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For the sheer joy of it all. Dedicated to the fabulous Steve Gilmore.
music by: ESTACIONRED lyrics/vocals & film samples by: D-DAY MADCOX & NURSE HATCHET
Let's go pro with Happy hardcore. This one is dedicated to a very special person in my life. She can't be era
170BPM mix of Morning Light.
Hardcore Mix of Buono!'s 7th single. The MV shots the girls as agents and some scenes reminds me the combat ga
artist: Neonstorm
title: W00T
i made this one back in February and completely forgot about it. i just found it and thought it was pretty goo
Nothing to live for but Hardcore
artist: Mr Tommy
'Classic' makina with sweet melody.
Bouncy style Hardcore Dance track.
We all just just want to understand one another. Somethings never change but, We should always push harder and
artist: Senntenial
sound kinda crappy without a subwoofer. 'nuff said
title: Big firs
Jamming to a great track by the master composer Rainer Gaffrey
artist: Wendy Dunham
High energy dance tune with Rock lead guitar over happy hardcore beat.
Made with LSDJ and Nintendo GameBoy
artist: Liquid LSD
title: Good Grief
Grief is a reaction to a major loss. It is most often an unhappy and painful emotion. It was hard to call this
artist: DJ Sacrafan
A happy, well, euphoric song :D
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Meditation (Classic R&B Heat - Buy 1 Get 20+ FREE)
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Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Unto Me"
** SONG FOR 2017** Female Vocals Electronic Dance Music and Lyrics
sam starrrr: im here on soundclick ent been on for tym but i have to say im as good as i need to be now and im onli gettin better understand that but still i been merkin in clashes properly now for bout a year and now its 2 duble 07 but i been practicin spittin for a long tym if u got good grime beats <<< emphasis on grime GRIME beats /garage then contact me on memba that SAMWELLG@HOTMAIL.CO.UK...
Andrew Mitchell
Chart Mix Tape: All the hot chart tunes in one sexy ass mix here it is the first ever mix for DJ Andrew Mitchell the guy who brings you Mitchie DJ & Groove Van Soul - Check this ha -
Close to You : I took the original demo from April that we did and uploaded it today. Irene has a beautiful voice. enjoy Rod ...
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