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artist: Pat Carr
title: Bad Habit
Electric blues - 'biting Strat licks', 'great evocation of classic blues sound'. If you ever had a bad habit,
artist: Evan Paul
(Vocal) A blues song using a telecaster my late friend Ted Russel built, and my black faced fender Deluxe.
A teamup of my Ibanez Artcore trough the Fender Cybertwin and my Tokai Goldstar Strat through the Vox Little N
artist: Bluesfuze
Live as it happened using my EC strat and a throbak midrange/treble boost doing my best clapton immitation
artist: Gajan
A song 'bout a woman who can cook!!
This song is for The Joe 'Mama' Besser Band Contest
title: Honey
Beth Fridinger on rhythm, bass, and lead guitar & lead vocals, Vlayman on backup vocals, lead guitar, percussi
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at guitarboy.com*Written By Guitarboy. Guitarboy - Guitars, Bobby 'Radar' Martin
artist: jbstratman
Internet backing with one take over the top. Using a 12 string tremolo I made in a beautiful guitar made by lu
Up timpo Driven 12 bar blues Lots of guitar Harp 4 part harmony and even sone Bass feature This one has been r
Recorded at Pee Wee Erwin's Studio in Teaneck, NJ July of 1972. One of original originals that was also put on
artist: Matt Thorpe
Instrumental - Swing feel and the guitar just screams! Is this Walter Trout meets, perhaps, Duke Ellington ! M
Live jam at The Woodstock Inn. Aug. 2012. Dave(guitar, vocals), Augie(17, guitar), Cody(bass), Paul D.(drum
artist: Flat357
In memory of Sean Costello 1979 - 2008
A rockin' blues shuffle, with cool toned guitar, smokin' tenor sax, and chromatic harmonica.
artist: refin
BB KIng style backing (thanks to BFS on the Les Paul Forum).I'm using a Univox set neck Jr. with a Zhangliqun
Heartfelt appreciation to Wonderful Celtic Musician/Muse Ekaterina Law & Musicians' Musician Bobby Mack for 7
artist: KODA JYNX
LOST REALITY was my last (bar playing) band. Greg H- rhythm guitar Cole- lead guitar Skip B.- Bass Guitar
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Straight Ahead Blues
"Dumpster Team Blues"
A teamup of my Ibanez Artcore trough the Fender Cybertwin and my Tokai Goldstar Strat through the Vox Little Night Train.
A wonderful day without any specific comments , but...: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VycxyIpuaKg&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PL9550B7EBF0B826F5 AND.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FULXLzn4Gl0&feature=related Kisses....much love Sivan
Brainwash....: People, all I ever have had was a wish of being accepted for the choices I make in my life. That friends and potential partners would respect my choices and stand bahind me if I would fail. This group I have on facebook are working hard to get me in OFF positon from Mr P.A, it seem like they will never give it up....so what choices do one have if one wants a calm and relaxed view in facebook? I posted a video today in there,.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA-LFMTbDIU I am not ALLOWED to love the one I love, nobody supports it but my real friends. So I say it again.....I have been waiti...
The Engines of Life and If the Climate Goes Down...: As I was madly writing EoL in an all nighter fury I subsequently learned my brother Randy had died...We often worked on music thru the night and I feel he may have been lingering over me, pushing me on...Life is a precious thing and every moment is worthy of our best...as it may be our last. We must connect more deeply with the "Engines of Life" that make it all possible. The draft is up and ready for listening... As is another new song, "If the Climate Goes Down!", which is very in your face with 12 instances of Serum armed with Skippie's MegaWave soundset... intense, as the subject dese...
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