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Uses children's instruments plus vocals & effects. Included are kids Xylophones, school Tambourines, electroni
An electro shuffle about a lonely robot trapped in a world where he doesn't belong.
artist: Vomitronic
instrumental version of "Dumb Ass Whole"
artist: gutterfish
beats and bass with kid and jon roberts singing
artist: Poitin
Celt/electro/ambient weirdness
title: LoFi
A groove track done for a indie rock radio show entitled 'Lo-Fidelity' Track requested by Jeff Heller and V
title: Santo
varios estados de animo dentro de un mismo titulo several moods within a same title
artist: Genesis Ian
title: GTRON
Electro house performed on NORD X2
artist: Bambulete
German lead & backing vocals, agogo bells, taiko drums, drums, 7/4
the title track for the as yet unreleased "I Bring the Darkness", this track matches a chorus that's as heavy
artist: Zoetrope
title: The Dread
Electronic and moody
Add me on fabook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1647283686
title: Starscape
Made using Atari ST and FL Studio. The ultimate merge of modern and 8BIT.
artist: Fear 2 Stop
Written when I was 11, and recorded originally when I was 23. 4 years later, we redid it. Originally was "Vict
artist: ahnshsom
title: dead
this is a cover of a buster blue song called dead.the words are the same but I made up and played the bass whi
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The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
--- Hook by ALICIA RENEE --- contact for hooks: aliciarenee88@gmail.com - Buy the Hi-Quality version without Tags NOW! :::.... LEASE: $44.90 USD | PREMIUM: $64.90 USD | EXCLUSIVE: $999.90 USD ....::: Contact: info@theunbeatables.com
Flawless Tracks
No Victory? No Vocals *Free DL*
Jazzy Beats
Wale Official Producer. $30 Lease. Exclusive prices vary per beat. For all exclusive inquires please contact Flawlesstracks@gmail.com
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from dark ambiance to funky drum 'n' bass and harsh industrial electronica, something for everyone.
Conmocion: Algunos tratan de escabullirse de su propio miedo hincandose a implorar clemencia descarnandose las rodillas y dandose golpes de pecho con los ojos llenos de llanto. Inocentes y culpables lloran por su vida con una mezcla de sentimientos indescifrables.
Gulan "Spirit of the Sound". Ambient Meditation Healing music.: SPIRIT of the SOUND. First 4 songs of the album are referred to ambient and meditative music and especially suit those who do spiritual practice and meditation. These 4 tracks are 4 stages of entering meditative state and staying in it: 1. concentration - track "Transcendentia". 2. relaxation, immersion, dissolution in your inner space - "Spirit of the Sound" 3. purification, disengaging of your inner light, realization - "Awakening" 4. completion, coming out of meditation and keeping harmony - "Altai 2" The music has no pointed peaks or overfalls, it is tranquil, monotonous and h...
Patterns of Life
New Song Uploaded: Just added "On a Warm evening", an instrumental that's a bit more gentle than usual, for my recent stuff anyway!
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