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artist: Gunnthrain
MAJOR PIECE. This one's for all the pathetic ones abusing the (star)ratingsystem. Some of us (including me on
title: Down from...
John Pfeifer- Vocals, guitars, bass guitar, synths, piano, lyrics, music; Matt Scott- synths, drum loops, sa
title: K.U.
A slow trippy song. The title is a tribute to Allan Holdsworth's band, U.K. Victor Salazar on drums.
artist: Stockwrock
"Cowboy" Jack Clement became part of one of the seminal events in rock and roll history when in 1956 he went t
artist: Dar Shelton
More EBow noise . Electric guitar with lots of delay effects , forward and backwards .
Eclipse was created from an improv at least ten years old. Robbie recorded this when he bought his first E Bow
artist: Thevi Olin
title: Waking Up
How I feel when I wake up.
artist: FindDani
#FindDani The seed idea for the song came from the religious experience of falling in love with my wife while
artist: Klaatu (CT)
Kraftwerk is one of my all time favorites, and in this track, I wished pay tribute to original sound of this
title: Isreal
Pzy-Trance with vocalz and guitar by Cazzy, (ala Freddie Mercury), muzic by Christopher Peter VanderEssen
title: Swiss Steak
Light electronic music with gentle whispers of ingredients while prepare comfort food!
This is a remix of a song which will shortly be released by my band 'Fractured Beauty'. The talented Eric Daum
Carriages, birds singing... synthesizers, bass, guitar and vocals...
artist: Lollz
Meaningful, a little heart warming.
Demo version of an experimental song using vocals, violin, arpa magica, electronic treatments and looped heart
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Majestic Drama
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Patrick Lew Throwback -- Patrick Lew's 2001 Musical Debut: The Silent Minister! Patrick Lew?s Band Section Welcome to the section of Patrick Lew?s music. When you browse here your going to learn all about me and the SILENT MINISTER and I hope you enjoy this page cause my music is not as good as it is without a band member!So anyways you can download two songs of mines at Rolling Stone, go to MP3 and more, and look for S and find Silent Minister! Okay browse and enjoy the damn page! LIVE! LIKE A GARAGE BAND! This is my promotional CD, features 3 MP3s of my songs on Rollingstone. Contact Amy to buy one. Patrick Lew Statistics Patrick Allan Lew...
Claddagh Coffee Sucks: Okay, I'm gonna try and rant in a subtle manner right now. I just got kicked out off the coffee shop near my house in Geneva called Claddagh Coffee, apparently because I was only sitting there and using my WiFi. I said to one of the baristas who worked there I was gonna buy a soda later, suddenly my Internet was acting up over there, and then the manager rudely told me to leave the store because I am not a paying customer. I bought things before here once. And truth to be told, their coffee was okay. But it was all cash only. But my main problem with this place is the people who work here ...
Musical Influences: I was 2 when I first heard The Beatles and Rolling Stones, which was what got me into music. Music from my former Asian hippie mom. Then I was 7 when I got into bands such as Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Pearl Jam and Soungarden. I started dressing in band shirts, grew my hair into a moptop, people thought I looked like an Asian girl but I didn't care. I bought a guitar kit at the Guitar Hut at 13, and learned a few basic things on my instrument and took two weeks of guitar lessons. So I went to high school at Wallenberg. I had a band but we got booed because everyone at school liked rap...
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