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artist: Michael Cape
This song has been sung by any child who has ever attended Christian Sunday School. I just had to do it. Pleas
artist: sDeF
title: DeeP ResT
only god knows about this one
artist: Aaron lewis
Singing for wishes by helen mortimer and Aaron lewis sung by my 8 year old daughter Martina
Everything Has A Reason...Sometimes We Just Can't See What That Might Be!!!
Song I wrote in 1992. Copywritten, with Library Of Congress@wa D.C!
This song was written by Pearl Sturgis. Mike Comer does a very fine job on this. We lost Mike ten years ago th
title: Angel Band
Mandolin and Guitar supplement this Ralph Stanley Traditional Classic
Peace is a song about getting to know God through Jesus, and the peace that brings. He hears our prayers, ALW
artist: Wes Hayes
Where I'm at right now in my walk w/ the Lord. I want to stay there too! It's just a short story of where I wa
fun tune sung by Gary and Debbie with Bud on Steel Guitar
artist: Becky Wright
In honor of those who serve in the American military, and especially the families who love them- and sometimes
artist: Ng Wah Lok
Using musical terms, I crafted this song to communicate that Jesus is our Rock. Lyrics and Music by Wah Lok
Will you be ready when Jesus comes back?
Let Him Carry You is a powerful song. Listen to the words as they will touch you in many ways.
artist: Bill Prewitt
Original material written 12/31/2005 as a reflection on the year
artist: Tom Gaston
The real feeling we should have for GOD
A song of hope and healing for anyone who has lost someone that they have loved through death. You will see th
My instrumental version of this Gospel classic.
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Christian Country
"Carry My Tears (Remix)"
MMissary a husband and wife team Country to Country Rock to Light Pop for vocal music and Easy Listening to Alternative for instrumentals
A Kingdom Divided: In Matthew 12:22 we see a blind and dumb man suffering under the power of a demon. The man was brought to Jesus and He cured him. Immediately the Pharisees start to accuse Jesus. "You did this by the power of Beelzebub, the prince of demons." Jesus' response and His logic are irrefutable. "If Satan drives out Satan, he has become divided against himself and disunified; how then will his kingdom last or continue to stand?" "But if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out the demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you..." The kingdom of God has indeed come upon us. Today is the ...
Comfort one another with these words: I hope this song brings you comfort in your time of need.
Wishing Everyone a Blessed Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! : TJWAYSONGS wishes everyone at Soundclick and across the globe a blessed Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I thank you all in advance for your support in my music throughout the past and present, and I pray that God will always bless you and your families with wonderful times in life, and good health. Please stay creative and safe. With love and Best wishes, Merry Christmas to you all. Kindest Regards; TJWay (Canadian Songwriter) P.S. Have a Joyous New Year [go there]     [post a comment]
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