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For 5/21/16 Clickers Club Song Fest with a Novelty/Comedy Theme @ 8PM/UK/SoundClick. This song forebodes the c
artist: TEWB
Brought to you by 'Shyte Kola' - official sponsors of Christmas 2007.
artist: Odd sock
George Bush finally tells the truth. With a good tune.
artist: Danny Harvey
Where are those weapons of mass destruction they said they had in Iraq.
artist: rymanready
Republicans in this administration can lie all they want to and it's just pure and idealistic trueblue Republ
Narrative about a problem we men may all face
My answer to "Have You Forgotten"
C'est une histoire de pouvoirs rien a voir avec nos grands magiciens noirs (suivez mon regard).
artist: Frenz
Bush speaks Arabic
A song about the tragedy of 911,2001 and the man who caused it.
artist: Jim Stotts
sometimes I still wobble walk along those cobble stone streets / what's left
title: Echo Chamber
Don't worry, it's probably not about you. Clicker's Club comedy/novelty song challenge May 2016
title: Ameritards
If you're offended, it might apply. Sorry. If it don't apply, let it fly.
artist: faffytunes
G-20 Funky Club Debit Town Debt finance Just another mess about parody for the world leaders Inspired by Barac
artist: Michael Park
Klepto Abysmal, the progenitor of this project, has kindly allowed Michael Park to add it to his list of music
artist: joe solo
title: Gitmo Swing
The swing version of Guantanamo (Executive Privilege)
artist: Worm Quartet
Worm Quartet's reaction to the neutering of the Cookie Monster (i.e. 'C Is For Cookie' and 'A Cookie Is A Some
Lovely little rocker about about a dictator and his dog.
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Revenant the Sequel
The 2nd Quarterly Revenant Award Show!: Thank you all for coming to this lovely Shangri-La, The Bates Motel and our hosts, Norman and his mother are offering reduced room rates. A bit of advice for all ladies: Don't use the Shower. here is your host: the impeccable, the suave and debonair, the lady killer himself, give a round of applause for the Prince of Darkness, my friend and your predator, Count Dracula... Good Evening, before we start, Renfield will serve wne to all, Not me Renfield, I never drink... wine, Our first award tonight is in the category of the guitar virtuoso. This gentleman's playing has beem described as magnif...
Revenant the Sequel
High Card Cut- Loser Leaves Town: Queen of Hearts pt VII: (Continuing with the Never-Ending Story)... I was positive I would remain a bachelor for life. In 1992, Wendy, now with two children aged 4 and 2, divorced the jerk and was single again. We were still friends at this juncture and sometimes more than friends. I admit that Wendy and I were intimate during periods in her first marriage when she would walk out on Jerk for a time, but she always went back. It became a weird, sad game of round-robin football as I would be "called in from the bench as a second and even third-string quarterback for a few minutes of play time." If that sounds harsh,...
Revenant the Sequel
We Were the Breakfast Club! Part I: It's funny how trends, fashions, fads and so much more repeats itself over time. It seems that it is always the young that enjoy it and the over 35 crowd who in most cases, disapprove. The Flappers and Bootleggers of the Roaring '20s would be parents of the Jitterbugging and Zoot Suit teens of the 40's. The WW II crowd settled down and had children that today are called Baby Boomers. They were just as rebellious as the Charleston Dancing, Flagpole-Sitting grandparents were, The hair cuts were too long or too short, They used drugs (let's not mention until 1970 Marijuana was a legal plant and n...
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