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title: Girly Gurl
The song is filled with fast paced beats and real emotion. The song has alot of spunk to it and will make you
music by: ESTACIONRED lyrics/vocals & film samples by: D-DAY MADCOX & NURSE HATCHET
Title Explains it! To get in the happy hardcore charts ;) I really like it though :D
For the sheer joy of it all. Dedicated to the fabulous Steve Gilmore.
Nothing to live for but Hardcore
artist: 3A4EM
title: Light Drugs
This is my first track i want to introduce to you, people. It's in the middle of happy hardcore and rave. Hope
We all just just want to understand one another. Somethings never change but, We should always push harder and
Total remake of my song Fantasy.
artist: Wendy Dunham
High energy dance tune with Rock lead guitar over happy hardcore beat.
artist: Numi Who
Curtain Call Ball for the Ballet to The Adventures of Kitty and Kite - The Chocolate Disco Winter Midnight Mas
Ultra generic public domain artificially happy hardcore track. We'll put the sources up on archive.org for sam
artist: 010-Wise
title: F*** The EU
featuring Victoria Nuland
title: Big firs
Jamming to a great track by the master composer Rainer Gaffrey
Made with LSDJ and Nintendo GameBoy
artist: Liquid LSD
title: Good Grief
Grief is a reaction to a major loss. It is most often an unhappy and painful emotion. It was hard to call this
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Mark Griffiths
"Milky MP3 master"
Soft focus journey through the leafy home of Pan.
Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
clive richardson
Multigenre contemporary composer for FilmTVNew Media.
"Dance with the Beat"
**NEW SONG for MAY 2016** Upbeat Dance. Female vocals. Thanks for listening!
Review of "The Getaway": Thanks to ZallaNayver for taking the time to lend an ear. ZallaNayver wrote: Hypenotica wrote: take a listen to "The Getaway".. It's a brand new track for me and would like the feedback! Thanks. HYPENOTICA - THE GETAWAY: A very mesmeric rhythm, all eastern percussion and great skill - a pleasant mix! Once we arrive at the meat of the track we are taken to a whole new level, the nasty keyboard line is a real treat. Although there is a small area between 2.15 and 2.25 that I felt could do with looking at, it's a VERY picky point but with a track this good it's vital...
New PNFA profile at unsigned.com incl. previously unreleased PNFA/S|C: I just created a new profile on this site with a couple of example tracks from all my albums and a new track called "Again (Vanilla Spiller") which was so far only available on myspace.com and which will be part of the upcoming EP "Push it Again". I kind of like the player they have over there, even though it probably is supposed to display the playing time as well as the album title instead of repeating the track title, but the site is new and either it's a temporary bug, or maybe due to the Internet Explorer I'm using right now. BUT what makes this page really worth a visit is the track "Win...
Bent Quad Synth LFO Photo theremin: I used this new device that was custom designed and built on my new song. Each tone generator features frequency and output adjustments, toggle and monetary on/off switches with LED indicators. Stages 3 and 4 also have photo-controlled Theremin style pitch control. Stage one is the LFO and has a tempo LED. The joystick is wired so that each direction is a different generator allowing you to rapidly switch tones to output. It has four output that are different depending on control settings, This allows for extensive external mixing and processing capabilities. This device is insane, and partic...
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