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Victor Salazar on drums.
a tribute to the ny yankee captain a day after he hit his 3.000th hit 7/9/2011
title: Danger
#1 on's Alternative Post Punk, #2 on Nu Metal & #2 on Metal Power Metal Charts. This is a serio
artist: Trick T Olly
This is a song dedicated to Ottawa Buskers including; the late Paul Chappmen, Roger Rainbow, Dario Domingues (
title: M.I.A.
ASA releases "M.I.A." from Ribbons & Stone, their 4th studio album due on May 28, 2013. For more information,
cold distant and melancholic - sounds like Joy Division and early New Order
title: A Book
Recorded in glorious stereo. As bright and shining as the eyes of the girl you're dancing with.
Light, easy, melodic, from Nighthawkrock's latest cd, Silence Overdone. Play loud!
survived the Bush/Clinton Recession of 1992-1993
artist: fornever
title: stairs
New song from the upcoming CD ((echo)).
artist: Adam's Evil
title: Stalker
Stalker debut song off the EP "Play me"
artist: Crimsontider
title: benzo
Does it sound Fl Studio or live instrument? Honestly trying hard.
artist: Anne Feeney
In June of 2007 the Canadian Supreme Court declared that collective bargaining is a basic human right embodied
gorman author, guitar, vocal, mball, lead guitar
title: Glimpse
Still in progress, but here is a listen.
Hoagie Pennywhistle Gilligan Jr. aka "Numbuh Two" The 2x4 Technology Officer of Sector V
Song available for use by interested artists and publishers. Please contact for info.
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Passenger Pigeon
Post Punk
"Cold Coffee"
Passenger Pigeon started off as a simple name for the recordings I did back in 2006, and it became something more and more that I could just never feel satisfied with. So I work hard and have a lot of fun every time I record the little jigs I write.
So busy at the moment Phew: I have'nt had much time to work on material as I have been recording with the other band that I work with Elephant Shelf. We did a sort of alternative version of one of my tunes which works but is not quite right yet. With friends I am setting up an artitists agency in Lodon to get a lot of the bands that we know out there and giging as we have quiet a good circuit going now, this also envolves setting up websites and some other stuff too. Along with this we have final set up a live studio that can deal with 5 to 6 member bands which we are just doing some test work on at the moment b...
Back From Japan : Hey this is Griffin back from Japan I had the time of my life learning about power is in prayer. Now it's back to business people go to and get my beats today great prices
nhuc lung mun chet!: het ngay hom nay la moi chuyen se tro lai yen on....hix..met wa chung met...bao nhieu chuyen don vao mot goc,xem chet roai` ve ha noi,ma sao hok thay vui j het,tu luc nao tu nhien cam giac ghet ve do' wa chung....nam nay nhiet do xuong duoi 10*c , ra do', chac minh chet dau tien...toi wa ngu? tre~, toi' 2h hon ma van chua ngu?,nam xuo'ng mo giac mong mi. keo' dai het dem den tan 1h chieu moi tinh giac....thay 1 ai canh ben minh....biet la mo thoi nhung sao van thay vui ,cam giac hom nay se may man vui ve hon ngay hum wa.....hih`........
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