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For 5/21/16 Clickers Club Song Fest with a Novelty/Comedy Theme @ 8PM/UK/SoundClick. This song forebodes the c
artist: Odd sock
George Bush finally tells the truth. With a good tune.
title: Echo Chamber
Don't worry, it's probably not about you. Clicker's Club comedy/novelty song challenge May 2016
artist: MaryK
Written in 1984, this was prophetic... unfortunately.
artist: faffytunes
G-20 Funky Club Debit Town Debt finance Just another mess about parody for the world leaders Inspired by Barac
Lovely little rocker about about a dictator and his dog.
artist: Frenz
Funky song featuring GW Bush on vocals
Sung/ranted by Jess/Gavin/SongBird...Chris Bluemel on piano and all the rest.... Says Andy Croft: (Comrade La
Narrative about a problem we men may all face
My answer to "Have You Forgotten"
Top Rank in Political Humor: #8
artist: joe solo
title: 8 Long Years
An update to "4 More Years", still viable as an evaluation of the W years
C'est une histoire de pouvoirs rien a voir avec nos grands magiciens noirs (suivez mon regard).
A song about the tragedy of 911,2001 and the man who caused it.
artist: Jim Stotts
up/ but not all away/pump while still some
artist: Tom Neilson
Endocrine Disruptor is a playful account of the danger of GMOs and a primary ingredient, glyphosate.
Stand up to the TSA security thugs.
artist: Tom Larsen
T-Tay/NWO bit where Lamar of Gardeners Against Globalism is "fixed", with help of "former" kgb agent Tatiana a
artist: DePotorLand
A tribute to Benedict XVI, et al.
artist: Worm Quartet
Worm Quartet's reaction to the neutering of the Cookie Monster (i.e. 'C Is For Cookie' and 'A Cookie Is A Some
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Instrumentals :: Dirty South
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Why?: Varfoer samlas alla maenniskor med talfel pa radio? Varfoer vill alla som inte kan sjunga bli artister? Varfoer aer ett soenderklippt spelkort fantastisk konst naer en kaend konstnaer klippt soender det och inte naer Johan Bengtsson i Grabohusgaerde gjort det? Varfoer aer det alltid rea pa Siba? Varfoer raeknas inte en arbetsinsats som arbete om man inte far betalt? Varfoer bygger de en massa fartgupp oeverallt? Jag har aldrig hoert talas om nagon som tycker om fartgupp och dessutom aer det miljoefoerstoerande eftersom alla bilar maste bromsa in och gasa pa hela tiden....
Digitalbox: Anders koeper digitalbox (foer marksaend digital-TV). Vi behoever inte ha digitalbox haer aen och har dessutom en Parabol fran Canal Digital, men jag ville kunna se Star Trek pa TV6 och fick syn pa ett erbjudande om en digitalbox fran Mitsui foer 289kr. Sa den koepte jag och tyckte foerst att den verkade bra. Men ganska snart maerkte jag ju att det blev avbrott i ljudet ganska ofta. Ganska korta avbrott, kanske en sekund men det var aenda stoerande. Dessutom foell alla kanaler ur om man laet den sta paslagen oever natten och det var ju inte sa bra. Eftersom det var oeppet koep sa taenkte ja...
Commodore 64 and Vic-20 programming challenge: 358 bytes of Basic V2!: Write something (anything really) in just 358 bytes of basic code. (The .prg file can be at most 360 bytes). Why 358 bytes? Well, that's 1/10 of the memory of an unexpanded vic-20. Read more on the Denial and Folkvagn forums. Boing By Anders Persson Download: Programmed on a real PAL vic-20. Runs in both unexpanded and expanded mode. The NTSC version is tested in VICE only. PrgInfo By Anders Persson Download: That's right, it's a 358 byte version of this...
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