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Finally this song is fully loaded whit 100% of vocals now shut the f*** up and listen
artist: Gabbie9381
Something between Acid and Early Hardcore?...
artist: Axl (73)
Pacy song with nice build up, kicking in and moving though a few sharp and blunt synths along the way.
Have you heard this sound over your house while you trying to fall asleep? This is it!
Created on the Akai Professional XR20 Beat Production Station
artist: DJ BlaCKHawK
title: The Alert
my mixed track, using acid pro 6 and MOH:AA samples
artist: Polarity1
title: Speechless
When words fail -- honk. Funky Afro groove with lots of hand drums and tenor madness.
artist: MikeSeven
title: the cows
artist: Oceanfire
title: Trance Aura
Electronic at its best
artist: R0ch3
title: 4w0rd
Trance Hop
artist: Moonslayer
Ballata houseggiante, il pezzo forte del disco a parere di molti - House-style ballad, for many people the bes
By Rukus From Kryptik ALBUM:Rest In Peices
artist: Tai Davis
title: Vomit
This is a HardHouse cut. Lots of crazy sounding effects and sounds. Very groovy and high-energy!
artist: DopeyFish
title: Acidic 2.0
I have no idea what I just made.
title: Spacey 303
The sounds of Rebirth
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Mark Griffiths
"Pan in Pangaea"
Soft focus journey through the leafy home of Pan.
Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
clive richardson
Multigenre contemporary composer for FilmTVNew Media.
A. Myren
"Heat of Victory (Remast. 2013 take 1)"
Listen to the Professional Mastered track on Youtube from album "Extend Loud and Proud".
DRAMA: I ¿POR QUE? ¿Por que un dia tuvimos que conocernos? ¿Por que siento tanto dolor si no te tengo? ¿Por que cada noche apareces en mis suenos: juegas tranquila, me miras y sales huyendo? ¿por que existe tanta pasion en un pequeno corazon.? ¿Por que hay un universo en mi mente, y en ese universo estas tu siempre presente...? ¿Por que soy el escritor de mi propio drama...?
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Sorry for my ANGER last night on SoundClick.: It just slipped after some dumb idiot left hateful comments on my SoundClick music page for Band of Asians. Let truth be told, I was very upset that some guy with NO LIFE would leave such hateful comments on one of my songs on my Band of Asians SoundClick music page. Next time, something has to do to prevent others from doing things like this again on SoundClick. This music community website is supposed to be fun. Not filled with people leaving hateful comments on others music pages criticizing their music and work. So let it be known, STOP the insanity!...
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Dexter Rotten is NOW an aborted rock project...: OK, Dexter Rotten failed as a musical project. Jeremy and Patrick haven't really come to any new ideas and experiences or events making music as of late, and focused more on their solo musical projects as Artists. We wish Jeremy the best of luck with his future career, ambitions and his music. But recently, the recently married or engaged Interracial couple Patrick Lew and his fiancee Faith Tanner recently agreed to play music amateurishly in a Garage Rock Band. And Patrick will be promoting the music online on many websites!...
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