DJ Shaw-t
*HIT* Journey (The Weeknd X Mike Posner Type!)
The Weeknd & Mike Posner Type Beat! Download this beat for free and purchase it for $24.99 (Buy 1 Get 1 free) to remove the tags. Contact for exclusive pricing.
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title: In My Mind
This song sounds best on good headphones.
artist: Loagz Beatz
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artist: Graham's Cat
title: Frozen
Uses only children's instruments plus vocals & effects. Included are kids Xylophones, old school Tambourines,
An electro shuffle about a lonely robot trapped in a world where he doesn't belong.
a new track from the "Life After Death" project.
title: LoFi
A groove track done for a indie rock radio show entitled 'Lo-Fidelity' Track requested by Jeff Heller and V
artist: Bambulete
German lead & backing vocals, agogo bells, taiko drums, drums, 7/4
artist: Fear 2 Stop
title: The Flood
Took the very first F2S song (June 2001) and added vocals on 16 April 2011.
A bit of Goofiness to lighten the load.
artist: Ruskerdax
Glitchy drums laid over a dark pad and a broken Nintendo. Inspired by the game Perfect Dark.
artist: gutterfish
beats and bass with kid and jon roberts singing
Happy Birthday to Lasse and Morten from Isabella, Emma, Anna, Mike VMP, Kurt and wee birdies.
produced & performed by iNFaReDHaZe
title: Perfect
A castle made of memories...
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from dark ambiance to funky drum 'n' bass and harsh industrial electronica, something for everyone.
Michael Parcell-Davies
Set price for all my tracks: All my MP3 singles are now at rock-bottom price - whether a few minutes or a complete movement. Each and every one is the same price. This makes it easier for me, as I have so many tracks but also is better value for those who want to own some of my tracks. The `real deal' is on my music website ( All my mp3 albums are available on CD and sent anywhere in the world for around US $5.00, including postage. Do if you like dreamy, mystical romantic electronica or classical piano masterpieces, enjoy!...
My current whereabouts ;): Hrmph, I might have to post in the forum to get more attention around here! Oh well, it doesn't help avoiding this site for months on end. And I should really upload at least one more song. But I'm having writer's block at this time, and perhaps real-life syndrome. LOL
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Patrick Lew Band revival rumor?: There's a possibility that Patrick himself might revive the Patrick Lew Band if the demand for the band never stops. Lew stated that the PLB Army is on indefinite hiatus, but is willing to continue the band in the future. While former and recent band members from the line-up might not be involved, Patrick Lew is willing to painstakingly put together a new cast of musicians, record new music, and revive the Patrick Lew Band in case the bigger opportunities from the business is given to the product. The unexpected can always happen. Website Admin...
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