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artist: Pat Carr
Gospel Blues inspired by Blind Willie Johnson
Country Blues Song with 4-part harmony.This song went to No. 1 in Country Blues.
artist: Wade Farlowe
Life shouldn't be complicated...
A Blend of acoustic guitar, w/resophonic guitar call and response, pulled together with great harp lines HO
Cool acoustic slide instrumental by Rick Payne in the style of Tampa Red. Rick plays this in Open D. Howe
The song is about a guy. sitting in his favorite bar, thinking about his woman from LONGVIEW TX, that has drop
artist: Walker-Nash
title: footsteps
Two Intermate acoustic guitars, accompany female vocals in an emotional balled.
artist: Blind Boy
Found a cool sounding preset on my Line6 and started goofing around with it.
Wrote this while I was,,,,, Homesick.
This is my version of the old standard. Played on my nasty old '31 National. Mr BB Dog helped out on this on
Bluesy Pop Variation with Sax and 2 solo guitars. 6:36
artist: ZAN THE MAN
Lonesome is what you have when all you have is gone. Lonesome is living with only a memory and a tear. Video o
[Get a **free download**] Traditional spiritual, first recorded by the great Texas bluesman Blind Willie Johns
Traditional acoustic blues done jug band style.
Ta-Da! Happy Birthday, Tink. Love ya always, Baby Love. x
artist: Bob Wyatt
I've been there a time or two
artist: Reggie Miles
U.S. Pacific Northwest Acoustic Blues artist Reggie Miles plays a homemade 'Nobro' resophonic guitar and offer
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Leif Willumsen
Country Blues
"Trouble evrywhere you go"
Leif Willumsen Blues Band
All For You: Such a beautiful day today yes indeed it is. As I sit comfortably on this bench scribbling this pen, the breeze blows gently. I'm feeling quite at ease. Look at the sun rays attempting to push their way through the tree leaves. It's quite warm without shade, that's why I chose this seat. The vision is also quite pleasant, see? No it's not because of the females walking their dogs around and jogging about. I'm no pervert nor jerk. I'm human, yes, but not the type to seek so little, for that is not living. So I know that the sky is NOT the limit. Merely, I seek one that provides all with many su...
2006, & 2007, summary: As I have written before in this blog this year will be a bit more calm than the last two. Not because of that I have felt stressed making the songs I have made, because this is my ordinary working tempo. It is because I have reached what I was looking for, I did my first personal goal. To show myself, as I seldom got support in the form of reviews from others (of any reason I never will understand as I have not done anything to them..) of my music, that I can make what others are making without being a physical musician. (I am playing the organ though, flute too...but need to practice...) ...
Collaborations requests: Hi there you all in universe Maybe you have been listening to my latest collab. "Up Side Down" at my site here in SC. Now I am looking for more collaborations, where you can send me instrumentals and I can add my voice and effects to. The reason is that I have some temporary comp.problems at the moment so I can not create songs as I want, but...still going on Contact me :-) peace & love Sivan...
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