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Excerpt from Mozart's 'The magic flute'. This is a demo for the orchestra mockups that I make. It features a s
artist: Sirena
Hey guys. This is a collaboration with my friend Ryan Boc ( It was r
artist: Rotax
title: Lonesome
Orchestral Opera
artist: sensation
Voice : Jhumur Banerjee / Computer Soundtrack : Kishore Sen
title: Think of Me
I sing all types of music, and yes opera is one of them!
The instrumental intro to one of Mozart's opera's. Mozart Rocks!
artist: Cindy Boote
From "Street Scene"
the song is taken from ALW's POTO. this is my brave attempt to sing it. lol.. i will upload a new and improved
No Man Shall Sleep Tonight. By Giacomo Puccini from the Opera Turandot.
artist: Choe Min-Suk
title: Caro mio ben
Performed by Choe Min-Suk, Piano by Choi In-Sun
title: Flower Duet
I sang this with a friend...beware. I messed up a little bit and our voices don't match well. I'm singing the
artist: juanjohn
This song is a new version of Psalms 23 played on my keyboard and sung by the author.
A Harlot's Progress 01 - Prologue/Arrival
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Kurt Lewis Neufer
Classical General
"You Are My Angel with Harp and Strings"
My love expressed with music....
Dean Krommydas
Classical General
"Of Times Gone By - Quintet"
Composer for your creative projects, commissioned performances, arrangements, film, tv, and gaming scores. Also available for sound design & production.
Cliff Rose
"Pathetique Movement 1"
Let me play you Beethoven like you've never heard before, with guitars, bass, drums, strings, and synths.I hope these recordings of my modern arrangements will encourage young players to delve into experimenting more with classical music.
Oren Productions
Oren Productions is owned and operated by Derek Oren. Derek has been sampling, editing, and arranging orchestral music since he was 14 years old.
Candice & Nadinne FanSpace
On going story of our trip to Nashville: April 3, 2009 - Friday Ongoing Our trip to Nashville The flight from Tokyo to LA was uninteresting- aside from them running out of the beef and leaving us with a choice of salmon and oh look! some more salmon!...(we dont eat salmon) we ate the bread rolls and the little dessert pastries on the tray... Oh, we also nearly missed our flight from LA to Nashville.. damn customs and security... lines that go on for bloody ever and they just take their time *rolls eyes*. I must have set my watch wrong cause we thought we had plenty of time, checked the flight board when we got through securit...
PAUL POTTS Sensation in "Britains Got Talent": CUANDO UNA HISTORIA Y UNA MÚSICA, TE LLEGAN AL CORAZÓN... "... Esta historia es la de Paul Potts, un gales de muy humilde extraccion que con su diente partido y su traje barato, llego a la audicion de Britains Got Talent ("Gran Bretana tiene talento"), diciendo que iba a cantar nada menos que Ópera. Los rostros de los jurados (entre ellos, el amado y odiado Simon Cowell de American Idol) fueron de burla, sarcasmo y fastidio. Pero apenas entono los primeros versos del aria Nessun Dorma, los tres jurados quedaron boquiabiertos y el publico se puso de pie para ovacionar al timido vendedor ...
I'm here!: Great to feel that I'm here. It is the most exciting and friendly music society in the internet. I feel myself really comfortable here. Ah... excuse my English, sometimes it could be wrong, its not my native language :-) Respect to all of you!
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