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artist: Pat Carr
title: Evil Evil
Electric blues, with a great sax solo, about an evil woman. 'Solidly crafted in classic blues vein.'
Dedicated to the people of Japan in the wake of the Tsunami 2011
artist: Haven Head
The Best Blues Live in Holland. Jim plays hamonica and Gruver Shawnee ST110 guitar ( SIMULTANEOUSLY) sings a
artist: Rico's Gruv
Rico put lyrics to his Tex-Tone Blues gruv, a shout out to all Texas Blues Stringers everywhere.
artist: Matt Thorpe
Blues Guitar with strings ! Thats more than the usual six ! This is the full tearjerker 100% emotional.
artist: ukfm
Tasca Jam 2004
title: G/SP #5
A pleasant Sunday afternoon cruisin' song. Gary has cleverly cloaked the blues bass and drum riffs, in an eth
artist: Dan Clepper
title: Road House
Fun 12 bar..with essence of Buddy Guy.. One Of my favorites..!! Crank It Up !!!
Fase 2 of this song I'm working on. Rhythm guitar : Avion AV3 Lead guitar : Tokai Goldstar
artist: Chris Reeves
an updated remix of this bouncy tune
A birthday tribute to Carlos Carranza...Happy Birthday Carlos. Final mastering by Tammy Swindell, Thank you Ta
1st take Radar jam, warts an' all. BT from Line6 on-line. He-he I got to jam with Carmine Appice and Tony Fran
title: Slow
Adding some notes to a smooth track thanks to Rigby 1027 at the Les Paul Forum "Jamzone"...
artist: Oberhofer
My version to a backing by my friend Rainer Gaffrey for the LPF Jam Zone
artist: spinaceto
title: Walkin Home
Backing Track "Walkin Home" by Offshore Angler for LPF.
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy-Guitars, Rick Brunitti-Drums Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at* Written by Guitarboy.
title: Gone
A song about being the last person to know when an end has come. Collaboration with Tim Lowe. Larry Ludwick
artist: Devora Clark
Gospel Blues featuring Hendrix-style guitarist Angel Reca
artist: Metalrob4662
Good ole blues in the style of Robin Trower
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Electric Blues
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy"
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NOT JUST ABOUT NOTHING: Sometimes I think I have plenty to say ( I am considered to be a big mouth at times. ) Other times I have very little to contribute. I always think of The Jerry Seinfeld Show and how he described its concept. He told interviewers that this was a show about nothing. Well that curiosity made the show last through I can't remember how many seasons. People could hardly wait to see what nothing they came up with each week. My BLOGS are about something to me but I know for anyone reading them they mean nothing in particular. That is why I decided to always finish my BLOGS on a note that means somet...
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