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artist: Pat Carr
title: Nola Blues
Great Delta Blues guitar and a cool harmonica solo.
Once I longed for a quiet life. Those days have long gone. Nowadays often I only long for the longing. So... P
artist: Bellegante
title: CraZy
Just messin' around & this came out.
The Band's theme song written by Dave Rubin in 2008.
title: Slow
A song about being depressed
Written for The Old Guys Rule Company and all of us "Old Guys" over 60.
Check out this snazzy little tune, recorded to sound like an old 45 single on a record player in the 40's blue
artist: Penny's Scar
Dedicated to Greybeard and Papa Smurf and the cast of Ghost Mine... Thanks for the inspiration
title: Seasons
Dave wrote all music and lyrics and performs all instruments and vocals (except Brian plays the bass).
My version of this classic American love song from the early 1900s.
artist: Viking Blues
I have all my guitars in DADGAD and can't break the habit - so I had to attempt a blues in DADGAD for a change
Vocal, acoustic guitar, trombone and flute regarding R.D. Laing's "sane reaction to an insane world".
Lyrics by Juanita Ford Pub and music & vocals by Me (vonee)
Michael has two special loves: classy sweetheart Kristen and classic guitar "Luthier"; heartfelt loves insepar
artist: The KHM
Fast acoustic ditty.
artist: JonesyBlues
A little Indiana foot stompin' blues on my acoustic guitar open tuned and played with one of "Willy's" glass s
Recorded Live at the Bookbinders Open Mic, January 2009
[Get a **free download**] Traditional spiritual - originally recorded by Blind Lemon Jefferson in 1927 as 'See
artist: The Toojos
this song is about how obsessed with your pathetic life is sweet d we f*** ing hate/love you so f*** ing much
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Electric Blues
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy"
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Richie Barron
Blues General
"Rather have the Green than the Blues",Richie Barron & the Funk 'n' Bluz Crew, hard hitting in the Oakland tradition, the original dance party jump blues band with a funky, tower of power edge.
Devilz Cash
Blues General
"Devilz cash boogie 2.mp3"
I have been playing guitar for 40 years and I really love the blues, but I am well versed in Rock And Country. My influences are my Dad who taught me to play as well as Johnny Cash, Elvis, and muddy waters and My wife Nikki
Straight Ahead Blues
"Dumpster Team Blues"
A teamup of my Ibanez Artcore trough the Fender Cybertwin and my Tokai Goldstar Strat through the Vox Little Night Train.
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cosmic elephant
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