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title: Drink me
My expression of appreciation for all the beauty in the world, and my need to remind myself of it at times.
Korg EMX liveact
artist: Redford
A trippy chill atmospheric electronic song
Yes - a SONG! Hauntingly beautiful vocals by my wonderful wife, Caecilia Brueckner.
Used Storm Drums for the percussion and of course the GNX4 for Guitars. Synth sounds from WusikStation and z3
artist: 2600 Hz
title: Moon Surfing
If the moon only had oceans that we could surf ...
title: Dementia
(c) Syntopia Music Album: Electro Exodus
A 2009 laid back track with Sexy K and !hype - all instruments by !hype
artist: Dar Shelton
title: OCEAN
Slow, immersive, rich
artist: mellosonic
title: Spirit Quest
Based around a groove that came into my head and I forgot it, then when I tried to remember it - it came back
artist: xen (US)
It builds and it builds til every step you take is a thundering ripple across the pavement.
artist: Superbron
title: Rush Hour
FAWM 2008 song #6
artist: ZOUNDEX
title: End Of Time
Electronica / Pop / Instrumental
Remix of Such a Feeling by SD Project for Peak Hour Music's remix contest.
artist: spankytails
the bass was feeling lazy, sleepy - - no matter how the drums tried, they could not rise him out of his lethar
title: Legends
Written by the talented Gunnar Spardel with lyrics by the angelic and prestine vocalist Amethyste Lyne. Vocal
artist: Ssjgodzilla
title: On and On
My second try at an original track. I like the results. Has a relaxed ambient feel to it.
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Mark Griffiths
"Milky MP3 master"
Soft focus journey through the leafy home of Pan.
Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
clive richardson
Multigenre contemporary composer for FilmTVNew Media.
"Youll Never Know"
**NEW SONG for APRIL 2016** Female vocals. If you like the song please rate it. It helps the artists. EVERY SONG we've done has been in the Top 25. Thanks for all the listens!
petit papillon bleu
What Is Music ?: Music is : Science -Accoustic (sound is osygen and azot moving in space) -Physic (sound is formed by wave and frequency and time) -Electronic (electronic components can be used to generate sound from the begging to the end) An Art -Singer (u have to learn and be skilled to be good) -Player (u have to train hard and feel the music) -Composer (u have to be at good mathematical and logic and just have the magic) A Job -teacher (music is an art since thousands years on earth) -sound engineer (music is an exact science since JS BACH (this is a point of vue...)) -producer (create ...
ioni ferici
..................SVEGLIATEVI.....................: Quelli come me gridano ad orecchie che non sentono.Quelli come me tumultuosamente agitano con forza la bolla ipnotica dentro la quale l'essere umano sembra essersi addormentato;
Nigel Hardy
Long Distance Call: Cool swing jazz collab with Miguel aka Mikejazz and walking Bass from Trace (the bass) Leu Long Distance Call..
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