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artist: poibra
Meet Turkish drums : Darbuka
artist: sDeF
remix of yea and yea ,,this is for my people,,,,,MY ZOMBIE PEOPLE
artist: dj geza
its ok nuffin remixed just an edit relli
80 plat radio on.line
artist: Alex Cooper
title: Dream
Vocals by Kate Lesing - If you like this song you might also like 'Never-Land'
artist: Foxen
//enoch Sme song, second verse? A lotlle bit shorter, and a little bit better, hopefully.
artist: FrequenCee
title: Critical Sin
Heavy guitar based breakbeat; loads of bass, loads of breaks!
title: Sigma
I wanted to do 1 dance song just for fun and here it is
artist: DJ Seza
Dj Seza - Fly on the wings of love 2006
artist: Europica
I've reworked this track, using a better synth for the leads. It's still is an uplifting Dance tune. Fast and
Hard Gritty House (Start & end cut!)
artist: NicoleC
title: I Like It
This is a sexy dance song that my friend Vicky wrote for me after watching me dance. Music, production and ba
artist: KMP
upbeat, energetic and subtly sexy, a song about the rage inside. Lyrics and Vocals By LiSA / Music by Harout K
artist: AmadorA
One of my early recordings, a dance track from the 80s.
Music: R. Nusbaumer, M. Bryner / Lyrics: M. Pastier / Produced by Mind Reflection / Instrumental refrain taken
artist: DJ Sima
This is just a mix of old and new, dont judge me too much on it because I didnt even know it was going to be o
artist: SamuraiDJ
title: What Is Love
It's long. Made for a party.
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"Ill Be the Only One"
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR JUNEJULY 2017** Upbeat Original Electronic Dance Music *Female Vocals with Lyrics*
Rob Myers Interview Part 1: Q: What was the inspiration for the Laguna album? A: A trip to California. I’m always inspired by my surroundings which is why I enjoy traveling. There’s so much majesty in our world, it’s hard not to be inspired. Q: What was the process for creating the album? A: I had some idea of what I wanted to do on the album but half way through I had a system failure which required a major overhaul of my studio. It took four months to get back up and running. After addressing the studio issues, I shelved the previous tracks and started the album from scratch. I wanted this album to have more e...
TEARSS: something strange has happened to me today something that makes me spill tears and more tears It is the fatigue of my body? It is the fatigue of my eyes? It is a slope of the past that flows through my inconcientes memories your feline eyes and your feline face your smooth hair…
ANGEL: Paso a paso se acerca a mi el espiritu refulgente, brilla su luz muy distante. Solo tu sabes donde esta ahora, A mi nunca me mira de frente, Para el angel soy indiferente... -nunca me extrana, olvida que existo- No dejes que se marche sin que me conteste.
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