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Let's go pro with Happy hardcore. This one is dedicated to a very special person in my life. She can't be er
artist: Anita Ficks
Fly To Heaven, Sue. I love you Always. The Late Great Anita Ficks, Ladies & Gentlemen. ~L
music by: ESTACIONRED lyrics/vocals & film samples by: D-DAY MADCOX & NURSE HATCHET
artist: Liquid LSD
An 8-bit video game themed 'happy' hardcore song was inspired by the grindcore of Bubblegum Octopus
artist: 010-Wise
title: F*** The EU
featuring Victoria Nuland
Total remake of my song Fantasy.
Hardcore Mix of Buono!'s 7th single. The MV shots the girls as agents and some scenes reminds me the combat ga
Nothing to live for but Hardcore
artist: EatMe
happy hardcore / rave - free on
artist: BodyShock
2013 remix of "Ones of Glory" by myself featuring David Bridson on vocals
Remix of "In a New World" - now with a different drum groove and sounds.
artist: Onslaught
title: Love Hurts
Heard Incubus 'Love Hurts' recently, liked the progression. This is my attempt at a Happy Hardcore style
title: old times !
old style rave / hardcore
artist: Wendy Dunham
High energy dance tune with Rock lead guitar over happy hardcore beat.
artist: HBRule
title: The Movement
Pumping hardcore track, which is layered out the max, building to an uplifting climax
Made with LSDJ and Nintendo GameBoy
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"ice maiden (pulsemetric remix) (radio edit)"
welcome to my world
Mark Griffiths
"The Long Journey Home (For Martha)"
kosmische musik
Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
bending infinity
Money, Fame or Just a Hobby?: After a really long day that could have gone much better then it did, finding Arabian Nights entering the charts at number 10, the day that left much to be desired suddenly became desirable. If a general consensus was taken in the SoundClick community, I would bet that a large percentage of us are creating for our own enjoyment as well as others. In this day and age, what money is to be had in this industry?? For now, this great hobby is starting to show its potential in bringing some fame our way, even if only through this site. The next step is seeing exactly what's involved in getti...
Hypnotic Sirena: I have seen today the multiple facets of a beautiful lady who sails in a nocturnal sea, each one of which speaks of a unique talent, and that they only can coexist in a hipnotic siren?
c@Lc!uM: Berawal dari mengisi acara Perpisahan Siswa SMK Semen Gresik Th. Ajaran 1998/1999, 4 siswanya berinisiatif untuk membentuk sebuah group band. Kar'na dirasa instrument player kurang lengkap, akhirnya melibatkan siswa dari sekolah lain untuk ikut bergabung dalam band. Maka terlahirlah sebuah group band bernama CHEDRA, pada tanggal 9 Januari 1998. Nama CHEDRA sendiri disepakati menjadi nama band setelah semua personil menemui kendala dalam memilih satu nama yang familiar diantara banyaknya refrensi nama-nama band masukan para personil, kar'na nggak ada yg cocok, akhirnya diputuskan menggabungan h...
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