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*New* Endless Waltz
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artist: sokinwet
LPF collaboration
Collab #2 From the members of the 'Blues Forum' of Soundclick
this is how the tune should be done... a lovely li'l tune to Madame la Luna
artist: Mad Dog Solo
Solo harmonica blues song by Mad Dog. Although sad and simple, this song is about the transformation in moving
artist: John Fiore
title: Losing You
Moody, Heartfelt, and Powerful.
artist: dawnsinclair
The DEFINITIVE blues song from Mister Juri Rosenfeld (and lyric by me of course)
Inspired by Hendrix Rainy Day Dream Away. Bouncy blues with slide and wha wha.
It's 3 O'Clock in the morning. I'm lying awake in my bed. Garageband Blues Track of the Day for April 25, 2006
artist: Beau Burton
A tune about rich tasting love.
One Night At Rehearsal Back In 1991
artist: Family Style
Slow Blues Live at The Zoo-Rock Café FWI All instruments live, 4 mics on a korg multi-track. Vocals done 1 we
title: 5 Long Years
A real slow blues journey, one from our early days
I've been accuse dof arguing with myself when I sing this.
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Instrumentals :: Dance & Electronic
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Straight Ahead Blues
"Dumpster Team Blues"
A teamup of my Ibanez Artcore trough the Fender Cybertwin and my Tokai Goldstar Strat through the Vox Little Night Train.
Against All Odds now up as featured video: Hi friends, Just wanted to announce my new home made video project for Against All Odds. I hope you all will like it and that I can deliver what the song stand for. :-) Also, a reminder. To those of you interested in collaborations with other artists, please contact me and I will tell you more. It can be if you have songs without a singer and lyrics, or if you have lyrics without music and vice verse. :-) Much Joy, Sivan...
Soon we have christmas 2009: Soon we have christmas What will this christmas bring? We have children without food, women are beated, people on the streets. Mostly I use to do something for others and this year I chose to join Amnesty. For the cost of 2½ litre of milk per month. At least, even though I am not rich, I can afford it. You can do that too. Visit Amesty´s website and join. Happy Christmas.. Love, Sivan
12/30/07 Practice: 10-15 Minutes Warm Up Finger Gym Minor Pentatonic Scale 10 Minutes Chord changes (A,E,D,G,C,Am, Em, Dm) New Chords A7,E7 10 Minute Strumming 10 Minutes Song Practice Wish you were here 10 Minutes Blues Improv 10 Minutes Lead technique (Hammer, Pull offs, Slide, Bending)
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