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Hot song..ya kno!!!
artist: John J
West Coast remix promotion only. This track is slammin down load the shit... Intended for Internet Promo Only
title: Victory
first verse:Sir EyE second verse: EcliPPs third verse: Sir EyE
artist: Tactic Lopez
title: The P Bump
This is the dance hip-hop song, produced by Tactic. There's a dance for the song that's explained at the end.
title: Addicted
I'm addicted to you...
artist: Layd33b00h
Spittin:aka oE of 6FeetDeep Chorus: Layd33b00h
Crook Castle ft. Ash/ Produced By Crook Castle
artist: Gem-N-Eye
title: Judas
Song about so-called friends betrayl
artist: Mamo
Klicken samlades på natten o körde ahah kul när man tänker tillbaka på när vi spela in den...nån i klicken vak
title: Da Hottness
This track is hot just like the title, Cha-bo, Lil Gary, Choppa, Lasha, and Da Roccla, Beat By Cha-Bo
check out www.povertyonline.com and hit up the message board.. thanks for listening....
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Hip Hop General
"Pass the Groove"
Coming from a score of many inspirations the LP is a classic combination of Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo Soul putting it without a doubt in a league of its own.
Hip Hop General
"Top Gun"
C. Vo is a brand new, young rap lyricist from Missouri City (The Mo.), Texas whose dirty south style merges old school hip hop fun with modern lyrical sophistication. Follow at twitter.comcvofromthemo.
Hip Hop General
"On tha Southside feat kkay and black china"
Hip Hop General
Hip Hop General
"Birthday Sex"
Remix For The 2009!
Isreal Loman Harlan
Homecoming in Macy....: This Friday is the Macy homecoming and with Barry Webster, there will be a free rap show after the game, in front of the school....Nation Of Creation will appear and debut some new tracks...I am looking for local rappers that would be willing to go down to get some free exposure.....
Sick n' Ski week: Fred went skiing this week, leaving me with the words ”When I get back, I want you to have recorded all the rhythm guitars on the new songs and you should have written at least ten new ones.” Considering our writing and recording speed, that sounded like an order from, hm well. It was a challenge anyhow. It seems like our rehearsal room buds have taken a break, so I was quite sure I could spend more time there than our usual two nights. Monday came. And the fever came. Who gave me that gift instead of a holiday on snow with skis and hot chocolate? The week went by and it was not until today, F...
jason xmcjx
Sean Bell: in a New York Minute: It would be disrespectful for me to call myself Blogging and not comment on Friday's verdict in the trial of the NYPD detectives who shot and killed Sean Bell and wounded his friends the morning of his wedding. Many of you would say that New York black men have gone "soft' for not wrecking shop after the aquittal, However, we saw the handwriting on the wall very early in the trial. All outside influences not withstanding, Mrs. Bell, Nicole Bell, and Mr. Bell asked for peace and that is what they got. Even though some "brave" detectives called the family's home to laugh at them. The police have...
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