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artist: Bob Hausler
title: Anymore
A song about moving on
Written in 1989 with thoughts of getting back in the music recording after 15 year absence from the business.
artist: Evan Paul
(Vocal) An emotional soulful ballad of a rocky relationship. Booberry was her nickname.
John Pfeifer - vocal, acoustic & electric guitars; Matthew Scott - Synths, drums, piano, lyrics & music;
Can't get over someone you love? Join the crowd! A big thanks to Beth Davidson for singing harmonies!
artist: Bellegante
title: Lost
Back in the Music Room.
Longing for yesterday keeps us from living in today. Acoustic/folk/rock/country flavored
artist: David James
Wherever You Are is a collaboration between David James and Nicole McKenzie. Music by Todd Duncan. Produced by
VOCALS by: DEANNE IS ANYBODY OUT THERE..........................
artist: jim blachura
title: Refrain
country pop or alternative pop
Vocals Brian Collins COLLINS BRIAN KELLYS BMI 59598028 Publishers NEW CHENANIAH MUSIC BMI 201340636
A Great Common Sense Song Of Compassion And Understanding Regarding Others!
This song is somewhere between bluegrass and blues. Recorded in the basement on 30-Dec-05. See us play it live
title: She Rides
A lonely woman with a sad past finds peace on a Harley. 'She Rides. She Rides. And the wind wipes the tears f
J GALE KILGORE Elderly farmer watches migrating birds, and reflects on wonder of free flight.
title: Only Human
Started out in the northern winter recording a dark electronic instrumental, then drove south and couldnt help
title: CADILLAC.
Duet vocal. Organ solo by Misty Morgan. Harmonica by Charlie McCoy.
title: In Too Deep
Brand New Song Recorded Sept. 7th, 2007; Climbed to #1 Alternative Country Charts; #2 Country Charts!
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Kevin K Beats
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Exebelle and The Rusted Cavalcade
Alternative Country
"Harboring The Tygers"
Harboring The Tygers
Whisky Dixon
Alternative Country
"Jonny my friend"
We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
The End Of The Age?: In Matthew 24 we find the disciples questioning Jesus about His return and the end of the age. Jesus says "be careful that no one misleads you." He goes on to say that many will come in His Name saying that they are Christ and will lead many astray. One sign of the end times is that many will come and take the Name of Christ and use it to their own advantage. They will take the name of our glorious Savior and appropriate it in an effort to achieve some personal goal. This I think is why today's Christianity is getting such a bad rap and rightly so! The main goal of the church should be to...
erika maximo
Raphael Archangel: Abba Shema,may the Lord send His Raphael Archangel to protect us all against the plague of this flu.
Paul Mcilwaine
My music : Come on over to my site and check out my music - I'm a guitar player - both acoustic and electric and always will to work with other musicians and lyricists to produce new quality original music. You'll be glad to hear (perhaps) I don't do BEATS
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