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artist: Chris Sotiri
title: Surround Me
Single From The Debut EP "Starting Over" Now Available For Download
artist: AntohStudio
Eve is a tender creep and what is love is not sure...
title: Homes
Matthew Scott--Keyboards, drums (ah, that one wanged-out filtery semi-train-like part kills!); John Pfeifer--v
title: I always new
Just a love song
title: Peggy Sue
This is a song about summer nights under the lake, gazing at the stars, thinking pure thoughts, and other nice
Pondering life's unanswered mysteries.
artist: Austn
title: cyberland
lost in the mushroom land of CY_BER_ROCK
A song that any Hendrix fan would love.
Dedicated to Donald Trump
Brand new studio edition for the song "GREY" written in 2008
Featuring Dawn Diamond, Tammy Swindell and Amy Caldwell in the lead vocals and harmonies, all in the harmonie
Happy/sad acoustic pub singalong
artist: Self Adress
Mellow song, a little hell its one of our best click, starts off very quick
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Wish: I wish that there was just a magic lamp that could help all of us girls especially to find true love,..wouldn't that be nice? Have you girls ever experienced a feeling when you are friends with someone and then you want them to notice you and I mean friends with GUYS, but have you ever felt like they notice anything but you..... I don't know, I just wanted to make a point, that we are all in this together we really are, we are all like Cinderella waiting for her knight in shining armor, I guess on our parts, it is up to us to wait for that special moment right? A friend mentioned, "What...
Who Is Heavy Sigma?: Heavy Sigma is an instrumental experimental rock band that formed in Antioch, California in 2011. It was founded as a solo project for guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Lew, whilst his band the Patrick Lew Band was becoming more of a construction of an actual band with other musicians involved sporadically. Heavy Sigma also features musical collaboration and performances by other Patrick Lew Band members including Faith Marie and Dave Arceo. Playing music under pseudonym 'guises' in an attempt to preserve their low-key ethnical and musical approach to musical enterpreneurship and to ...
you call that music?: There is a world of crappy music out there, Britney is still getting royalty checks. Justin T? Their music is as plastic as the CDs they're burned on. There is this mass that just buys whatever the labels spit out. I think most people out there just want ear candy to put on while they drive around or fix dinner. Background music, it sells! Pitiful but true. So you and me, we just forget about all the mindless people out there and stick to the real thing. That's the music with some depth, a soul to it, a real meaning, something where you can hear the artist really spill out their soul and the e...
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