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artist: Gualla Game
title: Oooo HEEE
Dope Hip Hop Joint Beat Produced By Diz of FBI Productions
artist: tbonepwc
title: 4 DEEP
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artist: Drgroove07
artist: svporvida
some sick sh*** from Lokote The Dark Album. Rate it or add it.
www.DownBad.com www.myspace.com/downBadEnt www.myspace.com/iamurstruly
!hype remixes the wonderful flow of Meeche Dan and Matt Blunt. If you guys see this - contact me immediately!
Asian Gangsta Crips AKA All Game Crucial
New grimey song by HipHop artist Osirus The Great. Produced by me. Soundclick.com/OsirusTheGreat
This song features Me the Black Monk,B.T, and Darkcied. Produced by Ynoteel_Music AKA Tony Lee
Produced by A. Urbina of The Music Staff
title: TUMORUS
This is that type of track that makes a real MC stand out!!
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Hardcore Rap
"Get with me - Patno ft. Yuanchan beats"
334, alabama, bama, PTSD, brantley, texas, kileen, hip hop, south, PATNO, dre beatz, emcee, epizzle, Rap, eminem, big KRIT, Trae The Truth, ZRo, UGK, Twista, Pastor Troy, Do Or Die, TI, Lil Wayne, eric patneaude, freestyle, gutta, hip hop, texas, ..
Hardcore Rap
"Last Dayz FEAT Kkay and Black China"
burning fire
Furiouslabs Productions
Hardcore Rap
"Grodd In The Villa"
Fresh new music from Furious Labs Productions
Mac D Beats
Hardcore Rap
"*NEW* Cash Flow"
Mention Buy 1 get 2 free leases when purchasing
Conspiracy Is Not Theory 1: I mentioned in a previous blog that I would further explain what happened with regards to the legal situation in which I found myself involved. Now that it has been fully resolved, I will elaborate further. I will change the names of certain individuals as I have not spoken with them about whether or not they would like me sharing this information. Last May, I attempted to move to California. My reason for doing so was to get to a place where I could become a legitimate medical marijuana grower and provider. I knew that I could earn enough money to buy land, get off the grid and channel...
batttle ? who's next? aim Mizztress : WiteAss617: Mmmmhmm WiteAss617: Spittin dangerous like I gota brain tumor, I spit like kangaroos n thro u in my pouch like a damn rumor, but who's guna b around wen I cum for ya, they betta speak up or im guna strate lose ya, this is not my life but its more like a hobby, b*** es on my stage n they do tha ricky bobby, wateva is ya name u can get white like snobby, call me jose cuervo u can get loose if im D, cum bak n haunt me I will cum bak and flaunt these, bad b*** on my wrist n her ring rite on me, bills out tha toosh u can call me natalant plz, cuz money aint a thang that's y I cover ur ...
HAND TO MOUTH/ARTIST: BLACK LION: Thanks to all our fans and friends who supported us by playing this song and making it a Soundclick #1 song. Roderick.
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