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artist: Dyalock
A song that suddenly wanted to come out, while I was playing around with some bass lines. The tune and lyrics
artist: Graham's Cat
GBZX61600059 That haven of evasion
artist: tjwaysongs
Artists Add this Song to your Next Album Release- We are Cmrra Members (acc # 579580) (e-mail TJWay) tjwaymusi
artist: Evan Paul
(Vocal) An emotional soulful ballad of a rocky relationship. Booberry was her nickname.
artist: Bob Hausler
title: Anymore
A song about moving on
Can't get over someone you love? Join the crowd! A big thanks to Beth Davidson for singing harmonies!
title: Cabo
Cabo San Lucas at it's worst.
John Pfeifer - vocal, acoustic & electric guitars; Matthew Scott - Synths, drums, piano, lyrics & music;
artist: Bellegante
title: Lost
Back in the Music Room.
I think David Allan Coe sings with pure soul in his voice.
artist: Bobby Cage
The perfect lover is out there, just for you...can you find them?
artist: Aarion Lee
A tragic Holiday story about a Truck Driver. He went on a run before Thanksgiving so he could be home for Chri
title: In Too Deep
Brand New Song Recorded Sept. 7th, 2007; Climbed to #1 Alternative Country Charts; #2 Country Charts!
title: Quick Nick
Come on man...everybody and their dog knows what Quick Nick is about! Nick Beeson, baby!Nick freakin' Beeson!
artist: David James
Wherever You Are is a collaboration between David James and Nicole McKenzie. Music by Todd Duncan. Produced by
artist: John O'Neill
A Song that emphasizes respect for women through the eyes of a man.
New Country Pop sound with Soul Lyrics.
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Exebelle and The Rusted Cavalcade
Alternative Country
"Harboring The Tygers"
Harboring The Tygers
Whisky Dixon
Alternative Country
"Jonny my friend"
We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
BEAUMONT LIVE INTERNET RADIO: You can follow this link to BEAUMONT LIVE INTERNET RADIO, and email Sheila to ask her to play my songs for you.This little radio station is a "MOVER AND SHAKER" within the music industry in Beaumont and for miles around. I applaud Sheila and her efforts supporting local live musicians and artists, just like me. PEACE, DAMMIT! charleyrocknroll
southern eagle one
southern eagle- older side of young country: Now playing: SOUTHERN EAGLE ...
America's Aborted Future: Jesus referred to Gehenna or The Valley of Hinnom when talking about hell. This valley is s/sw of Jerusalem and has quite an infamous past. Here was Topheth where children at one time were offered to the fire god Molech. The people were given to pleasure and not God's word. They would give themselves to sexual indulgence and then conveniently dispose of the fruit of their sin in the fires of Molech. In that time, it was acceptable social behavior. The youngster was viewed as a choice, not a life. This place was later to be called "the valley of slaughter." Can you just imagine the millio...
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