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artist: Tom Neilson
title: A-List
Singing at the inauguration
artist: A3J
Big Al makes an indepth phone call to a local political radio station. A must hear . . .
title: Corruption
A parody of Tom Lehrer's 'Pollution'
Sung/ranted by Jess/Gavin/SongBird...Chris Bluemel on piano and all the rest.... Says Andy Croft: (Comrade La
artist: DePotorLand
A tribute to Benedict XVI, et al.
artist: joe solo
a reprise of the song made famous by Good Without One, sort of a dance mix
An observation on certain policies of war, weaponry and other debacles of the past decades.
artist: Odd sock
George Bush finally tells the truth. With a good tune.
artist: Danny Harvey
Where are those weapons of mass destruction they said they had in Iraq.
Hey, all you super-American patriots out there! What kind of cheese are you eating? I sure hope it's American
Political/topical song parody, about how the USA has been "blinded by the right"-wing policies of George W. Bu
We started killing folks because of the weapons of mass destruction, right? Wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment
A song about the tragedy of 911,2001 and the man who caused it.
artist: Steve Bryant
title: Weinerman
A parody of 'The Spiderman Theme.' Inspired by weiner tweets.
Stand up to the TSA security thugs.
artist: Tom Larsen
From one of my guest spots as T.Ray: Regional Director NWO on the B. Lesh show
artist: Worm Quartet
Worm Quartet's reaction to the neutering of the Cookie Monster (i.e. 'C Is For Cookie' and 'A Cookie Is A Some
artist: TEWB
Brought to you by 'Shyte Kola' - official sponsors of Christmas 2007.
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With or Withour Hook *(Free D/L on* Contact: for exclusive rights. 71 BPM Collaboration with SinVstyle
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Snabel-A: Undrar om det fanns nagon foer 20 ar sedan som kunde foerestaella sig att man ar 2007 skulle saega ordet "Snabel-A" i varje radioprogram som saends!
Digitalbox: Anders koeper digitalbox (foer marksaend digital-TV). Vi behoever inte ha digitalbox haer aen och har dessutom en Parabol fran Canal Digital, men jag ville kunna se Star Trek pa TV6 och fick syn pa ett erbjudande om en digitalbox fran Mitsui foer 289kr. Sa den koepte jag och tyckte foerst att den verkade bra. Men ganska snart maerkte jag ju att det blev avbrott i ljudet ganska ofta. Ganska korta avbrott, kanske en sekund men det var aenda stoerande. Dessutom foell alla kanaler ur om man laet den sta paslagen oever natten och det var ju inte sa bra. Eftersom det var oeppet koep sa taenkte ja...
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