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title: Three Faces
This soundscape explores 3 different themes and was composed of 99% guitar, provided courtesy of Steve. This h
this song is rather good only rather not extremly
Trippy acid track, preliminary version
Electronica, mellow, acid jazz, rock
artist: drt
More from the love affair with the 303...
artist: DJ Resonator
85 bpm hypnotic acid breaks
artist: Rick Gross
Written back in High School
artist: DJ nAJH
Routine = Shit. It's a song about routine and people who love routinary style of life. Oh my god... I'm very b
artist: TEWB
Features a sample of Lord Jed's "Lonesome Jed, Western Pedant."
artist: DJ Venemis
title: Korobochka
Remix of the traditional Russian song.
artist: DJ Goodtimes
title: Agony
One of my NIN inspired songs. Starts off with some of my best Synth work and then doesn't let you breathe till
artist: Seex
Este es el first hit!! ojal√° vengan muchos mas
artist: DJ GLenn
title: Blue light
smooth jazz acid feel
title: Huh?
Feelin Bass?
artist: punkdISCO
Nice hard AcidTech. No digital equipment was used in the making of this track.
15 minute clip of an hour long jam session with my friend tony.
artist: Anubis 13
title: China White
One of my best songs, really good psy-trane...Great mellody,one that makes u wanna more and more...Uplifting l
a little tune i whipped up to pay homage to one of the greatest bands ever, Laibach!! a simple, militaristic b
artist: Twinspin
HARD Acid PSY TRANCE track 145 BPM ... it's INTENSE !!!!! REMIXED VERSION ...a LOUDER KICK and a more power
artist: PsyShakeR
Psychedlic trance,om namah shiva
artist: ivan kapec
title: gift remix
dark latin beats with melancoly guitar
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Eric R Fairhurst
engaging piano piece thats just great for relaxing, meditating, or yoga. enjoy!
end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Day Into Night"
** NEW SONG FOR APRIL 2017** Upbeat Original Electronic Dance Music *Male Vocals and Lyrics
Instant Water - short story: The sun shone upon a small patch of tilled earth, baking it to a crisp. Marigolds blossoming around the edges wilted and drooped. An old woman stood with her left hand on her hip and squinted at the garden through one eye. "That garden ain't gonna grow." She turned a two-inch square, cardboard box around and peered at the label on the front. "Instant water..." She tossed a dirty look over her shoulder at a bungalow and wrinkled her nose. "Stupid late night T.V. shows...sellin' mah husband all sorts 'a rubbish!" She gave her attention back to the box and trie...
ANIMA: De nuevo flagela mi espalda un recuerdo del tiempo, mi aliento se neutraliza y proyecto dos luces al cielo mis ojos se cubren de sombras y, mi espiritu preso se escapa Todo se va, todo lo pierdo se fugan mis ilusiones. Mi alma flota en el fuego y se llena de agonicas sensaciones un entre el crepitar de las llamas perdido en la dimension segunda. nado en el viento pero hay algo que me comprime siento un dolor mortal un eterno suplicio me atrapa lentamente me estoy calcinando....
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