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title: Busted
Ever have a day where you felt like you'd reached the end of the line? Play this one loud when you're pissed
artist: Debris (US)
title: Blues Bus
When life's been gettin' ya down, and you're all fed up/ Take a look around, we're all on the same BUS/.......
artist: TUSK
Blues Power Ballad from TUSK'S New Full CD JOYRIDE
title: Lowdown
Drop 'D' slide blues, played on my Carvin AC275
artist: CHAIN(OZ)
Great blues that Chain has been playing since Matt Taylor Joined in 1970. Very popular song at gigs and guaran
this version is the new one off the Album just released called 'Valley Of The Blues". Man this has got a great
artist: guitarfrank
Straight blues tune with uptempo solo to finish
artist: Jon Worley
stomp your feet and listen to me crawl on my belly through broken glass and and then brush my teeth with barbe
artist: TONY BELL
artist: 2 x 12
A straight forward blues tune played on a 12-string guitar.
A straight up blues song about a bad man and a forgiving woman. I guess we've all been on one side of this or
artist: Gajan
A song 'bout a woman who can cook!!
artist: Stone Free
Blues You Won't Snooze To~!~!~~!~~!
Rockin' Electric blues stomper about the girl who just keeps comin' back. Based on a true Story! Every 12 year
artist: Carl Johnson
title: About You
Straight ahead shuffle...
artist: John Cohmer
John Edmonds (Guitar), John Cohmer (Bottleneck Slide & Blues Harp)
artist: CmonMan
title: "The Blues"
Heres a live recording of a smoldering Trio of Tenor Sax, Hammond B3 organ and Drums. Thats Bruce Katz on the
artist: Ken Turetzky
Satire featuring the blues of the great Potbelly. Featured on Dr. Demento's "Funny Five"!
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Straight Ahead Blues
"Dumpster Team Blues"
A teamup of my Ibanez Artcore trough the Fender Cybertwin and my Tokai Goldstar Strat through the Vox Little Night Train.
Seth Butler Alright, so I'm new to soundclick, so everybody take it easy on me... You can check out my tunes at so sorry that the songs dont have vocals recorded--they're on the way. until then you can preview the lyrics, which are posted on some of the songs. *Please* feel free to write as many reviews as you want, i could use the publicity.
I've really got them blues: I am involved in a lot of blues activity these days. There's a new collab coming out over at /BluesForumCollabs, and I've added a new song in that vein myself, Slowdown Blues. This was always my home genre - what I really started out playing. The band I was in for two decades started out as a horn based blues band, and morphed in a progressive fusion band over time. But the blues is what I always loved. Once it has your soul, it always has your soul....
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