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artist: Steve Bryant
title: Take Me Home
Written after a homless man asked me to take him home. I did what I could for him and realized that most of us
Written by: Morris P Rainville & Rich Dodson. Produced by Rich Dodson. Violin by Don Reed
$100 - LEASE STUDIO MUSIC TRACK - 'Click' Lyrics below to sing along and make sure it is in your KEY Then jus
So many unanswered questions.
artist: Cosmos II
A humorous country-style ballad based on a pun. The song was written to sing at parties.
title: For a While
from my Album "I can still dream"
artist: Di Anne Foxx
Airplay International Year 2000 Country Album Of The Year!
artist: Wade Farlowe
(What to do in a World Without Octane Energy!)
Ever have one of those nights where your waiting at the bar for your significant other? well this is the song
artist: SC Country
An amazing state....My Home.....
artist: andrew wood
title: Best Days
Simple song about the good old school days
artist: David James
title: I Want You
Lyrics by David James - Music by David James & Ted Tomiuk - Vocals by Tim Buppert 2004 -David James, Ted Tomi
artist: Harry Edgar
I wrote this song for my friend Renee Hartman
artist: GD Martin
A daring decision to take the step over the line of friendship
This song was inspired by the heroic efforts of Todd Beamer and the other passengers on the flight that crashe
artist: Arthur Holt
A song to thank the folks that serve food at the homeless shelters , and to think one day they may serve Angel
More than money lost that night. Rich Brennion on pedal steel. Version B in country rock charts.
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Greg Austin
Country General
"Motorcycle Cowboy.mp3"
Country, Rock, Blues, Christian, Contemporary, Traditional
RED HOT ROCK STAR DRESS: I know, I know, I should be talking about my fiddle and mandolin work and especially Travins n" Tondreau, located here on Soundclick. They've got some neat songs folk acoustic alternative. ME? I am the KIDSISTER. I'm behind the sceme designing the ROCK STAR clothes.
Coming Soon....: I'm hoping to get some vocals up this weekend, I've got a couple of melodies in my head and want to get them down and posted up here. My hope is to inspire someone to say "I'd love to write the music for that!!" Well, dream big, and that's my big dream today.
oldtoad gil
A little Flag waving: Hell its about time we got rid of spineless whining political correct crap and politicians supporting this sh** a question arose from a mulitcutural newspaper columnists if Canadian soldiers are fighting for our homeland where are the multiculural faces that should be represented in percentage basis in ARMED FORCES
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