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FOX NEWS, The Most Trusted Name In Nazi Propaganda.
artist: faffytunes
G-20 Funky Club Debit Town Debt finance Just another mess about parody for the world leaders Inspired by Barac
A song about the tragedy of 911,2001 and the man who caused it.
artist: LTM (NL)
Steinberg Wavelab 6 fixed the distortionz, R Thanx Warlab Sleepwalkers And WackEmcees!
artist: joe solo
a reprise of the song made famous by Good Without One, sort of a dance mix
Narrative about a problem we men may all face
artist: TEWB
Brought to you by 'Shyte Kola' - official sponsors of Christmas 2007.
artist: Danny Harvey
title: Bush & Blair
The song says it better.
artist: Odd sock
George Bush finally tells the truth. With a good tune.
artist: Worm Quartet
Worm Quartet's reaction to the neutering of the Cookie Monster (i.e. 'C Is For Cookie' and 'A Cookie Is A Some
An observation on certain policies of war, weaponry and other debacles of the past decades.
Barbara Bush was right! This is working out so well for us underprivileged folks.
My answer to "Have You Forgotten"
Political/topical song parody, about how the USA has been "blinded by the right"-wing policies of George W. Bu
artist: A3J
Big Al makes an indepth phone call to a local political radio station. A must hear . . .
artist: Pat Boardman
Parody of 'Old MacDonald'
artist: Frenz
Bush confesses finally!
artist: rymanready
Republicans in this administration can lie all they want to and it's just pure and idealistic trueblue Republ
title: NASAAN?
HAS BEEN IN THE TOP 3 for 2 weeks and TOP 5 FOR 4 WEEKS AT THE Political-Humor chart. Anti-graft & corrupti
Top Rank in Political Humor: #8
C'est une histoire de pouvoirs rien a voir avec nos grands magiciens noirs (suivez mon regard).
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New Boray album!: You can listen to clips from all of the tunes here: Boray Music And don't miss the pdf file! Here is a video of one of the tunes: Boray 2009
Revenant the Sequel
The Game Heats up - Queen of Hearts pt IV: With Wendy out of his reach and being laid up for over a month in the hospital, gave the Jerk enough time to "reconsider" his position on Karma and other esoteric subjects. He finally concluded that leaving me alone and her especially, was the smarter thing to do if he wished to keep bones unbroken, ligaments without tears, and his so-far-safe kneecaps. Wiser men exist as he would eventually forget this lesson and need a refresher course. Wendy moved in with her friend that I mentioned, oh how far back? The friend I mentioned Eons ago. 6 months later was about the same time that my friend was...
Revenant the Sequel
We Were The Breakfast Club! Part II: Then again, there were some pretty bad and I mean HORRIBLE teen movies too. Spring Break. Where the Boys Are '84, Breakdancing 2: Electric Bugaloo, Up the Creek, Iron Eagle, Red Dawn, Police Academy Pt 1-?, Grease 2, Ghoulies, Night of the Comet, Top Secret. But we took the bad with the good. Movies like we lived, Movies like we wanted to live. In All The Right Moves we cheered on Tom Cruise. In TAPS, we knew he was a nut-job but cheered him anyway. We laughed in Gremlins and wanted to be in that shower with Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science. We all thought Jeff Spicoli was the coolest dude at...
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