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artist: Pat Carr
title: Evil Evil
Electric blues, with a great sax solo, about an evil woman. 'Solidly crafted in classic blues vein.'
artist: Haven Head
The Best Blues Live in Holland. Jim plays hamonica and Gruver Shawnee ST110 guitar ( SIMULTANEOUSLY) sings a
Dedicated to the people of Japan in the wake of the Tsunami 2011
artist: Alan L Cole
title: Wired Blue
Jagasized Blues
title: G/SP #5
A pleasant Sunday afternoon cruisin' song. Gary has cleverly cloaked the blues bass and drum riffs, in an eth
artist: Rico's Gruv
Rico put lyrics to his Tex-Tone Blues gruv, a shout out to all Texas Blues Stringers everywhere.
artist: Matt Thorpe
Blues Guitar with strings ! Thats more than the usual six ! This is the full tearjerker 100% emotional.
title: Reflections
A soundfile I discarded earlier while fooling around with my Fender strat, Cybertwin and Okko Diablo overdriv
artist: Chris Reeves
an updated remix of this bouncy tune
artist: ukfm
Tasca Jam 2004
1st take Radar jam, warts an' all. BT from Line6 on-line. He-he I got to jam with Carmine Appice and Tony Fran
artist: Dan Clepper
title: Road House
Fun 12 bar..with essence of Buddy Guy.. One Of my favorites..!! Crank It Up !!!
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy-Guitars, Rick Brunitti-Drums Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at* Written by Guitarboy.
artist: Fotofresh
title: FF Cathedral
When buying, you can order this song without the voice and other sound effects. Is possible any editing you wi
artist: Devora Clark
Gospel Blues featuring Hendrix-style guitarist Angel Reca
title: Slow
Adding some notes to a smooth track thanks to Rigby 1027 at the Les Paul Forum "Jamzone"...
artist: Metalrob4662
title: I Miss SRV
My dedication to one of the greats Stevie Ray Vaughn!
A birthday tribute to Carlos Carranza...Happy Birthday Carlos. Final mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Ta
I know it sounds loud and bad , but that'"s really important to me, cause for the firsts times my harmonies s
Big R&B sound with some hot guitar and an alternative blues progression depicting a pressure cooker corporate
nice Blues backer by LPF Refin the FL Swamp - Goldtop R6 Kloppmann P90 Set and some drive here and there
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Electric Blues
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy"
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PLTHHH!: Let us now discuss the the depth and the height of PLTHHH. This is a very important block, balk, back, bloig, doig, foig, soig, poig, doing. ( pause ) ding doing ( pause) ding doing only to be forgotten, begotten, complainen, explainen, disarayin in fine shape as long as it is on your plate, eat it as long as it is fit, or you sit, & you don'e have to git fit. Enough on PLTHHH. Soon we will discuss SPILLEUNK, dunk, skunk, funk - y pantheons....
The O.G. (Original Guitarist)
Finally got my tunes up.: well yeah the title pretty much said it all. I plan on having some new tunes up soon from my new demo. Check out my tunes right now though and tell me what you think. L8ter
a gerry
Thanks: Thanks to all those who came to my intimate CD launch...Now the real work starts as far booking is concerned...If you're playing in Montreal let me know when and where...
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