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artist: ArtfulSpider
Mozart's Requiem - Great tune for pipe organ, sequenced in MIDI format using Cakewalk Sonar, MyOwn sound font,
artist: Shiva Sky
Orchestral guitar concierto suite. Neo-orchestral track with some adventurous guitar execution. Intro from 'c
Simple Gifts: Four Shaker Songs by Frank Ticheli. Suitable for middle school through college bands, and commun
title: Persis
Persis fav James L.Hosay
This part 4 of the orchestral suite derives its thematic material from the overworld music. For orchestra and
The first song which I collaborated with award winning composer/producer Azlan Abu Hassan back in 1993. Az
Choice Piece for the SYF Central Judging for Junior College Bands 2003
An overture to a non-existent adventure movie, kind of a finger exercise to exhaust my orchestral synthesizers
artist: Freedomville
This classical composition is a dedication to the brave souls of Flight 93.
artist: Al Soloviev
title: Gentle Frost
russian folk bolero
artist: solarian
title: Espoir
It has been over 10 years since I've done an orchestral/soundtrack sort of tune, and just got some new realist
artist: Kshitij
A dramatic soundtrack consisting of piano, and strings.
the water is wide gypsy, gbp, 10 year old karma gypsy on vocals, Gypsy on all instruments. karma gypsy, gypsy,
artist: Sam Ciullo
title: Heroic
Done with VSO
For the CBC Fable Challenge, some epic music inspired by Ekaterina & her Myth & Magic series.
A symphonic song about Lord Buddha (in Sinhala - Sri Lanka)
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Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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The TrendsetterZ
*FIRE* - THOTTIE$ (Prod. by Digital Beatz)
West Coast
The Hottest HipHop Instrumentals Online. Period. New beats every 48hrs. - Mobile users visit to purchase.
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Oren Productions
Oren Productions is owned and operated by Derek Oren. Derek has been sampling, editing, and arranging orchestral music since he was 14 years old.
Cliff Rose
"Pathetique Movement 1"
Let me play you Beethoven like you've never heard before, with guitars, bass, drums, strings, and synths.I hope these recordings of my modern arrangements will encourage young players to delve into experimenting more with classical music.
Legran Orchestra "PATRICIA Mambo" Perez Prado Tribute - : Musical career: His mother was a school teacher, his father a newspaper man. He studied classical piano in his early childhood, and later played organ and piano in local clubs. For a time, he was pianist and arranger for the Sonora Matancera, Cuba's best known musical group. He also worked with casino orchestras in Havana for most of the 1940s, and gained a reputation for being an imaginative (his solo playing style predated bebop by at least five years), loud player. He was nicknamed "El Cara de Foca" ("Seal Face") by his peers at the time. Prado's band and his Mambo songs: In 1948, he...
There's something irresistable: Since the early days of electronic music - the bleeps and whirring of analog tape manipulation - I have had a fascination with producing music electronically. Before computers were "personal", I built my own 12-note keyboard with parts from mail-order electronic suppy houses. I am amazed at the power at our finger-tips (literally) with today's synthesizer and PC technology. Here's the hardware chronology of my musical hobby: 1) analog tape remixes 2) home-made synthesizer 3) Comodore 64 - SID programming 3.5) + Casio SK-1 keyboard 4) Commodore Amiga 1000 + Yamaha DX-100 4.5) Amiga 30...
I Love Classics, de Legran Studio Composers: "I LOVE CLASSICS" Mp3 Album: TOP SELLERS IN CLASSICAL MUSIC 1 AIDA OPERA Techno Version 4:01 by Ramon T. Berenguer 2 PACHELBEL CANON IN 3 Chamber Music 4:34 by Joaquin Taboada 3 NANA Orquestada 2:35 by Eduardo de la Iglesia 4 QUINTETO para Cuerdas 2:42 by Jose A. Andujar 5 SENTIMENT Orchestrated 3:21 by Jose A. Andujar 6 ORQUIDEAS Melodic music 3:15 by Jose A. Andujar 7 PENSAMIENTOS Orchestra & Piano 1:24 by Jose A. Andujar 8 DANZA HUNGARA 4 Brahms 2:05 128 by Ramon T. Berenguer 9 PIANO CONCERT nr.1 4:21 by Jose A. Andujar 10 ...
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