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Collab #2 From the members of the 'Blues Forum' of Soundclick
artist: Max Headroom
title: Kat Blues
I read that refin (he's on #2, please vote him to the top, he is brilliant) dedicated his version to the victi
I played this tune for Brownie McGhee over the telephone from a pay phone booth somewhere on the road.
artist: MERCY(fr)
Not just another love song. Who can sing the love between a guitarist and his axe, find out here. this song ha
Live Live get your dancin shoes on !
title: Busted
Ever have a day where you felt like you'd reached the end of the line? Play this one loud when you're pissed
title: 2 Bit Blues
Just a 2 Bit Blues song.
Song written and inspired by the many times of playing Blues in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
artist: Jon Worley
stomp your feet and listen to me crawl on my belly through broken glass and and then brush my teeth with barbe
artist: 2 x 12
A straight forward blues tune played on a 12-string guitar.
A straight up blues song about a bad man and a forgiving woman. I guess we've all been on one side of this or
artist: aln
title: my blues
blues soloing in E.
artist: Big Book
title: Dr. Feelgood
This is actually from one of my other bands. . . Earl's Garage. . .a club band that got it's start playing the
title: Ibeen Abused
This song is stright ahead slow blues with pasionate guitar work.
A jazzy blues by Heleana Maria and Kind Hearted Man. FREE CHRISTMAS DOWNLOAD. Heleana Maria also does differen
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Straight Ahead Blues
"Dumpster Team Blues"
A teamup of my Ibanez Artcore trough the Fender Cybertwin and my Tokai Goldstar Strat through the Vox Little Night Train.
1/12-1/16 Practice: Time 45 Minutes to 1 Hour Warm Up Finger Gym Minor Pentatonic Scale 60 bpm 10 Minutes Chord changes (A,E,D,G,C,Am, Em, Dm, A7,E7) 10 Minute Strumming with chord changes 10 Minutes Song Practice Wish you were here
Practice 1/4/08: Today's Practice: 45 Minutes Warm Up Finger Gym Minor Pentatonic Scale 10 Minutes Chord changes (A,E,D,G,C,Am, Em, Dm) New Chords A7,E7 10 Minute Strumming 10 Minutes Song Practice Wish you were here 10 Minutes Blues Improv
e c wolfe
Contract: Last night, I signed the contract for Texas Blue to play Vadie's Longhorn!! Very excited about the upcoming show.
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