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title: Emotions
[23.09.2002] This is originally a slow ballad that I composed earlier, where I've added phat electronic lead s
artist: SuBBaSS
My fan remix of the lovely track Still Into You by Paramore. I took the acapella track and kept the original
No.1 Electronica & Trance Chart!
artist: Wavemaster
psytrance my entry for the 2nd round of the AGT competition
A nice remix of a classic song of mine. Better mixed and mastered than the original with a few added bits to m
artist: Sirana
From the Album "Music - Message To The Universe" Techno,Trance,Dance & Soundtrack Songs Produced & Composed by
artist: DJ Kiwi
Trance - Soundclick top 10 Track! This is a pre-release version, keep checking back for further information.
artist: AXIS MUNDI
They Come from the Deep. The Journey begins.... Looped Tibetan-style Trance Chant, Shruti, D'jembe, Didg
artist: Deamon44
title: Fatality
Trance, it's Fatality
artist: Dj Solstice
Has been described as being like Sasha's stuff. It is a very Emotional uplifting song with some long breaks. W
artist: DJ Cobra
title: Destination
Uplifting trance with powerful synths. A progression of synths, pads, and bass lines will make you want to pla
artist: VALLESCA
Wonderful new trance remix by the Dutch Dance Connection
artist: Dj FiGo
title: Ecstasy
Lotsa adrenaline in this song...took me quite long till i finishedthis song...its kinda progressive/melodic tr
artist: Osnoff
title: Via Electron
Bzzzzzz...ttt ttt ttt ttt t ttt ttt ttt t ttt t etc, etc, etc...
artist: Luminaris
Salutations! Helping goodness.
artist: DJ Ano
As usual, I could not let Halloween go by without bringing that extra something to the table that only Dj Ano
artist: Fotofresh
When buying, you can order this song without the voice and other sound effects. Is possible any editing you wi
title: FEEL IT
tranceful energetic music that makes you feel like a universe is unfolding
A part of "Invasion EP" released by Alien Syndrome on 5th October 2009 under EML Recordings.
artist: Psybash
title: Pandora
Progressive Trance.
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Ill Be the Only One"
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR JUNEJULY 2017** Upbeat Original Electronic Dance Music *Female Vocals with Lyrics*
Vampira's Kiss-Part 2 (Plan 9 Theme): Vampira leading the undead against humans. This is Part 2 of a Trilogy of songs\videos dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of "Plan 9 from Outer Space". Plan 9 put together with Electronica. Plan 9 from Outer Space Public Domain footage re-cut to original Electronica music by soundhole and soundhole productions. Electronic Music has been mixed with the 1950's Sci-Fi genre. Here is wha...
OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA: Here is a link to my new video, based on a painting by a gifted painter woman , named Lathifa Soualah : http://youtu.be/I9Jn9rokJ54 Feel free to hear a track made with a lebanon soprano (Hala Hchem) ,called Fi youm wi leyla at : http://snd.sc/nu5f17
THE THRESHOLD OF THE VIGIL (EL UMBRAL DE LA VIGILIA): In the vast plains The wind blows soft and continuous. The brightness in the sunset… It is absorbed by clouds away Based on the horizon, I am only in this location - I don't transfer me - I am standing with eyes half-closed, Feeling the softness in the body that is prompted by the arrival of sleep… - No sculptures or bumps or curves -
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