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futuristic acid ambient techno
artist: ODD 12
Just check out the song, and tell me what you think about it... and what genre it would go under... cuz I dont
title: Untitled 6
Housy beat with mostly percussive synth textures and treatments
artist: Twinspin
HARD Acid PSY TRANCE track 145 BPM ... it's INTENSE !!!!! REMIXED VERSION ...a LOUDER KICK and a more power
artist: The Flawed
title: Never Again
Recorded Feb. 2004.
The bass drum probly wont sound very loud if you dont have a sub. But if you do, this song will be good.
artist: Skitzz
title: Deminz
Feat. Viris ok fellow JLR band KDP. Order my shit and their shit at www.jackolantern recordz.tk or check out m
artist: Da DreadLord
title: Trip on acid
Not hardcore this one, but purely acid...yea start trippin:)
artist: DrDeal
Hard acid slings with diving sound and also a fat hardstyle synth all together in one song!
artist: soulmaster
The second track by SouL MasteR.
Features loops by Scott Carr - Tapehiss, Ghost of the Truthcircle, Kelli Wise - Ciyd, Bev Stanton, and Bryan B
artist: M-5FACT
Acid in the Mix
Beautiful song, one of our favorites.
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The Unbeatables
Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
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Beats General
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"ice maiden (pulsemetric remix) (radio edit)"
welcome to my world
L'invitation au voyage...
Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
BLUES MUSIC: Along with it's Jazz counterpart, is the only true American music form. Blues has it's deepest roots in the work songs of the West African slaves in the South. During their back-breaking work in the fields of the Southern plantation owners, black slaves developed a "call and response" way of singing to give rhythm to the drudgery of their servitude. These "field hollers" served as a basis of all blues music that was to follow. Following the end of the Civil war, black men had few options other than back-breaking manual field labor or becoming a traveling minstrel. Many chose the occupation of...
Dj Doctor Houze
Radio Houze: hello guys, I created a radio station where you can listen to good music. To reach the web radio you can click this link http://houzeradiosound.listen2myradio.com The radio is aired after 22:00 each day until 2:00 am.
si eres de mente enana retirate y guarda tus palabras..: ah! hay tantos hilos por donde empezar a hablar... para q alguien escuche. Estar al borde de la locura no es asunto q un cerebro ordinario entienda... La mayoria rehulle estas situaciones aunq hay tontos q se creen oscuros..Ja! algunos me dan risa. son una vagatela comercial. solo hay pocos q saben de depresion, muerte locura y oscuridad y no se fijan en asuntos superficiales como la ortografia y la imagen. Quien menos se ostenta es mas grandioso, quien es capaz de comprerde es magnanime... hasta con los seres mas aberrantes... como yo lo soy. si eres de mente enana retirate y guarda tus palab...
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