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artist: DJ Kiwi
title: AnaKi-Truth
New trance track under my AnaKi guise. Hope you enjoy!
title: Emotions
[23.09.2002] This is originally a slow ballad that I composed earlier, where I've added phat electronic lead s
artist: SuBBaSS
"New track for 2017! Still in "alpha" but complete enough to release (updates will follow). Another one with
artist: Dj Solstice
Has been described as being like Sasha's stuff. It is a very Emotional uplifting song with some long breaks. W
No.1 Electronica & Trance Chart!
artist: Osnoff
title: Via Electron
Bzzzzzz...ttt ttt ttt ttt t ttt ttt ttt t ttt t etc, etc, etc...
artist: Fotofresh
When buying, you can order this song without the voice and other sound effects. Is possible any editing you wi
artist: Deamon44
title: Fatality
Trance, it's Fatality
title: Blue Ocean
Trance leads with bassline + drums and great misterious slow ambient/film melody and inner drums. Enjoy.
artist: Sirana
From the Album "Music - Message To The Universe" Techno,Trance,Dance & Soundtrack Songs Produced & Composed by
artist: Jendayi
title: Reflections
A journey into sound, layers from within my soul mixed with a nice guitar. Trance with a punch
artist: Tom Haid
Uploaded April 6th, 2009.
artist: HEZAR
Original by Marek Biliñski, remixed by HEZAR.
artist: Psy vs Psy
Full on Psy Trance, Driven by classic 80's metal Guitar.
artist: DJ Reign
A Pounding kick with strong hard bassline is brought alive with uplifting acid and warm euphoric lead riffs, a
artist: cogbern
title: 69korgtrns#1
synth,drumpad & guitar, some audacity FX
trance track- produced by marcus gilvear copyright control PRS 2015 Vocals by Veela used under licence
artist: Vzyk
Song inspired by Karen Andrea, those where the moments..., this song was started like a year ago... i stopped
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Late Night (PnB Rock Type Beat)
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Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Day Into Night"
** NEW SONG FOR FEBRUARY MARCH 2017** Electronic Dance Music *Male Vocals and Lyrics
A Guy with a wrecked smile: A guy with a wrecked smile deserves a sweet smile from me; it would be an unexpected blow because he thinks I don?t smile for him at all. But guess what Mr. Lonesome Guy, you are very wrong, I do smile only if someone deserves it. Any guy can act naive and wound me easily, but only the one who feels apologetic and irritated for seeing my smile is gone, deserves my sweet smile, not the one who lets others damage me and treat me erroneous. This kind of a guy, who lets others treat me ill, deserves my compassion and resentment?...
Ooops - No One Noticed, Whew!: I can´t believe I made such an error. But the song "Rondo Alla Turca" I accredited to the wrong Burgmueller. It wasn´t Norbert but Friedrich Burgmueller who composed it. So I quickly changed the picture and the notes on my artist page. I am so surprised that no one, especially the Classical buffs among you spotted this terrible mistake. I appologise to the memory of Friedrich.
Advertising(neurotic sentiments): Ok I'm bored, 'if you want to picture the Future, imagine a giant boot stamping on a Human face FOREVER! ', hey Orwell imagine my life and a giant boot walking all over it, only the boot just came from the pavement covered in Sh@$te, lol In the charts here at soundclick its pretty hard to keep it up, dude please I'm a student, I need some liberty, or maybe an Advertising house to see such potential in my Music, and grant me some gawd damn liberty.(what I mean is, I want to have complete control over everbodies lifes like a gawd damn fascist! like my MUSIC!) 'So this is what advertisi...
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