Majestic Drama
*SMASH* FuckUpTheSummer!!! (W/HOOK) *FUTURE/KANYE*
Instrumentals with Hooks
Hook by LIVESOSA. Lease To Get The MP3 For Only $44.99 - Contact for info on purchasing Exclusive Rights.
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artist: Ascenzion
Written for the Clickers Club Challenge May 2015. Keyboards - Al Massey.
artist: Ganimead
A short warm ambient composition with interesting stereo effects. *Featured Intro Theme on the web site of C
artist: Aziraphal
A soaring instrumental fantasy showing the power of free VST plugins that are available today.
title: Torture
Part 4 in a 4-part series. John Pfeifer--Vocal; Matthew Scott--piano, synthesizer, sound effects, music &
title: Descente
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A peaceful distraction from the stress of everyday life. The color red is usually associated with violence and
title: Balance
A theatrical piece with a great breakbeat balanced with ambience and cinematic appeal.
artist: DJ Gerard
Track 3 from 'Sunset (Remixes)' . Download 320k MP3 and buy CD at Cred
Music, Christian, Mellow, romantic, loving, married,
A 2009 laid back track with Sexy K and !hype - all instruments by !hype
artist: BERINO
dancey trancey with a latin touch
title: Easy
Smooth and laidback vibe featuring a Rhodes keyboard and a hip-hop beat.
artist: Ludington GT
This live performance by Ludington GT is from Seattle in May 2007 and was produced by the Electronic Music Col
Instrumental using the following Instruments: Korg Triton LE 61 Track3 (bass synth & rhythms), Track 4 (lead
artist: Rothniel
title: Womb
Just a mellow synthpop track. Hopelessly naive and cheery.
MOSS CASTED INTO OBLIVION ____ Vocals Priscilla Hernandez - ____ On a 12th century stone wall
artist: MoShang
title: Big Love
There's enough love to go around, so share it with all living things alike.
artist: Lisa
Rich, warm and heavy like fine red wine...An upbeat love song with passionate undertones and the atmosphere of
George Thomas Giatas - 1925-2014
artist: BogoBeats
title: Waiting
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Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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"ice maiden (pulsemetric remix) (radio edit)"
welcome to my world
Mark Griffiths
"The Long Journey Home (For Martha)"
kosmische musik
Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
dj collateral
Ever Have those days when your stuff doesn't work right?: Let me get a roll call of all those Artists and or producers out there that have that one great idea and project all set and ready to go, but then the equipment fails... and you are sitting there like this kid at the desk... frustrated instead of scared, and about to smack the monitors and equipment around with every swear in the book....
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
That band THE PLASTICINES suck balls.: That band The Plasticines SUCK. I just dislike them. Current mood: angry Category: Blogging I really and I mean really HATE that song they did call Bicylette Nouvelle Version. I've heard worse songs from other bands but this song makes me puke until Stevie Wonder sings "Rollercoaster of Love" on his wheelchair. Oh my god! I am sorry for being hella mean but that song from the Plasticines and that frickin' band in particular really stunk the big one with that song my former friend who tries hard to be like an actress, Molly, when she put that song her MySpace profile. It made me wann...
ABOUT THE JACKDAZEY PROJECT!: This is a special compilation featuring all local N.Y.C. artist..They represent areas such as East New York, Brownsville, Bedstuy, Long Island and Manhattan. Also include are cameos from international artist from countries like Romania and Japan. Further more if we dig deeper all the artist on the compilation represent territories rooted in Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, India. Special.. indeed. This is N.Y. , this is music, this the voice of a new world. Through that world of music people unite. The compilation is made of a selection of various genres of music imposed with the influences that Hi...
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