Icycold On the Track
Instrumentals with Hooks
$22.99 mp3 lease | $100 tracked out lease buy his beat at http://myfla.sh/piwm3 or www.icycoldonthetrack.com| email icycoldonthetrack@gmail.com for info
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title: Flow
Playground background used under the Creative Commons license from Dobroide at freesound.org
artist: Sindustry
Theme song to upcoming IOS app "Bag Em"
The "Dance The Night Away" album mix
artist: DJ Gerard
RackNRuin - Territory ft. Navigator & Slarta John (DJ Gerard Remix) . Remix competition from Black Butter Reco
a 50/50 synthpop/techno track inspired by the sounds of LFO, Kraftwerk and 80s synthpop bands.
artist: sproggy
First release in a loooong time. Although this is 75bpm, more or less in the Reggae/Dub genre, I have structur
1st attempt on an Electro House Type Beat. Free download. Enjoy!
artist: Pierce
mp3 store : Beyond the Sky
artist: Auditory
Contact AuditoryEntertainment@gmail.com to purchase or lease.
You wanted this beat, but hadn't time to buy it? There are no problems, order a custom beat like this! Everyth
artist: WaveRider
Classic electro with futuristic twists
artist: Tzecoatl
title: Angel's Fly
Angel's Fly can't get all the light he needs
title: Spacedust
Uplifting and hooky electronica.
Collaboration: Thierry Van Mourik / J-Thang / The funkasaurus
artist: EOH
title: C1rcus
title: Dreams
Dreams is a slow jazz swing ballad instrumental number, the picture is by Ben Heine: http://www.flickr.com/pho
artist: Dj Orbital
Esta canción es un Remix electro de la canción 'Mil horas - Los abuelos de la nada' espero que les guste a to
artist: ZyoxaMine
A collection of warped loops and harmonies... one sample of a well-known Turn table ist .. they call it the zo
This track was included to the EP "Turn Me Into Vamp Halloween Edition". Written, composed and produced by Ann
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The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
--- Hook by ALICIA RENEE --- contact for hooks: aliciarenee88@gmail.com - Buy the Hi-Quality version without Tags NOW! :::.... LEASE: $40 USD | PREMIUM: $60 USD | EXCLUSIVE: $1000 USD ....::: Contact: info@theunbeatables.com
Downtown Music
Dirty South
Lease this beat untagged and hi-quality for only 19.99$. Buy 2 get 1 free! GET YOUR PREMIUM LEASE INC. TRACKOUTS for only 49.99$. Email me at: downtownstuff@gmail.com
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"ice maiden (pulsemetric remix) (radio edit)"
welcome to my world
First Blog Of 2011: Well here we are the first blog of the new year. There are some cool things planned for this year. Of course there is the new album coming out, and I am also tossing around ideas with the label to make shows more intense. Lets just say we are seeing what we can do with special effects. Right now I am not doing any shows until the next CD release in August. Partially to finish working the mnew tracks, but I also need time to recover from surgery. I am on a weight limit of lifting nothing more then 5 pounds up until the end of the momnth. Then after that I cannot list anything over 15 p...
Marve Trancient
   Well it's been a while! Thank you to all who came to see us at this year's festivals and gigs they were all a real blast. And we have made so many great contacts and friends this year! We will be back at next years festivals for sure!...
tom king
Here I go Again: Ok, I got up this morning ,turn on the TV and there It was.The End Of The World May 21St. 2011. People or posting signs,wearing shirts,Quitting there Jobs.WOW.when I write Blogs,I write from tmy heart.I truly believe somethings Is coming but Im not sure It's going to be tomorrow.When I wrote my previous Blog "Time Is Running Out" I was talking about what would happen If we did'nt stop the wars and learn to live peacfully.It seems that to some people Its all over In about twenty four hours..I still believe we have time to chage all of this. I talked to my family about this and one person said I...
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