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artist: James Speedy
Derivate work of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White Tees. Video available at:
title: Gnarly
A Darwin theme song!
artist: Envs
The equivalent of turning Charlie's Chocolate Factory into a drug house.
artist: Cosmos II
Song in Russian about a typical bureaucrat who acts like a tsar in his own little world
artist: Zone Beats
Gucci Mane, Travis Porter, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross & Waka Flocka Freestyle Prod. By Zone Beatz. Watch here: ht
title: Nintendo 64
A tribute to the classic old-school video game system. A parody of the Beatles' 'When I'm 64', complete with M
Parody of "The Beast of Pirate's Bay" by Voltaire
artist: Matt Tyson
tongue-in-cheek lyrics against a medley of Beach Boys tunes (some are lesser known songs).
Combined tribute to two of our early influences, Bruce Springsteen and Mister Rogers. Pretty good track if you
It seems most Cats in the Music Business have a BIG DEAL on Beats. In respectful Comedy Parody JBBQ created t
Parody Re-write of ELP's "Lucky Man" skewering the decade of Hair Metal!!
artist: Tommy Turtle
My parody of John Edwards' famous $400 haircuts, which his campaign paid for during his 2008 bid for US Vice-P
artist: Jeff Reuben
Parody of Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen
artist: M-80(US)
I took soulja B oy's song and made a parody out of it, hope you like this. Leave comments please and tell me
Mickey Avalon song spoof.
A 'sequel' of sorts to 'Snack That'. It's a parody of 'Smack That (Remix)' by Akon feat. Ca$his and Bobby Cree
Parody to Tammy Wynette's D-I-V-O-R-C-E
artist: Jim Stotts
true story/ birds that make 4 an eye sore(once N R backyard/ on top of "Ole Cottonwood")----but don't land no
artist: Antti Luode
title: Forever Bald
Parody of "Forever young"
artist: Mike Mazakis
This is the short version of my song
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Squier Strat: Jag var pa vaeg fran Alingsastrakten till Hisingen och upptaecker att det aer koe ner till tunneln. Okej men da koer jag oever Odinsplatsen och tar bron istaellet taenkte jag. Men haer ligger ju Musikboersen. Varfoer inte stanna till och koepa en gitarr. ;-) Jag har laenge funderat pa en Squier naemligen, antingen en Telecaster eller en Stratocaster. Jag gick in och fragade vad en sadan kostade. 1.995, men de hade ingen pa lager... Men de hade ett paket, med en exakt likadan Squier Strat, plus en liten foerstaerkare, plus ett axelband, en gitarrstaemmare, ett fodral, en kabel, en bok som laer ...
Revenant the Sequel
The 2nd Quarterly Revenant Award Show!: Thank you all for coming to this lovely Shangri-La, The Bates Motel and our hosts, Norman and his mother are offering reduced room rates. A bit of advice for all ladies: Don't use the Shower. here is your host: the impeccable, the suave and debonair, the lady killer himself, give a round of applause for the Prince of Darkness, my friend and your predator, Count Dracula... Good Evening, before we start, Renfield will serve wne to all, Not me Renfield, I never drink... wine, Our first award tonight is in the category of the guitar virtuoso. This gentleman's playing has beem described as magnif...
Revenant the Sequel
How I Spent My Post-Afterlife...: Thought that might get some attention... Have to tell you Fiends and Neighbors that it is an oven down here in W. Hell, TX. 91° and expected to be 97 by 3pm... Not a breeze or rain drop in sight (Good news with the Rain as it never lasts long enough and then the humidity makes it horribly oppressive for the rest of the day..) So, many have asked me what have I been doing... I could give you a veritable laundry list of the whys and wherefores of it all but suffice it to say I have been looking for a way out of this Hell-Hole. I guess that probably sounds rude to anyone down here but I am not u...
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