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From The Album, "Cryptomeria". Originally an outtake from the album, "Wastoid" circa 2013.
artist: Chris Sotiri
title: Surround Me
Single From The Debut EP "Starting Over" Now Available For Download
artist: Gunnthrain
Can you hear them... ? Processed drums, looped and detuned guitars, and sequenced sounds. Spoken word comes fr
title: 5 Stars
John Pfeifer - vocal, music/lyrics; Matt Scott - piano, cello, ambience
Pondering life's unanswered mysteries.
A song that any Hendrix fan would love.
title: Think'n
A rough draft of my first love song that I originaly wrote back in 1974
artist: arellSpencer
title: Listen
LISTEN written/recorded in my Room of Dreams home studio.
artist: ELE BAND
Featuring Dawn Diamond, Tammy Swindell and Amy Caldwell in the lead vocals and harmonies, all in the harmonie
title: Here We Go
This single is a guitar driven, experimental 'feel-good' song with unique vocal stylings.
artist: Amy Caldwell
title: Hold My Hand
NEW MIX- Vocals re-recorded, we have been planning to re do the vox since I got a better microphone last year
artist: Austn
title: cyberland
lost in the mushroom land of CY_BER_ROCK
title: Peggy Sue
This is a song about summer nights under the lake, gazing at the stars, thinking pure thoughts, and other nice
artist: Adam Fieled
Brown Eyes Like His is a track from the 2004 album Ardent by Adam Fieled; produced by Matt Stevenson at Main S
artist: Vastman
Draft song focusing on the need to change the rules of the "great grab" which is plundering our planet...A rec
artist: Jan Cleary
MP3... Dedicated to the Berlin Wall
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
I meant to say...: The song Soundtrack of my Day features my friend Derek Cooney on guitar. I have worked on projects with him for over 30 years, and it's always good to hear him playing on a new track, I commute from Edinburgh to Durham with my portable studio and record his guitar contributions. The next session is coming up in May. Take a listen
Making money outside of music?: I am assuming many people on Soundclick have paying jobs or make their financial livings and necessity outside of being independent musicians who are unsigned, for whatever purpose they're doing and presenting the music online or in their region or where ever they're at. I've been told many times growing up, I had to find a decent way of making money and do music as a creative side and pursuit. Which means...I have to find a real job that would keep me financially stable and necessities covered. I never was discouraged from making/playing/pursuing my craft musically, but I knew it was some...
VIDEO RELEASE: Dear beautiful and oh-so-patient birdies… IT. HAS. ARRIVED. “I Always Hang Myself With The Same Rope”… The Music Video is finally here, and it looks... AMAZING! Directed by our own drummer Miss Philippa Bloomfield, we bring you the third music video from Birdeatsbaby… A Hitchcock inspired story about how a tiff between a married couple ends in murder... CAST OF CHARACTERS: Mishkin - Upset Housewife Garry - Angry Husband Keely - Sympathetic Receptionist Philippa - Gossipy Cleaner with a dark streak... Ella - Missing Girl CLICK HERE TO VIEW http...
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