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artist: Dual Threat
beat by Klash, me spittin and on tha Chorus
artist: d minus
title: Feel Me
this song features L.P. ('lil pistol, of Aktion Figgaz) going into studio for several other songs with A.F. ne
artist: Just Dope
(sept.'03) dj track with dj upset on the one and two's
artist: OutSpokenMc
title: Race
Very emotional song
artist: MV (Gib)
Gib State of Mind is a track which describes the negative attitude shown by a lot of the youth of Gibraltar. I
artist: Rapper Dave
PHAIRILL CATS- Rapper Dave and Knowledge
artist: NP
title: Love track
philyro,passion & mr.rey (natural pulse)beat by: Mr. rey
artist: The EX Sound
title: War Sucks
This song is all about the shitty old thing we know as war
Verse 1: Jester,Verse 2: J.S.Free,hook: Profisized Storm
battling some english muffin named A.S.K.
real crunk and gangsta. makes me mad tho cuz we recorded to loud
A Modest installment in the Unknown Prophets library. They just want people to know they aint rich like so ma
Me and fellow Gemini/Uproar artists trading bars over one of the grimiest beats I've ever heard. This beat is
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Hip Hop General
"Top Gun"
C. Vo is a brand new, young rap lyricist from Missouri City (The Mo.), Texas whose dirty south style merges old school hip hop fun with modern lyrical sophistication. Follow at twitter.comcvofromthemo.
T1 Amazn
Hip Hop General
"Fell Apart"
An up and coming Hop Hop artist for Fort Smith, Arkansas, who has been recording since 2006. He has work with Sims of VillainHero.
Hip Hop General
"Pass the Groove"
Coming from a score of many inspirations the LP is a classic combination of Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo Soul putting it without a doubt in a league of its own.
Maxtrax Prod. LLC
Hip Hop General
"Drunk No Love (Club Banga) FREE DL"
Lease this beat for $20 and get 2 free beats with promo code 81513. Contact us at 347.772.8141 or email MAXTRAXPRODLLC@gmail.com9
Hip Hop General
true soldier 4 god
Understanding : Understanding Psalm 139:1-24...How precious are Your thoughts about me, O God!... The 1st step to understanding God is to KNOW that He understands us! We depend on God Himself to open our minds to understand His truth. Proverbs 2:1-6...Cry out for insight & understanding. Search for them...Then you will understand what it means to fear the Lord... Understanding & wisdom come when we are relentless in our pursuit of truth & the study of God's Word! We know we have understood when the truth bears fruit in our lives. Col.1:6..This same Good News...is changing lives everywh...
Son, i wasnt put here to stay: Another Death talk. funny how it all put things into perspective, funny how all the bull doesnt matter when ur own mortality comes into question. The title , by the way, is quote from the Fugees' 'family business' "if i should fall asleep and death takes me away" , son dont be surprised i wasnt put here to stay ", see , that's it , we werent put here to stay, this ugly , cold world existed before us and itll exist after we gone, so it all comes down to purpose. "We must work while it is day, night cometh when no man can work" Also, we mustnt hold on too tenaciously to things of this wor...
Recording new shit: Be on the look out for new music from formaldihyde. Just got donee recording a new track with nikotine and am waiting to here the final product
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