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artist: J Wes
That Keyshia Cole, 'Love' song is hot so i had to flip it and do a male remix. Check it out and let me know wh
A 4/4 beat version of this old hit from Miles DAVIS to play on stage with friends and get some change. JH PICO
BB King Album...Fender Strat Plus Deluxe +Texas Special pickups, Amplitube Live
This is a cover that we did of the Joe Walsh masterpiece, Rocky Mountain Way, this the our own interpretation
cover of the jimi hendrix song
[Get a **free download** when you join The Rosinators' mailing list] Described as 'an exercise in vocal perfec
Originally written by Randy Newman and performed by Three Dog Night, this song was made famous by Joe Cocker a
title: Blue Monday
An old Fats Domino classic, this song was often requested to be on my next album which I have included in "Mid
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Instrumentals :: Dirty South
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Hip Hop
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The beat goes on...?: Whatever... But some things I don't understand...why they (the singers in the band) whine about stage volume but won't take steps to correct our stage mix. In my opinion, we should be using really small a little Fender Blues Jr for me...and keeping the stage volume really low and then put a mic on it (or run direct for bass/keys) and controlling our mix out front... But when that idea comes up, the response is...well, the vocal mics are picking you guys up so you're already "in the mix".....I mean WTF? Isn't that the whole problem? We're "blasting" on stage and bleeding...
Vastman Born!: VastmanDana's web presence was born this morning, October 27, 2010 at about 5 am in the morning. It was a long and questionable pregnancy, roughly 30 years in the making... but after a 12 hour "labor of love" with few moments of rest... It was an exciting delivery. The man-mother, Dana Pearson, was pleased with the 4 immediate babies...and took a long hot bath to rest a bit... But... that was not to be, as the VAST mind continued to bubble over with VAST thoughts and over the next couple hours another 3 "premature" infants wiggled out into the world... The news of the" delivery" at "SOUNDC...
Will we finally stop the nukes and go SOLAR???: It's been awhile, family...but the horrible nuclear disasters in Japan finally broke through and I'm back at it again...AFTER THE 9.0 is up for viewing... still needs another round of editing, but... Tune in to Radio EcoShock for the latest planetary sanity... google it! Hopefully this is it for NUKES and we'll finally get off our asses and develop the clean, limitless, endless, gifts from the sun... they power our entire earth and we have been fools to let dirty energy dickheads keep us from the sane and clean energy future which shines above us every day!!! Get active, people!!!...
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