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artist: Pat Carr
Gospel Blues inspired by Blind Willie Johnson
Country Blues Song with 4-part harmony.This song went to No. 1 in Country Blues.
Blues Forum Project song.Backing track was provided.I wrote the lyrics and sang it...Spud(Vic) did the guitar
artist: splattle
Demo of a homemade slide made from a cow's leg bone. Recorded on a Zoom H2. Amp is a severely modified Bassman
artist: Andy Rueter
This is a song about getting away from it all, country boy style. (Original Song)
artist: Wade Farlowe
Life shouldn't be complicated...
artist: Blind Boy
Found a cool sounding preset on my Line6 and started goofing around with it.
The song is about a guy. sitting in his favorite bar, thinking about his woman from LONGVIEW TX, that has drop
A Blend of acoustic guitar, w/resophonic guitar call and response, pulled together with great harp lines HO
Wrote this while I was,,,,, Homesick.
title: Worried Mind
Thanks Telluride Blues Camp........
artist: Walker-Nash
title: footsteps
Two Intermate acoustic guitars, accompany female vocals in an emotional balled.
The definitive ode to Jug Band Music - Cause it sounds so sweet! See us play it live on YouTube at http://www.
A song from the year I was born; 1959. Originally by The Skyliners.
title: Churro
fine TNUT backer for LPF, my '74 Banana Strat with a Kloppmann ST 67Set
artist: Bob Wyatt
I've been there a time or two
artist: N23
title: bad enity
blues country vocals,keys,bass,by Renee Giles. Guitar,lead guitar,vocals,by Terry Stimpfling. Recording by Bon
artist: KB Chan
Turn away your eyes from me, for they overwhelm me ... -- Song of Solomon 6:5 (ESV). See also Psalm 27:4.
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Leif Willumsen
Country Blues
"Trouble evrywhere you go"
Leif Willumsen Blues Band
detour BLUES Now Listed In ITunes!: Yeah, we made it! detour BLUES is now listed in ITunes! This is a wonderful feeling? and all because of our artists and our listeners! Thanks so very much!!
Yesterday I proposed...hehehe: Hi there all Yesterday I proposed to him, just to show that I had backed down again, hehe, lets see now if he will answer me, now I have done everything possible for him and for the group :-)))) ALL they have ever wished..... Told him that he cant tell me to shut up, without action too :-) I sent him an sms yesterday too, to pass.... I advice all of u to check out Bjoern skifs latest CD, there u all have the song titles from which I have made my thoughts and wishes. The thing that I wanted the whole world to know that he told them he was mine, All the titles is about me and the wishes ...
Another "GAME" fantasy night in facebook....: Hi folks, Fantasy night in facebook! Some are using psychological treatments, threats and others, just to put up a false show, change 2010 to 2011, put my daughter there at my place, finalising with the lyrics of Let Us Slay, by GWAR (see below..) When some creatures will begin to understand that I am serious in my will, that I am stronger than ever, and a happy independent woman (46 years) again, they will probably leave me alone. Out there I have a maniac haunting me, dreaming of any love from me, which will never ever happen, it is neverland....neverland, and neverland. ALL knows...
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