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title: Oceanview
Atmopheric vocal breakbeat
A DJDM classic that is featured in "The Animatrix" DVD.
artist: DJ Ano
My last two songs were deep and emotional; so I figured that I'd change pace and give my fans something more u
artist: Refracture
Download full version at beatport.com
artist: gigafunk
Wont dissopoint (Florida Breakz) (EXCLUSIVE VOCALS) All original (Classic Gigafunk Songs)
artist: Ludington GT
title: Sea Shells
Tech breaks here from a live performance in Seattle from the new Ludington GT CD
artist: DJ PriNz
title: I Believe
Dedicate To My Gf
title: My Vision
Vocals by Peter.
Mais uma tijolada de El Macaquito e DJ Scrok. Romulo featuring: Camilo Moreira. Sarapuhy Beats the crew!
artist: DJ RX-78
Its a Dragon Ball mix with "Makafushigi Adventure" & a small possible clip of "We Gotta Power". B-boys and B-g
artist: Project 2Lee
New unmastered experimental laid back instrumental Hip Hop track from the forthcoming Project 2Lee album relea
artist: etaylorgroup
title: Love to You
R&B Grooves
title: Baddest DJ
Message sent to all those no skill DJ's across the world.
artist: dj JohnnyB
decided to add this old remix i did a while back
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Akhordz Productions
I Tried By Akhordz Productions
Beats General
3 for $30 lease| $45 leases with trackouts| contact me a Akhordz@gmail.com for exclusive prices | TEXT OR CALL:2147158038 OFFICIAL SITE: WWW.AKHORDZPRODUCTIONS.COM
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Ill Be the Only One"
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR JUNEJULY 2017** Upbeat Original Electronic Dance Music *Female Vocals with Lyrics*
stuff: ...
Instant World Session 1: Originally, Instant World was intended to be a collaborative project. The musical direction, the tone, the tempo, the flow, everything was set. The sessions began and right from the start, everything moved right along. The formula was being followed, the plan was working fine until... Sometimes, creativity has a will of its own, which leads you down a different path. As many of you know, the art of creating music can be just as frustrating as it is liberating. So it was decided to take these sessions to another direction, to eliminate the repetitive way we normally create. It was definitely mo...
Upload Frustrations: For those of you who are wondering, Twenty-9 was in fact finished on my 29th birthday (April 19th). Unfortunately due to internet problems here in Iraq, I haven't had much luck uploading files. Finalized tracks that I've managed to upload so far read 'Release Edit' in their descriptions. Also, I have a package with all the tracks encoded at 320bps ready for upload. The file is 100+ megs. Does it sound better than the versions here on soundclick.com? I think so. Anyway, I hope I can come up with a solution soon to this problem soon. Cheers!...
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