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This is a high quality WAV sound pack containing all original bass wobbles, one-shots, transitions and more. L
artist: MyRiddim
New Music from the Geddion... Good Music Rules ;)
Check on soundcloud: soundcloud.com/NIMESofficial NIMES - Limelight Tunes project (Dee-Rhyme & Canyon)
artist: Oxygen Beats
----Free Downloads available if song is 1 month old and has not been sold exclusively ---- Place "on hold" for
artist: EDMPingu
Just a fun sax guy remix dubstep track thing i did a while ago, then picked it up again and improved it.
Lyrics and singing by Lokka Vox and Music arranged by Michael Thomas Huspek.
artist: Grant Bowtie
Funky, glitchy dubstep!
artist: isham
Song performed/arranged & produced by Soul Circuits remixed by Pulsemetric Original song composed & written
Dubstep. Dub. Riddim. Wobble.
surrounded by darkness you hear the voices of tortured ghosts kinda beat
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Instrumentals :: Pop
Buy the untagged/hi-quality version: Lease $29.90 USD / Premium $64.90 USD / Exclusive $699.90 USD / BUNDLES --- CONTACT: info@evelutionbeats.com --- TWITTER.com/EvelutionBeats --- YOUTUBE.com/evelutionbeats4TV ---
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"*FREE EDM* Apex (Knife Party)"
The 808 Fiendz, bringing you a blend of speaker blasting trap beats to the smooth sound of rnb and more
New tune added.: Finally added one of the songs I was working on. It don't add up. Apart from the terrible grammar, it's part of a trilogy thing I've been working on (hmm...reminds me of a line from This is Spinal Tap...the trilogy name was...). Not entirely satisfied with the vocals, which I may re-do at a later point...but kind of a first working copy. Mix down was ok, but because of the diverse elements in the song, it pushed the envelope of what the mp3 bit rate could handle a bit I think. Despite all the flaws, I think it's not too bad. Hope you enjoy it even though it's in the same key as smokin D ...
Sex In Tokyo: I have always enjoyed Gibson's Cyber Punk novels and in submerging myself into them I also came to love Tokyo,which I have never visited. To me though, it seems like a fast paced sexy and artistic place beneith all the lights and technology. I plan to visit one day. But stumbled onto a site that shows the sexy side of Tokyo through artistic photography. Rikko Kasso's site: http://tokyoundressed.blogspot.com/ Anyway......
Rodrigo Soria/Natural EP [TRANZ034]: From 2010 on Tranzmitter Netlabel, here's the melodious 'Natural' & 2 variations of it, beautifully arranged as well by Rodrigo Soria. www.tranzmitternetlabel.com/releases031060.htm
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