "DPz" (Demir Kama Productionz), then leave me a message and I can check your page for cool tracks and see whether to sign you or not. Also, your tunes have to be: Pop, RnB, Hip/Hop, Rap, Techno or Trance. I'm really sorry but I don't like anything else, and am sorry if offends you. Thanks, DPz....
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