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artist: Ascenzion
Drumbeds and synths...Please feel free to take a brief tour..
artist: Black Ice 9
Track 5 in my series of compositions fusing dark electronic and cinematic/soundtrack elements based on an epic
Syngularity gives sound to the games.. "Main theme and additionals composed and performed by Minouche, 'suspen
artist: Urafaerie
Instrumental music from the summoning battles in Tales of Symphonia. This is my first Tales remix.
title: cavernous
a dark instrumental theme
Everybody just push play.
artist: Phenyx
Saria's Song from Zelda Ocarina of Time
artist: Mind Fission
Thanks to SquareSoft and FF7 for an amazing game. Also, thanks to my good friend Taylor for the idea and two p
title: Caravan
Trying for an ancient feel that would suit a video game like Children of the Nile, Pharaoh or Cleopatra.
artist: cupcom5
" I will protect my friends, Eggman!"
artist: A Kroes
Time to celebrate the weekend!
title: ARF
Achiptune remake of a song I made once with traxxpad for psp
Monthly MIDI Contest #7 - VGMusic December 2010 - the theme was to illustrate an element... (thunder, fire, pl
artist: MABE
An extended and much-improved remix of my so-far best song in the charts, Sunburn. It's a MegaMan-esque game
artist: Mark Klem
title: Give In
See my main page for over 100 original songs. Google for more.
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Hip Hop
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How To Kick Diabetes in the Keister and Never Look Back2-In Progress: I once found out about the detoxifying properties of using the herb cilantro. It will clean out heavy metals but also calcium, magnesium and other things so cook regularly with it. I ate a paste of 1 tsp a day for a few days and my blood pressure skyrocketed to 180+/ 100. I was sent to a kidney specialist at the Medical College of Georgia and he said after I wore a 24 hour urine collector that I had 500mg of protein leaking our of my kidneys. I did some research and Dr. Don Colbert a Christian MD in Orlando on his site said multi colored 100% fruit juices will cleanse the nephrons in the k...
PNFA - Ride appears on "Soundtaxi - Chillout & Lounge Edition" (Diven: Media producers who need music for their advertisements, web projects, films or whatever probably stumbled upn the Stuttgart based library for royalty free music. Soundtaxi just published their first best of compilation and PNFA is honored to have contributed Track #1. "Ride" also earns the title "most licensed PNFA tracks" as it was used in over a dozent of videos in the past 2 months. More to come! Out on October 7 in any major mp3 online store. Go to the label website to stay up to date: http://www.diventamusic.com...
Building A Better Studio: The Celestial Universe album was completed in October 2008. After that, the next 5 months was spent retooling Giza Sound Studios. The biggest issue was choosing and implementing the new system along with a new soundcard and we all know how much fun choosing a new soundcard can be. After that, adding the new software applications and using them in the real world. I've heard of guys having tons of software applications and now I know why, that simply wasn't an option although it would have be nice. The new Giza Sound Studios is now a less cluttered, more modern environment which is exactly how i...
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