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This is what my grandmother called her old pickup truck when she was a teenager.
This song reached no.4 in Traditional Country during Spring, 2004.
artist: Vannatta
title: Paradise
A pure counrty song that is a real sweet heart.
Song adapted from instrumental by Peo Swe (masters choice) to hear more music by Peo Swe go to my comments p
A beautiful ballad written by one of UK's finest singer/songwriters Wes Cardy. Musical arangement by Alan Dan
artist: David James
Lyrics by David James & Andrea Crimmins. Music by Peter Renfree & Andrea Crimmins. Produced by Lee Gibson, Hot
artist: Uncle Shine
All Songs Are Written By Uncle Shine ASCAP
artist: Louis Twinn
title: The Gift
The story how I received my 1st guitar. A tribute to 'Mary Bell Hendrickson'
artist: Angel Wynton
Tribute To Tammy Wynette
Vocals Brian Collins Written By Brian Kellys Collins
True family story with a traditional country sound. Rich Brennion on pedal steel.
A Great Country Song Whose Goal Is Shared By Many Artists About Nashville And The Grand Old Opry! The Opry is
artist: John Fee
'The More He Drinks The More He Thinks is a fiddle-laced ballad about a man who thinks he can drink away thou
The songs is about 2 cheaters....that have never cheated before. Little Jimmie Publishing (ASCAP) Took 2nd. p
Vocals John Covert Writers Juanita ford/ Judith Greer Edwards / John Covert Juanita Ford publishing BMI
original lyrics by Verne Garrison Aka (Lake Fork Verne)
artist: Anne Brehm
This song is about a new relationship that's blossoming, and she is trying to take it slow, but she gets lonel
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Instrumentals :: Electro-hop
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Mitch Wayne
Traditional Country
"For a Little While"
Fans and friends to a musician is everything because without them would be like a guitar with no strings or a bird with no wings.
Vonee Rose Music
Traditional Country
"Country Rose/voc Darin Rose"
Songwriter who writes most of her own music and records in her home studio using a keyboard and computer programs Enjoys cowriting with other artist Queen of Country Heartache was cowritten with Juanita Ford...
Credit due: INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: "The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself." ~ Mark Twain THE MAN IN THE MIRROR! We've all seen, read and heard that you need confidence, and talent, to succeed. But it takes more than that - your confidence must be built upon a solid foundation of self-respect. Self-respect is what will save you when your confidence is shattered. No matter how much you believe in yourself, failure will shake you and rock your world. So it's not just how capable you are, but how capable you are of handling defeat. If you have unquestionable faith in yourse...
Demons Shriek And Scream!: Matthew 8:28-34...Demons were upset at the appearance of Jesus. They immediately wanted to know what He was doing there. They knew who He was. Their big concern was escaping torment. As long as they inhabited the poor soul wandering amongst the tombs, existing was tolerable. But now the Son of God shows up and their habitat is threatened. We gain insight here into the spiritual realm. Demons shun the disembodied state. Their will is to inhabit people or animals. We also learn that their goal is to destroy. Jesus has power over all demons. He forbade them to inhabit these poor souls any l...
shawn white
Do you think my lyrics are to emotional?: I am so_ sorry...about the our_ plans. Since I've been it' God's_ hands. Let me wipe those_ tears...from your pretty...brown eyes_; And give me a long, long_ kiss...and a hug...goodbye_. Please_ baby...I hope you don't...ask_ why? I'm over it my...best_ try. Fighting for freedom...and the...promise_ land; Searching for questions...I don't...Under_stand. (I...have to go...cuz)...there's sweat...running in my...eyes__. You know I_ love you...and I...don't want to_ cry....In this...I_raqi...sand..... There's fighting and k...
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