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artist: Falken
title: Gary's
My tribute-tune to the legendary Gary Moore.
artist: Pat Carr
title: Evil Evil
Electric blues, with a great sax solo, about an evil woman. 'Solidly crafted in classic blues vein.'
title: G/SP #5
A pleasant Sunday afternoon cruisin' song. Gary has cleverly cloaked the blues bass and drum riffs, in an eth
artist: Haven Head
The Best Blues Live in Holland. Jim plays hamonica and Gruver Shawnee ST110 guitar ( SIMULTANEOUSLY) sings a
Dedicated to the people of Japan in the wake of the Tsunami 2011
artist: Matt Thorpe
Blues Guitar with strings ! Thats more than the usual six ! This is the full tearjerker 100% emotional.
artist: Rico's Gruv
Rico put lyrics to his Tex-Tone Blues gruv, a shout out to all Texas Blues Stringers everywhere.
artist: Devora Clark
Gospel Blues featuring Hendrix-style guitarist Angel Reca
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy-Guitars, Rick Brunitti-Drums Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at* Written by Guitarboy.
artist: Dan Clepper
title: Road House
Fun 12 bar..with essence of Buddy Guy.. One Of my favorites..!! Crank It Up !!!
Big band sound with some hot guitar and minor 6th chords depicting a pressure cooker corporate environment.
artist: Drumnjon
Original Track by Sonicism. I decided to, play a bit here..besides drum track, I added a live crowd feel...t
title: Gone
A song about being the last person to know when an end has come. Collaboration with Tim Lowe. Larry Ludwick
The title says it all its Funky Rock Blues tune just kinda fun.
a song from our earlier blues time. I'm supported by Josepha on drums and Leo on slide guitar. Recorded at our
title: Velvet on Cm
The return of a Epiphone Dot (lefty) Played over a SlowBlues in Cm
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Electric Blues
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy"
Order the Guitarboy Blues & Rock Guitar Workshop Instructional DVD TODAY at**Download Guitarboy songs on iTunes****Buy the new Guitarboy CD Disruptive Behavior today at
Electric Blues
"Artcore AF75L soundsnipplet - Blue thoughts"
A quick and dirty sound demo (snipplet) I recorded after adjusting my Cybertwin SE to pieces in order to get the sound I had in mind, (almost there), for my Ibanez Artcore AF75L (I avoided using a clicktrack but now doubt that decision)
Electric Blues
Three Piece: Well...Lady Chazz and The Tramps don't have any gigs lined up for the rest of this month (Aug 2011) which REALLY leaves me wishing I had a little 3 piece rock/blues band to fill the void. Even if theere weren't a bunch of money involved, at least I would be stayin busy. I even have a set list worked out of songs that I could sing if it came down to it. It would be nice if someone else in the trio could sing too though. If it did end up just me on vocals, we'd have to do some extended jams and maybe an instrumental or two to make the night; not sure if my pipes could hold out for 3 sets...
July 12-13 Lake of the Ozarks : I'll be at Papa Chubby's in Lake of the Ozarks this Friday and Saturday. If you live nearby, come by and say hello.
Can I help?: I don't know how many folks actually read this stuff... but if you do, know this. I've been in the biz a long time, can assist/instruct on many levels. Blues, jazz, funk, gospel, stagecraft, comedy, vocal tracks & layering, so much more. Currently using Cakewalk, Coll-Edit Pro II, decent PC studio, my voc, E-me if you need me Peace & harmony, Slick
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