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Live Live get your dancin shoes on !
Down and dirty blues song done the way only Jason Lee and Stonewash Blues can do it...
artist: Debris (US)
title: Blues Bus
When life's been gettin' ya down, and you're all fed up/ Take a look around, we're all on the same BUS/.......
title: Lowdown
Drop 'D' slide blues, played on my Carvin AC275
artist: Ken Turetzky
Satire featuring the blues of the great Potbelly. Featured on Dr. Demento's "Funny Five"!
artist: FATDOG
title: Hard on Me
100% written and performed by Art Martinez
title: Ibeen Abused
This song is stright ahead slow blues with pasionate guitar work.
A rerecording of this "low down, hip swayin'" blues tune!
This Anwers The Musical Question 'What Makes Granny Grin?'
artist: KODA JYNX
LOST REALITY was my last (bar playing) band. Greg H- rhythm guitar Cole- lead guitar Skip B.- Bass Guitar
Live jam at The Woodstock Inn. Aug. 2012. Dave(guitar, vocals), Augie(17, guitar), Cody(bass), Paul D.(drum
A jazzy blues by Heleana Maria and Kind Hearted Man. FREE CHRISTMAS DOWNLOAD. Heleana Maria also does differen
Drums, piano, and arrangement courtesy of unreal_dm (
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*(Free D/L on* Live Instruments! Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal! Contact: for exclusive rights. 80 BPM Collaboration with Mike Miracle. Hook by Fudge
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New School
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Straight Ahead Blues
"Dumpster Team Blues"
A teamup of my Ibanez Artcore trough the Fender Cybertwin and my Tokai Goldstar Strat through the Vox Little Night Train.
50+: More reflections on turning 50: I guess a person naturally wonders (when faced with turning half a hundred) how and why things ended up the way they did. Seems natural to look back...don’t know if it’s healthy...but I bet a lot of folks do it. Music in general and rock music in particular have been a major driving force in my life since I took up the guitar at the age of 13...or 14...not sure really. It’s a pretty standard story: a young punk can’t quite find an identity for himself...sees some band on T.V. (in my case Kiss) and the light bulb goes off! My older brother was the smart one;...
Primary recording methods used on my tracks: Most of my tracks are leads recorded at home over public domain backing tracks created by fellow online jammers or by me. I have two small children and a wife, living in an urban condo, so micing an amp is an impractical method for me -- almost everything except the occasional acoustic track is recorded direct to a computer, "silently" within the home. The search for good tone using this method is an ongoing process. I 've progressed through a Digitech multi-fx pedal, a PodXT and on to a Damage Control Womanizer pedal as primary tone generatorsl to get the sound I'm after. Each of the tool...
Check out all my band links...:: I currently play with several bands,just wanted to share some links. FunkyTim (my solo page , full calendar , pics , much more) Minor Dischord (groove rock - Stockton ,CA) the 209 All Stars (party/jam/variety band - Modesto , CA) Off The Hook (R&B/rock/soul revue - Modesto , CA) Thanks for listening. Tim Helbling...
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