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"No, we're not kidding, they really do". ~ John Lennon
Republicans Don't Love People. Republicans Only Love MONEY. Vote DEMOCRAT. The Ass You Save May Be Your Own.
I wrote the lyrics to my funny parody of the yuppie extravagant lifestyle---I borrowed the melody from The Mon
artist: Twinner
title: No Action
Republicans Only Put the Action in the pockets of the Greedy Rich. No Action in your pocket. Vote Democrat---K
artist: Odd sock
George Bush finally tells the truth. With a good tune.
artist: faffytunes
G-20 Funky Club Debit Town Debt finance Just another mess about parody for the world leaders Inspired by Barac
An observation on certain policies of war, weaponry and other debacles of the past decades.
artist: Frenz
Song featuring George Dubya on vocals
My answer to "Have You Forgotten"
Political/topical song parody, about how the USA has been "blinded by the right"-wing policies of George W. Bu
If Bush told the truth. With John Ashcroft on backup vocals!
artist: joe solo
Gotta love those republicans!
artist: Mark Kaufman
A little political humor for late 2012. What would The Doors do?
Pesnya Ivanushki / Song of Ivan /. Music by Vladimir Sidorov; lyrics by Evgeniy Chekanov, sings Vladimir Sidor
Stand up to the TSA security thugs.
artist: Worm Quartet
Worm Quartet's reaction to the neutering of the Cookie Monster (i.e. 'C Is For Cookie' and 'A Cookie Is A Some
George Bush Has A Small Erection
Barbara Bush was right! This is working out so well for us underprivileged folks.
artist: Danny Harvey
Where are those weapons of mass destruction they said they had in Iraq.
Narrative about a problem we men may all face
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Instrumentals :: Dirty South
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Revenant the Sequel
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Revenant the Sequel
Now For Something Entirely Different...: This is a widget produced by that allow me to clip up to 1000 characters from a page at a time and post them in a HTML Reader like this... I became a member of Clipmarks in September but I only recently discovered its versatility... If you like this widget and please check out the clips and comment on the blog comment option here on SC, then if the reviews from my friends here are good I will keep a reader here at all times to let you know where i am, what I am doing and what I am finding. Think of it as a mini blog and yes, I will still do my normal ones too. Thanks All, Dave ...
New Excuse: A man got a new Ferrari for his birthday and went to test drive it on the highway. As he was driving he wondered how fast it could go, but before he could get very far he heard sirens. He sped up thinking he could outrun the cop, but then he came to his senses and pulled over. The cop walked over and asked for the man's license and registration. Then the cop said, "Listen, Mac, it's Friday, I'm tired, and I just want to go home, so if you can give me an excuse I haven't heard before, I'll let you go." The man thought for a minute, then replied, "My wife ran off with a cop the oth...
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