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Title song from my latest C.D.
Live Live get your dancin shoes on !
title: Busted
Ever have a day where you felt like you'd reached the end of the line? Play this one loud when you're pissed
artist: RAY GARCIA
ROCK..Baby if it's got a kick ass Thumpin beat it's ALL Rock...Credits:Lead Guitar Casey Abbott.All Vocals,Ryt
artist: guitarfrank
Straight blues tune with uptempo solo to finish
A semi-autobiograhical song (emphasis on "semi"), that tries to capture the feel of both N'awlins and Chicago.
artist: Ken Turetzky
Satire featuring the blues of the great Potbelly. Featured on Dr. Demento's "Funny Five"!
Just, a blues tune, about the wrong woman, made with a Fender Stratocaster, and the PS5.
artist: acomplexkid
Started this in Austin TX with my Dad (Bob) Heise after the person who had warned me she was afraid one day sh
artist: Big Easy E
blues shuffle on slide guitar in open G tuning about a subject involving joy and pain ;)
Have you had enough of winter yet? Enough of this wicked winter! These Blues are for you!
The second recording of this song.
This Anwers The Musical Question 'What Makes Granny Grin?'
Live jam at The Woodstock Inn. Aug. 2012. Dave(guitar, vocals), Augie(17, guitar), Cody(bass), Paul D.(drum
artist: Finnski
Lasse & Finn contribution to CBC's Chill Out Challenge June 2012
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Straight Ahead Blues
"Dumpster Team Blues"
A teamup of my Ibanez Artcore trough the Fender Cybertwin and my Tokai Goldstar Strat through the Vox Little Night Train.
Then we`re on :): Let`s get starded I will post my vids and some of my music here. This will be my site as a musician. Hope you`ll back me up, and I hope you will like my music. Cheers Audun
Gibson's CS-356 guitars: My number one guitar is the Gibson Custom Shop CS-356 shown in photos here. It was from a special run of guitars produced for a store on the other side of the country, promoted on the internet in the days not so long ago when Gibson allowed their valued dealers to market the individual guitars they had purchased. That is no longer the case, and sadly this relatively new model is very difficult to find in the shops. A pity, that. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the woods and tone sublime. It is, for me, the perfect recording guitar with a huge range of available tone, from 335 woodiness th...
strychnine kid
Shining Star: Oh shining star So peaceful and bright Lead me through this path With your brilliant light Rain down on me your quietness of your darkest night And encourage me your meaning of your wonderous light Deny me my frustration from my weary day And enlighten my thoughts to turn a lovely way As I gaze to the heavens Entranced by your sparkling light I only hope and pray I'm not your only sight For a star that can shine with no end in sight Might just enlighten us the meaning of a peaceful night...
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