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artist: Sindustry
Theme song to upcoming IOS app "Bag Em"
artist: sproggy
First release in a loooong time. Although this is 75bpm, more or less in the Reggae/Dub genre, I have structur
title: the Future
An aggressive electro dance track
artist: Auditory
Contact AuditoryEntertainment@gmail.com to purchase or lease.
artist: Tzecoatl
title: Angel's Fly
Angel's Fly can't get all the light he needs
artist: kayoscreed
this is one track from the upcoming album electroscat. enjoy! BreakBeat / Electronic / R'n'B
artist: Pierce
mp3 store : Beyond the Sky
You wanted this beat, but hadn't time to buy it? There are no problems, order a custom beat like this! Everyth
a 50/50 synthpop/techno track inspired by the sounds of LFO, Kraftwerk and 80s synthpop bands.
title: Angels
absolute electro!
artist: Dj Orbital
Esta canción es un Remix electro de la canción 'Mil horas - Los abuelos de la nada' espero que les guste a to
All music by Gershon Kingsley. Played by Memory Overflow. Memory Overflow played a Raven Maxx Synthesizer. All
artist: Oxygen Beats
----Free Downloads available if song is 1 month old and has not been sold exclusively ---- Place "on hold" for
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Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
I call the beats what i want. you take them and make history! $20 for the lease contact darren_bilz@yahoo.com for "Track Outs" or "Exclusive Pricing"
(NEW) That Good (Bae) ft. @DaveAbrego_
Instrumentals with Hooks
Hook By @DaveAbrego_
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"ice maiden (pulsemetric remix) (radio edit)"
welcome to my world
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Press Release - NEW Band of Asians CD. "InVasion." : Just a heads up. I mentioned there will be a third Band of Asians album which was compiled from 80 songs the original band recorded last year which will be whittled down to 12 or 13. The third Band of Asians CD is "InVasion." It's an album where I didn't want to associate with a certain style, sound or scene. Basically, you'll get an sprawling Band of Asians record with a mix of all kinds of sounds. One song would be Hard Rock music, the other will be Mainstream Pop music and the rest will be Band of Asians as how I myself presents this work of art. "Buy Product" unfortunately, will ...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
The Electronic Aftermath: Musically the next Patrick Lew's Band album by myself will consist of all original tracks and music I composed and created during 2009. It's going to be a weird one. I guess it's going to be a more mature Patrick Lew's Band recording. But it's gonna be a mix of styles and various sounds. It's likely going to be an Electronic Aftermath, considering all the music on the new album will contain NO electronically created sounds of music off a computer or Fruity Loops and none of that. It's gonna be stripped down Punk and Hard Rock basically with guitars, drums and my screaming vocals. I dunno when ...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Rants and Raves - PlentyofFish.com (SUPER DUMB WEBSITE!): That website is pointless in finding lovers and female friends. I figured when I first went on that gay ass website, I had women looking at my profile and not returning anything back after reading my dating profile on that retarded dating website, PlentyofFish.com. I feel left out man. That website is bull sh** . Full of stupid girls and people I would never want to associate myself with in my life! I even sent a message to those who read my profile and get nothing back in return! After all my hard work I put into creating a free dating profile, I get that back from other women?! F*** that! F*...
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