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artist: Byyrrdd
title: drift
chilled beat
From the cd SEXTANT - Brannan Lane & Ashera. Featured on "Star's End" radio. Top 10 Ambient CDs Of 2003 - Elec
title: Descente
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artist: Abbess
title: Abba
A song about being a child of God.
Techno ballad with sacramental singing and a touch of enigma
artist: BluejooZ
title: Moon Jumping
Ever wondered what Moon Jumping would be like?
Did this about 10 years ago. Used Digitech GNX3
spacey jazzy cool
title: paddedwall
horsing around...
artist: Rich Russom
Instrumental interpretation of being LOST!
"Here was the path to wherever he was going...among the whispers and the blowing down of leaves." And so ends
title: Fragmented
My girlfriend and I did this song for fun. Enjoy, big willies.
artist: David Bazo
Traveling Through Time (Excerpt VI from "David Bazo: The Time Machine")
artist: D'Abaldo
A real worship song I love it, simple 22 years old from the old tape, brings back memories, still one of my cl
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Instrumentals :: East Coast
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Mark Griffiths
"Pan in Pangaea"
Soft focus journey through the leafy home of Pan.
petit papillon bleu
Madtracker 2.5: Madtracker 2;5 is the spiritual child of fasttracker 2 that was the spiritual child of the amiga computers format .MOD this format is supported by winamp and a .MOD file hold between 20 ko and 512 ko (just an exemple) this is called tracking cause u see each key in a column that is a track, u can see tracks side by side on the pucture.With the mod format u have 4 track and the amiga table frequency with the .XM format (fasttracker II) u have 32 track and a linear frequence table, with the MT2 format you have 64 tracks, a linear freq table, lot of fx on tracks, vsti supported, automations ect.....
Many mushroom glades: Many mushroom glades (a poem in prose) Abstract mosaic Autumn leaves On the snowy trails Imaginary groves. Now almost summer September, Almost warm evening. And in the room No one, In addition to the black cat Such a smart, Soon I will begin to read by syllables. Opens the window - Right into the autumn. The door opens - The autumn. A couple of days Attacked dry leaves, Hiding Broods of mushrooms....
Nigel Hardy
Keyshardy collaborations: Now playing: Nigel Hardy's station - My Collaborations ...
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