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artist: Chris Reeves
title: Mirror
An updated version of what was an instrumental, now with vocals.
This collaboration with with Michael Dean USA who contributed the excellent programming track drums keys and s
title: Heart Fixer
blues Tudy singing
A collab between Bkent and the HalfBlindOne. Bkent plays the primary lead and HBL play's a few notes here and
artist: Dan Matheny
A Romantic Slow Blue Song
When you've hurt too long, it just hurts too much
Cover song of Pink Houses by Mellencamp
artist: Bill Dalton
from a 2003 Guitar Center backing track
artist: Blues Lady D
If you never had someone's love, then you can't miss what you never had !!
artist: Jim NJ Blues
2-22-08 solo electric
Authentic blues - featuring Buddy Miles on vocals.
artist: martys13
Another LPF Jam Track. I want a bit Peter Greens 'supernatural' style on this one. Using a BYOC clean boost to
artist: Vic Lewis
Slide guitar in standard tuning
title: Blues in Z
ZZ Top style slow blues.
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Been a while: Been a while since I've even been on Soundclick or Reverbnation...I uploaded a song that's been taking up space on my little Boss recorder. Its called "In the name of Love" came out ok I guess...just a demo so...whatever. Still playing with Lady Chazz and the Tramps...changed up my amp though...a little Fender Pro Jr...I use a couple of effects in front but man does that thing cut thru the mud! Plus it's really small and easy to tote around and the small footprint saves valuable stage space. Very pleased with it....
END OF THE YEAR BONUS BLOG: I can't believe it is the end of 2007 already. I sit here in the wet wet Northwest today feeling a bit melancholy and nostalgic. Consequently I am feeding those feelings with some wonderful songs on my stations. I am simply going to make an exception to my normal ONE song ARTIST MENTION and do TWELVE, a few from each station. Can't think of a better way to cozy up by a fire. To everyone out there please end your year safe and start the new year the same! Here's to next years songs! BECCA. "THE FOLLOWING SONGS CAN BE FOUND ON MY "BECCA JHAMES STATION"... TODAYS ARTIST MENTION: 1. ...
The Mission: The Code of the Black Flag (1) Free Sovereign Citizens own their own lives, minds, bodies, and labor, and may do with them anything that doesn't violate the equal rights of others. This principle of individual sovereignty or self-ownership is the foundation for all legitimate property. (2) Free Sovereign Citizens have the right to own property, which consists of all possessions acquired without coercing others. They respect the equal right of others to own property, which forms the basis for productive and cooperative human relationships. (3) No individual, group, or majority has the r...
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