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Keep On (G-FUNK)
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artist: Jaiz
Download this song @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/say-no-to-drugs-single/id712619654 A comedy track abou
A drinking song for the Jedi
artist: Worm Quartet
The ultimate Worm Quartet ex-girlfriend song.
artist: Soulja Boy
title: Doo Doo Head
Shes A Doo Doo Head Her Mouf Stank!
artist: MyndsEye
It's all about the food.
I've got a hole in my pocket where the money runs out!
A true story. This song is dedicated to our friend Ivan Stang. PRAISE "BOB"!!!
artist: Cosmos II
title: Digitized
Short ditty complaining about the conversion of images of real life into digitized form.
artist: Crazy Al
Funny parody of "Hate It Or Love It" by The Game
artist: Tom Neilson
song about climate disruption
This is a medley song i wrote and that Nathan Allen Pinard orchestrated and assembled
artist: colm
Lisa Taylor and I co-wrote this fun little ditty and this is my son James debut single.
artist: Bright Spark
title: Dolly Latex
Ex-girlfriend sees the guy with a new 'partner'...
artist: Robbie Cool
Don't let the rap beat put you off (there's a lot of crap-rap on here) This is a funny song. Well, I think, an
A romantic title, right? Check this out, and for sure you'll want me to sing this song at your wedding!
A parody to Eric Idle's wonderful "The Galaxy Song" but based on the human genome... perfect for your biology
Mozart as a secret agent.
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When to start Cussing: A 6 year old and a 4 year old are upstairs in their bedroom. "You know what?" says the 6 year old. "I think it's about time we started cussing. The 4 year old nods his head in approval. The 6 year old continues, "When we go downstairs for breakfast, I'm gonna say something with hell and you say something with a*s." The 4 year old agrees with enthusiasm. When the mother walks into the kitchen and asks the 6 year old what he wants for breakfast, he replies, "Aw, hell, Mom, I guess I'll have some Cheerios." WHACK! He flies out of his chair, tumbles across the kitchen floor, gets up, and run...
Let us know: Check out our page and musix show us love, give us advice, critic us. We are an up and coming christian rap group and we are just trying to use our gift to bring the word to people. The songs that you hear are not done and we having been in the studio we just did it at the church! So please no cursing just let us know, We appreciate it!
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