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A 48 minute set from DJ Monk One on the Underground Railroad.
This song goes to a gospel line dance that will also be featured on a gospel line dance dvd taught by Belinda
Man this right here, is a hot song fa REAL, this trak got TWO SPECIAL FEATURES!!!! Fa REAL!!! Holla back at ya
artist: ENFAMALE
This is telling you about the laws in this system we live in.
artist: Le ReskaP
title: Mon Ange
Track for u , just 4 u
title: Drunk Mario
illest track you've ever heard in your life. Done by duck.
title: "Backdraft"
Hot Fire from Scorpian and Albatross from the ICONS!!!
artist: high rollin
The Lay Low beat, from snoop and company.. here we feature D squared on the hook and 3rd verse, luminada on th
artist: NippOnDaMic
Ditch cops to dis!
Ayo another Mr. lucky track with Ill poet and produced by Mr. lucky hot shit once again dont sleep on Mr. luck
you dont even know wut we're talkin about
artist: coldassmuzik
some real shhh u can feel and relate to produced by: ceekee
first verse Biggz second verse Sin
artist: Mach One
Tung Twista and Sinister Def
artist: DA FYNEST
dis n*** dont understand
artist: TheOddity
Oddity rhymin over "Dead Prez's: it's bigger than hiphop" beat. Its Some mixtape shit. Remember this aint my b
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Hip Hop General
Yealhome UD
Hip Hop General
"209_ You Beautiful (by Lateysha Grace & D-Juk 8382"
Yealhome & UD are a team of hip hop producers, and friends. UD is beatmaker, and sound engineer for the team, Yealhome works as the executive producer, among other things. This page is here to promote and sell our music.
King Vic
Hip Hop General
"Say Somethin' (Feat. Superman)"
Produced By Kingsmen. THIS TRACK IS FIRE AND NOTHING LESS! Step back!
Duck 5 Hood
Hip Hop General
"Let's Ride by Duck 5 Hood"
Classic Hip Hop and R&B Production.
true soldier 4 god
FILTHY COMMUNICATION : *FILTHY COMMUNICATION* Filthy text and pictures is just the same as speaking it aloud and it shows what is in the heart, [Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks] and [its what come out of a person is what defiles that person] Matt 12:34 and Matt 15:11...then Matthew makes it plain and clear MATT 12:37 ."FOR BY YOUR WORDS YOU WILL BE JUSTIFIED, AND BY YOUR WORDS YOU WILL BE CONDEMNED" there are so many scriptures that warns us of our speech and conduct. and on websites of any kind(A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS)... COL.3:8- Also get rid of your anger, ho...
THANKS FOR THE LOVE! WE MOVED UP IN 1 DAY!!!: SOUNDCLICK CHARTS! BANGIN' FEAT. KURUPT # 45 in HipHop (highest position was 45). Total songs: 1,102,586 # 26 in Hip Hop General (highest position was 26). Total songs: 642,084
jason xmcjx
POSITIVE BROTHERS: Here we go again! I am in one of my moods. I received a couple of confusing e-mails from a song I posted last week entitled "Dragon's Touch". The thinking of some, was that as a brother who promotes non-violence in the HipHop community, I had no business posting a song that teaches people the art of hand to hand killing. They maybe right. I wrote and recorded the song out of respect to Master Long who wrote a great book on the subject of exploiting the weaknesses in the human anatomy. It was not to promote murder, but the art of self defense. In stark contrast, I uploaded a song I...
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