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title: Lowdown
Drop 'D' slide blues, played on my Carvin AC275
artist: WyLdKaRdZ
Dis sum shit me n distik cooked up let yall kno how we feel c where we comin from nahmean our point of view on
artist: Kirk Lorange
A slow 12 bar. Backing track by Bob Chiefari, slide solo by me.
artist: HARPOON
title: Slippin" In
Good feel and groove from Harpoon on this and has gotten even better the more times it has been played at gigs
Rockin' Electric blues stomper about the girl who just keeps comin' back. Based on a true Story! Every 12 year
artist: Carl Johnson
title: About You
Straight ahead shuffle...
artist: John Cohmer
John Edmonds (Guitar), John Cohmer (Bottleneck Slide & Blues Harp)
Tj on the organ,Matt Thorpe,Bob Huston and John Cohmer (guitar solos in that order) TJ smooze it out again on
artist: aln
title: my blues
blues soloing in E.
artist: Big Book
title: Dr. Feelgood
This is actually from one of my other bands. . . Earl's Garage. . .a club band that got it's start playing the
Just, a blues tune, about the wrong woman, made with a Fender Stratocaster, and the PS5.
Smooth Blues guitar and harp with a feeling
artist: FATDOG
Written by Art Martinez. Recorded live to a cassette tape in FATDOG studio. Chris Green on drums, Dave Patton
artist: Eric Lazar
Blues, Blues/Rock from Northern California artist Eric H Lazar
artist: Dan Fink
just playin around, fender blues deluxe, godin exit22 for the rhythem guitars, t rex crunchy frog overdrive an
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Doc Jazz
Blues Rock
"21st Century Blues"
A #1 Soundclick song (category BluesBlues Rock) from the new Doc Jazz album 'inSURGency'! Guitarrock('n roll) type of stuff, with a funky beat.
Leif Willumsen
Country Blues
"Trouble evrywhere you go"
Leif Willumsen Blues Band
Kevin Schafer
Blues Rock
"The Mysterious Professor Tweak"
Not since the likes of Jeff Beck and a young Edward Van Halen, has there been a more explosive guitar player!!Invasion from Planet K, is the 'old school' real deal!
Electric Blues
"Uncaught Exception by Guitarboy"
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Richie Barron
Blues General
"Rather have the Green than the Blues",Richie Barron & the Funk 'n' Bluz Crew, hard hitting in the Oakland tradition, the original dance party jump blues band with a funky, tower of power edge.
The O.G. (Original Guitarist)
New E.P. Info: hey guys! sorry for not letting you guys know. Theres been alot of stuff thats been going on, and I havent had the time to really finish it up. Im not to sure when I will be done with it to be honest =( I do think that if things are continuing to go as the are now, then I should have it done right around Jan, or Feb. Thanx for understanding. Ill let you know for sure once I got it. Peace and Godbless Richard...
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vmp 07
Countess Lekzee:
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