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2 songs www.facebook.com/SteffiemercuryHomeStudio http://itunes.apple.com/it/album/spare-time/id480723744
The TMEA All State Symphonic Band performs Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5 finale, from my senior year and fav.-
artist: Trick T Olly
This is a piece that everyone knows. Waldteufel's music dominated Balls at Buckingham Palace. This is Trick T.
This piece is an absolute epic written by Dmitri Shostakovich. It includes bold brass melodies, blazing woodwi
Well... It's a waltz, except with a drumset instead of orchestral percussion. Apologies to Max Roach for the t
A simple act of concern can make a difference to everyone and make this world a better place to live in.
artist: Yahunatan
Another piece for Yishai as he does his video series.
From the Book/CD Christmas Music for Flute and Guitar by Allan Alexander. Mindi Acosta is performing on the fl
Waltz dedicated to Satine, 10 year old girl who has won 2 gold medals in dance, with perseverance and tenacity
Jupiter Holst- HIRAHARA AYAKA Ver. Flute & Mix : Huehuki Midi Orchestra : Koeichi
title: The Watch
The time when you are waiting for something to happen.
what do you do, when confronted with perfection..
artist: alaric64
fl cl altsax trp pno
For String ensembles,My arrange about a traditional latinoamerican(Argentina) Childrens song that I made while
artist: kannosuke
In this music, the destruction of nature is a theme. Time like any might already have passed being called
Reflective, emotional, classical
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sayo beats
Instrumentals :: Trap
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Cliff Rose
"Pathetique Movement 1"
Let me play you Beethoven like you've never heard before, with guitars, bass, drums, strings, and synths.I hope these recordings of my modern arrangements will encourage young players to delve into experimenting more with classical music.
Oren Productions
Oren Productions is owned and operated by Derek Oren. Derek has been sampling, editing, and arranging orchestral music since he was 14 years old.
Mary Clare Springer
Living the Dream: Sometimes it amazes me the way things play out. But as I've been noting with a friend quite frequently lately, everything happens for a reason. I'm starting to believe that events are not just random and take place to serve some higher purpose, to help all of us in this strange little journey we all take called "life". Earlier this summer I was given some rather devastating news regarding my health. Without going into the boring little details, suffice to say that I was suddenly faced with the daunting task of re-prioritizing and evaluating what is important and what isn't, trying my best t...
Wayne Gerard Trotman
Veterans of the Psychic Wars: THOUGHT IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN YOU THINK... Present-day Earth: Schoolteacher Roman Doyle - 25, is married; and his wife is pregnant. He remains unaware he is Prince Armon Sakara, heir of the Emperor of a distant galaxy. That is, until he encounters Chi-Ro Jin, a veteran of the Psychic Wars. Chi-Ro’s mission is to return Roman to the Emperor. And so, with his dormant psychic and astral abilities awakened by an alien drug, Roman journeys to the distant galaxy known as The Cosmic Sea, where he joins the Second Psychic War: An interstellar battle between the forces of his father, the Emperor...
Candice & Nadinne FanSpace
On going story of our trip to Nashville: April 3, 2009 - Friday Ongoing Our trip to Nashville The flight from Tokyo to LA was uninteresting- aside from them running out of the beef and leaving us with a choice of salmon and oh look! some more salmon!...(we dont eat salmon) we ate the bread rolls and the little dessert pastries on the tray... Oh, we also nearly missed our flight from LA to Nashville.. damn customs and security... lines that go on for bloody ever and they just take their time *rolls eyes*. I must have set my watch wrong cause we thought we had plenty of time, checked the flight board when we got through securit...
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