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Written by Juanita Ford & Vonee Rose
artist: Wade Farlowe
Written in the style of the old traditional country beer drinking, you broke my heart tunes of days gone by...
Drinking can bring out the demons
artist: Bruce T
Reached #1 on 9-24-12. Alternate version "She's Dreamin' Tonight" on alternative country chart.
artist: DannieD
Just a bit of country happiness, without the grits.....
title: The Letter
Dave wrote the music and lyrics, sings all vocals and attempts to play MIDI drums...latency...arghhh! A good
America, Sweet Home Of Liberty ! What America is all about. We stand for basic human rights for all people, re
title: PayDirt
With Tony Marsh on Guitar
Vocals Brian Collins COLLINS BRIAN KELLYS BMI 59598028 Publishers BILL GREEN MUSIC BMI 73289556 NEW CHENAN
artist: wbiro
Vocals Sheila Adkins Written By Juanita Ford/ Judith Greer Edwards Juanita Ford Pub BMI
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Christian Country
"Carry My Tears (Remix)"
MMissary a husband and wife team Country to Country Rock to Light Pop for vocal music and Easy Listening to Alternative for instrumentals
Whisky Dixon
Alternative Country
"Jonny my friend"
We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
Exebelle and The Rusted Cavalcade
Alternative Country
"Harboring The Tygers"
Harboring The Tygers
Exebelle and The Rusted Cavalcade
Alternative Country
Cevin Kehm
Alternative Country
"Livin' The High Life"
Here's a song for all you guys and gals livin' the high life!
oldtoad gil
The Man I Used To Be: If you are ever left with a decision, or no decision. or just plain dont know, take a listen to this one song Though i would never claim to be religious, i do believe in the Power of One Tommy and Hank Sr wrote some songs giving you a hint of what is and what could be Choose a path my friends , and if ever your journey gets too dark remember Light is forever darkness is only till a light ,an idea or a smile happens...
Wishing Everyone a Blessed Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! : TJWAYSONGS wishes everyone at Soundclick and across the globe a blessed Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I thank you all in advance for your support in my music throughout the past and present, and I pray that God will always bless you and your families with wonderful times in life, and good health. Please stay creative and safe. With love and Best wishes, Merry Christmas to you all. Kindest Regards; TJWay (Canadian Songwriter) P.S. Have a Joyous New Year [go there]     [post a comment]
triple ggg
Resentment Quote: Resentment or grudges do no harm to the person against whom you hold these feelings but every day and every night of your life, they are eating at you. Norman Vincent Peale
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