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artist: Ganimead
A short warm ambient composition with interesting stereo effects. *Featured Intro Theme on the web site of C
A peaceful distraction from the stress of everyday life. The color red is usually associated with violence and
title: DRIFT
POLYTRONIC mellowish festival trance
artist: Aziraphal
A soaring instrumental fantasy showing the power of free VST plugins that are available today.
Evokes Peace of Mind. The water you hear is from a real personally recorded stream. If you find this piece soo
You can find the CD "Falling Into Midnight" at CD baby, just search "Curtis Macdonald"
John Pfeifer- Piano, subterranean "WKRP" bass, music; Matt Scott- synths, loops, arrangement, some music
title: Balance
A theatrical piece with a great breakbeat balanced with ambience and cinematic appeal.
title: the arrival
mellow /slow paced /dream tune Produced by Sandor Inshiqaq
One of the melodic tracks from the new Homeless Balloon CD 'Mysterious China' where 27 pieces float into each
artist: DJ Gerard
Track 3 from 'Sunset (Remixes)' . MP3 download at http://reverbnation.com/djgerard Credits: Original by DJ Ger
From Nightfall's CD 'Dance of the Manatee'
Music, Christian, Mellow, romantic, loving, married,
title: Descente
Listen to more music or buy CD on www.johannes.fr
title: Easy
Smooth and laidback vibe featuring a Rhodes keyboard and a hip-hop beat.
My musical representation of the emotions surrounding one's first steps.
artist: Big Wheel
First draft of an unashamedly noodly electro-prog piece, which I've rushed a bit for the final of Tard Wars II
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Mark Griffiths
"Milky MP3 master"
Soft focus journey through the leafy home of Pan.
Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
clive richardson
Multigenre contemporary composer for FilmTVNew Media.
"Youll Never Know"
**NEW SONG for APRIL 2016** Female vocals. If you like the song please rate it. It helps the artists. EVERY SONG we've done has been in the Top 25. Thanks for all the listens!
Friendship: Friendship This cat would like to be a Panther, And purring, to track their prey. And scaring hurl, To be free hunter. But he is a fluffy cat The small size. He is friends with a dog And lords it over his friend. Sometimes, lying on the Mat dog, He thinks: "It's good to be even a large dog, A dog, for example..."
Morbit Records
RELLIK AUDIO: Created in 2007, by Imbrue & Moss , Rellik Audio is a small recording/production label. Rellik Audio is now releasing Dubstep, Drum & Bass, House, and Hip Hop through SafeHouseDj’s. Illterror is currently in the works with Rellik Audio, and has collaborated with MOSS on production and in the music scene. Stay posted as more tunes are on the way, and more artist will be added to the roster!!!
well... here we go again...: ...ffs..!! i plan on doing very little this year... just tha way things are i guess... so there you go..!! once again... the blog thing has just proven to be a complete waste of f*** ing time..!! and now i have run out of pipkins photos too... so this could be my entire 2008 entry. we'll see...
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