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artist: Pat Carr
An acoustic blues song that we can all relate to in these times of economic uncertainty.
artist: blucas
title: Setting Sun
A soulful, laid back groove.
artist: 70x7
A live room recording of 70x7 at Bellevue Gospel Chapel on July 29, 2007.
Hey I played keys/guitar on this one. Don Carroll played sax in last movement of tune, and this new version
Winner of Best Female Solo Artist at the 2006 International Online Music Awards, Melissa Forbes' soulful voice
artist: Sizzle (UK)
title: Falling
artist: Kirk Lorange
title: Cool Groove
This is a collaboration with Jim Heidinger who provided the backing track. I then overdubbed the acoustic solo
artist: Evan Paul
title: Reflections
CD:"Spirits in the Sky" A bluesy feel to this song with celtic overtones, it is played by classical guitars,
artist: Guitarboy
title: Twice A Day
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at guitarboy.com*Guitarboy - Guitars, Tony Waldrop - Keyboards, Bobby 'Radar' Ma
Some notes over a backing while having fun with my Ibanez Artcore and Gmajor Multi FX. Not a real song by a l
artist: BluesLogic
First new recording in three years. Testing my Mustang Amp.
artist: clayville
CS-356 over an old BT I found in my stash. Recorded direct with a Womanizer pedal, a bit of delay and reverb a
title: One day
Here┬┤s a collab in universal music called the blues. A big hand for Stan Lightnin┬┤George here on lead vocals,
artist: Kit's demo's
A Christmas song about lost loved ones. You can be sure those lost family, friends and pets are in Heaven, an
artist: Carl Wyatt
Recorded live for the Ennis Blues society, while on our Irish Tour in 2002
artist: Freddy J
This month marked 35 years since this disaster. The ballad-like song is a long one (6 minutes) but I hope it
I wrote this song becaus emy ex girlfriend was driving me crazy, she could'nt decide to leave me or not, and I
artist: AukMaster
Blues in E with original music and lyrics
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Blues General
"The Truth Express: 77 rpm"
" Renaissance Wave Radio " is a spiritual audio movement...Musikreativ offers you music that lives and breathes, excursions of the heart for the heart!
Leif Willumsen
Blues General
"Im going down to the river"
Leif Willumsen Blues Band
Devilz Cash
Blues General
"Devilz cash boogie 2.mp3"
I have been playing guitar for 40 years and I really love the blues, but I am well versed in Rock And Country. My influences are my Dad who taught me to play as well as Johnny Cash, Elvis, and muddy waters and My wife Nikki
Richie Barron
Blues General
"Rather have the Green than the Blues"
www.musicdistributors.com,Richie Barron & the Funk 'n' Bluz Crew, hard hitting in the Oakland tradition, the original dance party jump blues band with a funky, tower of power edge.
none: new les paul is wonderful...everything else in my life SuXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! F*** it
Gigs: Well the gigs with Lady Chazz and the Tramps have been going pretty good for the most part. The economy seems to have had an effect on the local club scene though...and isn't really strong during good economic times! I've found a good consistent tone for my live rig...still tweak it from place to place depending on how "hot" the room is...but I can't complain overall. I still struggle with vocals but I'm gaining some confidence. Enough confidence in fact that I would really like to start a three piece group on the side. I have some ideas for songs that I could sing and I like the ...
All American: My hair is turning white My eyes are a glossy red My collar is still blue I'm an American through and through. Riding on that American dream With my head held high Shining the red, white and blue Yeah you know what I mean it's in our souls While our spirits soar free Yes I'm proud to be apart of the American dream. I am a Brother and a Sister A billion voices singing one song Standing shoulder to shoulder "Strong and proud" for this is our home Our Red, White and Blue. My hair is turning white My eyes are a glossy red My collar is still blue I'm an American tried and t...
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