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artist: FATDOG
title: Hard on Me
100% written and performed by Art Martinez
artist: Bow
title: SJW
Slide Blues, Solo Electric Guitar, In one take...
title: I Walk Alone
Driving, raw blues/rock
title: Ibeen Abused
This song is stright ahead slow blues with pasionate guitar work.
Highest charts position in subgenre: # 42 ( 873 songs currently listed in Blues > Straight Ahead Blues)
artist: Redbird
title: Steppin Out
Song about a cheating woman getting hers in the end.
strait-up A minor blues
Saturday in the studio. Miss Little Blue Hurricane: I wanted to write a Blues Tune with a story for quite a w
artist: DHW
Still working on the voice ;-) Song and lyrics written by Mike Banks Soundtrack (backing, guitar and vocals) r
artist: Eric Lazar
Blues, Blues/Rock from Northern California artist Eric H Lazar
This Anwers The Musical Question 'What Makes Granny Grin?'
artist: Pornochachas
An early glimpse of our next album. More blues than ever. Sexy ladys, dirty punks, and schizophrenic DJ's get
artist: Oberhofer
My version to a backing by Curt1Lp for the LPF Jam Zone, Lester & AxeFx Brownface
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Doc Jazz
Blues Rock
"21st Century Blues"
A #1 Soundclick song (category BluesBlues Rock) from the new Doc Jazz album 'inSURGency'! Guitarrock('n roll) type of stuff, with a funky beat.
Leif Willumsen
Blues General
"Im going down to the river"
Leif Willumsen Blues Band
Kevin Schafer
Blues Rock
"The Mysterious Professor Tweak"
Not since the likes of Jeff Beck and a young Edward Van Halen, has there been a more explosive guitar player!!Invasion from Planet K, is the 'old school' real deal!
Electric Blues
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy"
Order the Guitarboy Blues & Rock Guitar Workshop Instructional DVD TODAY at**Download Guitarboy songs on iTunes****Buy the new Guitarboy CD Disruptive Behavior today at
Richie Barron
Blues General
"Rather have the Green than the Blues",Richie Barron & the Funk 'n' Bluz Crew, hard hitting in the Oakland tradition, the original dance party jump blues band with a funky, tower of power edge.
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I actually am a blogger: I've used blogs before, and I actually blog regularly over at I haven't made use of this feature at Soundclick before. I've decided that maybe I will, since I have no blog that is specifically about music. The Soundclick blog's a little primitive looking to edit, but what the hey! I used to do all of my editing in Wordstar, and really have no business complaining.
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