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For all the Grandma and Grandpa's in this world-Thank YOU!!!!
artist: Kara Shea
3/4 time - light - sincere - big harmonies. Acoustic Piano:Kara Shea; Lead Vocals:Kara Shea; BackingVocals:Kar
title: my lord
bad 60's-type praise lyrics set to a cliched jug band tune. eeesh
This is a song i wrote for my mom.
artist: Mark Wheeler
Jesus said ' you must pick up your cross and follow me.'
title: Fear Not
This song tells of Moses and the children of Israel standing at the Red Sea. The Egyptians behind them as the
Simple Country Gospel tune featuring Tigar Bell on Fiddle
Inspirational Song dealing with a difficult subject.
artist: Jerry Mac
Songwriters: Lyrics / Jerry Mac - Music / Cindy Lane Adams - Singer: Cindy Lane Adams
A song about a little boy growing up.
artist: Al Traynor
This is a Country Christian that I wrote.
Ever feel like you're the only one who keeps messing up? Well, you're not!! Thank God for second (and third,
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Christian Country
"Carry My Tears (Remix)"
MMissary a husband and wife team Country to Country Rock to Light Pop for vocal music and Easy Listening to Alternative for instrumentals
SongCrafter: Hello! My Brothers/Sisters/Fans/Friends in Music. I introduce to you the one and only BenC.SongCrafter. With the New Millinium comes changes in revolution/modernization, With this being said I Dare to be Different and set a higher standard for Myself from the stanard songwriter, and transform into the new modern SongCrafter, a self proclaimed professional SongCrafter who dares to be discovered. It takes more than ink and pen and mere talent to create a commercial tune. It takes Craft/skill and all that it intails, it's secrets, it's perceptive abilities, it's will, it's long hard laboring hour...
Nathan Orr releases single on iTunes and for first time!: Nathan Orr has released a song on iTunes and for the first time. Digital download. Song title is "Fairytale". Price is just 99 cents. Check it out!!!
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