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New School
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ALLROUNDA Productions
Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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Hip Hop General
Duck 5 Hood
Hip Hop General
"Let's Ride by Duck 5 Hood"
Classic Hip Hop and R&B Production.
Hip Hop General
"Pass the Groove"
Coming from a score of many inspirations the LP is a classic combination of Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo Soul putting it without a doubt in a league of its own.
Hip Hop General
"Top Gun"
C. Vo is a brand new, young rap lyricist from Missouri City (The Mo.), Texas whose dirty south style merges old school hip hop fun with modern lyrical sophistication. Follow at twitter.comcvofromthemo.
J'SUIS L'AVOCAT QUI PERCE PIS CASSE LA CARAPACE DU MENSONGE!!!!!!!!: J'SUIS L'AVOCAT QUI PERCE PIS CASSE LA CARAPACE DU MENSONGE, poesie magique, ecriture magistral, bouclier magnetique, miroir protecteur, connaissance devellopper, nature pacifique, animation charismatique, pouvoir verbalistique, emanation logistique, voyance eclairer, declaration guerrissante, detecteur d'invisible, voyageur spirituel, eclaireur d'ombre, courageux guerrier, force du coeur, courage exemplaire, verbalistique extraordinaire, technique immortel, poeme eternel, tactique lingustique, voeux honnete, priere sincere, revolution psychologique, programmation psychique, concentration enor...
GETAWAY!: when your life is hectic and constantly arguing,doing too much,running around like crazy sometimes i step back and go to the lake and sit on the rocks and watch the water splash it really is good therapy for anyone and sometimes a really good album can come from that moment! i mean take a trip,have a drive somewhere take your mind off whatever's bothering you,and you would be amazed of the lyrics that you come up with! take notes y'all !...
B-ware Mix-tapes
Shoot...........: What it is, to the whole wide, wide, world of sound-click It 's B aka B-R aka B-Ryght whuuuuu! finally B and his Ryght.. Here to shout out about my new mixtape The Joliet Restuarant Series 2 a B-ware Mixtape_O.A. Music Hard work and alotta fun (B serious but it ain't dat serious) Jolieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet....
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