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'The 1st version of my track 'Your Shape'. Enjoy it as it is not the final version....'
artist: HASSAN
Another track by Abnotic. Hot hot and hot!
artist: Digital Aura
Official WINNING entry for The Echoing Green 'Suffer' remix competition. To be released on their upcoming 'Suf
artist: Alex Cooper
title: Dream
Vocals by Kate Lesing - If you like this song you might also like 'Never-Land'
artist: Europica
I've reworked this track, using a better synth for the leads. It's still is an uplifting Dance tune. Fast and
artist: GeeJay
title: THE RAIN
Amazin tune, you will be hooked! Download now :P NEW SITE: WWW.THE-BALLYCLARE-KREW.COM
title: Medicinal
a danceable pop song with coffee-smooth double tracked vocals and off-kilter electronics. Lyrically about a h
title: I love you
I love you. I love you. I love you. When you've got to say it, you've got to say it.
Hardcore as fcuk!
artist: Psykophobia
Psy-Trance meets Hard Trance
A crazy, clubby track about PMT and it's associated discomfort. Very funny and catchy !
A non stop jam - now starting to be a rave standard. Babygirlnoni let's loose as only she can do. Feel her f
artist: NicoleC
title: I Like It
This is a sexy dance song that my friend Vicky wrote for me after watching me dance. Music, production and ba
artist: Hungry Lucy
dance floor version of "Shine" from Hungry Lucy's latest CD, To Kill a King
artist: MoShang
Created around an impromptu djembe and flute jam. (also features Jaco Loots on djembe)
artist: dsentialUK
title: Funky Funky
Yet another infectious dance track, wouldn't go a miss in any DJ's arsenal of records.
An awesome electronica remix of Reel 2 Real's song 'I like to move it' I hope something in you gets going when
artist: Cami
Upbeat house/trance vocal song by April Sky Music Productions.
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"Go This Way"
** 2nd Brand New Song for MAY 2015** male vocal
"Faster than the rain"
Brand new sounds from Superflex!
Sweet Revenge: I feel like a machine controled by your lies You've pushed the wrong buttons so now you must die You see i was programmed to love and hate...just like you You took that away split my heart in two You trespassed in my teritory you think you know well I can change your life into my world called HELL So you better obey me or you just might get torn You better plant your bomb before i transform....
Visit with Rob Myers Part 2: The tracks from the latest project, The Man Without a Gun is different from your other projects, What was the inspiration? I've always been a fan of spy movies and TV shows, specifically the music. I'm a huge fan of Duane Eddy and Henry Mancini, so this project was conceived as an interpretation of an electronic soundtrack. What about the expectations you set for yourself as a musician? The challenge for me is to try remain impulsively creative... to not just work from preconceived ideas. A musician's music is a reflection of his or her creativity. If an artist doesn't create his or ...
live DJ mix in Louisville; 12.10.04: DJ mix as well at this link: http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=462093&T=7746 Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.
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