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artist: Tom Neilson
An account of how Tom's best friend, Geoff, beat the draft during Vietnam
artist: faffytunes
G-20 Funky Club Debit Town Debt finance Just another mess about parody for the world leaders Inspired by Barac
artist: Odd sock
George Bush finally tells the truth. With a good tune.
artist: imlen
title: buggery
it was the law they aint having none of that
artist: A3J
Big Al makes an indepth phone call to a local political radio station. A must hear . . .
Funny political song with a good old fashioned country sound heeee hawwww!
artist: Worm Quartet
Worm Quartet's reaction to the neutering of the Cookie Monster (i.e. 'C Is For Cookie' and 'A Cookie Is A Some
An observation on certain policies of war, weaponry and other debacles of the past decades.
artist: Frenz
Bush confesses finally!
artist: Paul Moore
where the heck is Osama Bin Laden ? A parody which makes light of the search for him.
artist: Danny Harvey
Where are those weapons of mass destruction they said they had in Iraq.
My answer to "Have You Forgotten"
Political/topical song parody, about how the USA has been "blinded by the right"-wing policies of George W. Bu
We started killing folks because of the weapons of mass destruction, right? Wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment
artist: NINJABOX
New school rap. Ahhh!! I checked the enemy plane! one, two, three!! They are going to approach.
artist: joe solo
A blues boogie for Fearless Leader, kind of a sythesis of Howlin' Wolf and Calvin Trillin
Blessed are the CEOs, may they trickle their munificence upon us.
that old snake rabbi letme is using more cons and tricks up his sleeve to cons money off of peoples until he
This is a reminder to George to read the New Testament. Since he's so busy, he can just read the part in red.
Sung/ranted by Jess/Gavin/SongBird...Chris Bluemel on piano and all the rest.... Says Andy Croft: (Comrade La
artist: rymanready
Republicans in this administration can lie all they want to and it's just pure and idealistic trueblue Republ
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More about April Sun: More about the new tune I posted yesterday ( April Sun ). There is one thing I'm quite proud of in this tune. The lead melody guitar with all of that soloing stuff was recorded in one take, the first and only take! So I guess I'm starting to get the hang of playing guitar ;-). I got the wrong note in the beginning of the chorus, but I fixed that with a little editing. I also removed some solo parts, but that's it... The many takes you can see on track 3 (in the picture) was for the spoken words. The extra take on track 7 and 15/16 was for the demo I made first. Exactly 9 years ago I made a ...
Mp3 Inventory: I just made an inventory... Seems I have 86 mp3s online for streaming. 33 of them are downloadable. One of them is 29 minutes long.... In addition to that, I have 86 mod files...
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