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artist: TONY SIMS
Blues baby.....heartache, pain, blues.
artist: Tom Bower
It's dirty, grungy, acerbic, and will probably offend some. You've been warned. Proceed with caution.
title: HIGH TIDE
from the last CHristmas session. Leo on slide Josepha on drums. live recording
"Cover Tunes" appears on the 2013 Releases Under The Covers CD Single Series. Moonlight Label SMLL-010
artist: KODA JYNX
Vocals, Guitars, Drums-Greg H. Bass guitar -Skip B. First song we worked on together. Produced by Greg H
Recorded in 2004... Ed Powers on Guitars
Trying out my new iPhone recorder with a H150 Heritage (stock Seth Lovers), Catlinbread Silverkiss, and 1964 D
artist: Keith Barron
Demo sound clip of my 1968 Fender Vibro Champ. USA American series strat straight into amp. No distortion or o
title: Too Many
Dave wrote the music/lyrics, sings all vocals and plays all instruments.
A fun Party song with tha Cuzz... Swampman burning up the lead guitar!
Single from a new album
Classic cover of Billy Joel's classic anthem, done up in classic Triple Threat style....
Recorded live at the Salvation Saloon Waterin' Hole church on 3/23/14. Join us every Sunday at 10 AM/EST at w
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Doc Jazz
Blues Rock
"21st Century Blues"
A #1 Soundclick song (category BluesBlues Rock) from the new Doc Jazz album 'inSURGency'! Guitarrock('n roll) type of stuff, with a funky beat.
Kevin Schafer
Blues Rock
"The Mysterious Professor Tweak"
Not since the likes of Jeff Beck and a young Edward Van Halen, has there been a more explosive guitar player!!Invasion from Planet K, is the 'old school' real deal!
Haven Head
Blues Rock
"Baby Please Don't Go Live Holland"
What the blues is all about. Feelings and expression. Guitar and harmonica.
Lady Dove
Blues Rock
"Losin' My Mind"
A Rockin, Blues Experience!
New ideas...: I have a bunch of ideas for songs lately but I'm always frustrated when I go to record them. Most of my stuff is written with a full band in mind but I don't have the means to record a full band right now! So I usually use my keyboard for drums and stuff but it's a lot of hassle and leaves me wanting in the end. So I'm recording more with just the acoustic guitar and vocals...still a compromise but it's the lesser of two evils...usually......
the lone rearranger
MY TOP HARVEST, VERTIGO & DERAM LABELS ALBUMS: Harvest: Tea & Symphony - An Asylum For The Musically Insane Kevin Ayers - Whatevershebringswesing Deep Purple - Fireball Edgar Broughton Band - Inside Out Roy Harper - Flat Baroque & Berserk Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs Deram: Caravan - If I Could Do It All Again, I'd Do It All Over You Caravan - In The Land Of Grey And Pink East of Eden - SNAFU Leafhound - Growers of Mushroom Vertigo: Gravy Train - (A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man Fairfield Parlour - From Home To Home Cressida - Cressida Black Sabbath - Master of Reality Colosseum - Valentine Suite Juicy Lucy - Juicy...
Arctic Emergency: We are facing near term, rapid and catastrophic climate collapse. The melting and warming in the arctic is disturbing the jet stream, melting methane clathrates, releasing methane locked in the tundra and the albido effect from less ice is exacerbating this trajectory. Are you going to stand by and let our children grow up in an utter hell? That is what awaits them if you remain silent and do nothing. The time is NOW! My new song, Arctic Emergency was derived from Alex Smith's discussion with Paul Beckwith, of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group on Radio Ecoshock a few weeks ago. Google Eco...
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