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artist: Pat Carr
title: Evil Evil
Electric blues, with a great sax solo, about an evil woman. 'Solidly crafted in classic blues vein.'
artist: Haven Head
The Best Blues Live in Holland. Jim plays hamonica and Gruver Shawnee ST110 guitar ( SIMULTANEOUSLY) sings a
artist: Matt Thorpe
Dedicated to my good friend and Internet Blues buddy Patrick Henricks (1962-2007) a.k.a Mr.Banker .... This tr
title: G/SP #5
A pleasant Sunday afternoon cruisin' song. Gary has cleverly cloaked the blues bass and drum riffs, in an eth
artist: Rico's Gruv
Rico put lyrics to his Tex-Tone Blues gruv, a shout out to all Texas Blues Stringers everywhere.
Dedicated to the people of Japan in the wake of the Tsunami 2011
artist: Dan Clepper
title: Road House
Fun 12 bar..with essence of Buddy Guy.. One Of my favorites..!! Crank It Up !!!
The title says it all its Funky Rock Blues tune just kinda fun.
artist: Devora Clark
Gospel Blues featuring Hendrix-style guitarist Angel Reca
title: Gone
A song about being the last person to know when an end has come. Collaboration with Tim Lowe. Larry Ludwick
artist: Pete Flores
Electric Blues with tasteful layers of electric guitar, brass, bass, percussion, keyboard and harmonica.
A birthday tribute to Carlos Carranza...Happy Birthday Carlos. Final mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Ta
metal lead guitars appear out of the ashes
artist: Falken
title: Gary's
My tribute-tune to the legendary Gary Moore.
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy-Guitars, Rick Brunitti-Drums Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at guitarboy.com* Written by Guitarboy.
artist: Fotofresh
title: FF Cathedral
When buying, you can order this song without the voice and other sound effects. Is possible any editing you wi
artist: ukfm
Tasca Jam 2004
artist: Viking Blues
Working on bends and vibrato. Lead with PRS SE P90s over jammer.net.ru backing track. I'm trying to let go and
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Funk
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Electric Blues
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy"
Order the Guitarboy Blues & Rock Guitar Workshop Instructional DVD TODAY at guitarboy.com**Download Guitarboy songs on iTunes****Buy the new Guitarboy CD Disruptive Behavior today at Guitarboy.com
"Wishes And Love" demo, out now! :-): Come to my site and listen to the latest song "Wishes And Love". A special song for me. This is the demo.... Lets see if I´ll work more on the song. Nice to create again :-) Warm wishes of a great weekend to all, Love Sivan
Bin Hobby Lead Gitarist und suche Drummer und Bassisten: ein paar Jam Sessions oder mehr im Raum Ellwangen Richtung: Blues, Rock, R&R, Latin-Rock, Funk ala Bonamassa, Santana, Satriani, Hendrix, ZZ-Zop,
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