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artist: Darby O'Gill
title: The Cow Did
A randy joke about and randy young man with a libido problem
artist: Twinner
We're actually very big in ENGLAND.
artist: LMFAO
The song is about a straight girl who is in a limo with her girlfriends. The limo has a flat tire outside a le
artist: Mike Nobel
A self-esteem-boosting musical affirmation for all the bold and brave stay-at-home dads in America, and around
artist: Zaken
Huyyy ke burradaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, la mayor animalkada de la vida¡¡¡¡ pero bueno son unas risas, sin cl
SUPER BABYBLUES IS HERE TO SAVE THE NIGHT! As a SuperHeroine, she has MAGIC POWERS like "Baby Blue Eyes" whic
artist: Joey Cutless
#HILARIOUS All voices Performed by Beau Fasho of Majority RUlez - Edited and arranged by Joey Cutless
The Visionaries impart their wisdom
artist: Fatt Boy
It's the best love song known to man! No seriously.. man, woman.. man/woman.. whatever you are.. you'll fall i
artist: Randumb
Just a comedy track for fun. I changed 99% of the villains names to reflect obscenities. THIS IS THE SPIDERM
artist: Barking Log
Part 1 is our improvisational ode to Soundclick, part 2 is about a guy who turns inside out when he gets nervo
artist: Worm Quartet
The most evil song Worm Quartet has ever created. Recorded live with Shoebox in his full mullet-swinging glor
A great piece of musical comedy and parody. From the first album my Dad made. Not marked parental advisory by
artist: Inspire ENT
Basically its a poem bout sex, ok?
A truly raunchy, old sailor song filled with dirty words and filth. Not fit for children
artist: epep
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Soundclick - Rip Offs: I did a Asher Roth parody of his hit song I love college a while ago. Tonight I go on the parody charts and I see three guys stealing my idea, wtf! It was number one this whole time so of course they had time to see what I did and copy. Soundclick will delete your songs if you use someones beat but they will not do anything if some idiots steal your material. These guys suck anyways and they need to write something original....
Eggy Rumdrum
Got A Mate Song!: In the early 80's using a Casio VL-tone mini, two Sony cassette decks (with mike mixing), and a an acoustic guitar, helped me to write this song a about a friend of mine. It never made the studio but I quite it as it is.
Revenant the Sequel
Song of an Angel: I wrote this for my daughter. Love My Friends' Feedback...
Song of the Angel Sing a song for the lonely angel. The one who grew up to fast, Who thinks back and remembers a happy childhood past And wonders what went wrong. Sing a song for the lonely angel The one who would explain herself if she could But doesn't think she would be understood And so she buries her secrets deep. Sing a song for the lonely angel Who's tired of feeling second best. Who's being subjected to some cruel test And feels as if she's failing. Sing a song for the lonely ange...
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