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artist: Mike Dutton
A Chicago Blues inspired by the great Muddy Waters' bands of the 1950s.
We love the gives the artist room to create using raw emotion...We used the slide guitar to tell th
artist: sokinwet
LPF collaboration
This is one of my earlier recordings I thought I would add it to my songs. An old favorite of everyone!
artist: John Fiore
title: Losing You
Moody, Heartfelt, and Powerful.
artist: Max Headroom
My take to a LPF backing privided by Zero G.
artist: Horace W
Refer to Bhagavad Gita, Chapter II, verses 62-63. THIS IS AN ANTI-DRUG SONG!!
It's 3 O'Clock in the morning. I'm lying awake in my bed. Garageband Blues Track of the Day for April 25, 2006
artist: Beau Burton
A tune about rich tasting love.
title: 20 Sack
its a blues song that was very hard to record without laughing
artist: Jam Handy
A song I wrote with a fictional story line, but taken from some real life experiences. I wrote down the lyric
artist: Clem Gareau
Rainville-Gareau Song. Vocals, recording Morris P Rainville. Reached #2 in genre in 2007.
A musical interpretation of a vision?
artist: arellSpencer
title: Big But
'Big But' is a tune i wrote, for me, about the finer thangs in life. Twelve bar with a kick..
Live Live get your dancin shoes on !
Down and dirty blues song done the way only Jason Lee and Stonewash Blues can do it...
title: Doctor Blues
A tune I wrote back in the early 1980s, initially as a theme for a band I was in. It was never played by that
Jesus is the only good deal your gonna get here.
artist: Velcrojelly
Donovan's tune completely transformed into straight blues
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Leif Willumsen
Blues General
"Im going down to the river"
Leif Willumsen Blues Band
Kevin Schafer
Blues Rock
"The Mysterious Professor Tweak"
Not since the likes of Jeff Beck and a young Edward Van Halen, has there been a more explosive guitar player!!Invasion from Planet K, is the 'old school' real deal!
Electric Blues
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy"
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Richie Barron
Blues General
"Rather have the Green than the Blues",Richie Barron & the Funk 'n' Bluz Crew, hard hitting in the Oakland tradition, the original dance party jump blues band with a funky, tower of power edge.
Blues General
"The Truth Express: 77 rpm"
" Renaissance Wave Radio " is a spiritual audio movement...Musikreativ offers you music that lives and breathes, excursions of the heart for the heart!
Mr smile and all these copies of a man I adored!: Some in here are making fun of others life, but one thing is for sure, that I am now trying (Said trying) to get rid of my feelings for Mr P.A, whomever he is (it has been maaaany of 'them'....maybe his ID is used, how Do I know? I have and admirer since soon 8 years ago called Mr Smile....and I Think he seems to be much more worth to tale Into consideration. This night I have been singing some Songs for him , but...these Days with voice detections and voice transmissions, how the heck Do I now if they are a Gang here in the house...'collecting info and put it online using the results from the...
ATTENTION: ARTISTS ON MY STATIONS: I read a blog the other day about the increase in getting friends requests on SoundClick from people looking to boost their songs on the charts. I started getting repeated requests via my e-mail system and was puzzled by who the requests were from. I checked my stations because none of the invitees seemed familiar to me. You see like most all of you I add music to my stations that I really enjoy listening to, not because of what that artist can help me accomplish with my songs. A lot of the songs you will find on my stations are not in the top 50. In fact I dig deep and find many jewels way ...
Comment and tell me what you think :): Hi folks Please comment my tunes, and give me some feedback I would really appreceate that! have a good time, and keep on playing, fellow musicians Audun
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