Cuter Than Kittens
Brit Pop
Democrats are Cool. Conservatives are Assholes. And Everybody Knows It. We're TWINNER And We're Cuter Than Kittens. Give Us A Recording Contract You Stupid Record Industry. NOW.
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Victor Salazar on drums.
title: Victorious
#2 on's Alternative Brit Pop, #2 on J-Pop & #2 on Power Metal, #2 on Post Punk & #5 on Christi
survived the Bush/Clinton Recession of 1992-1993
a tribute to the ny yankee captain a day after he hit his 3.000th hit 7/9/2011
artist: Trick T Olly
This is a song dedicated to Ottawa Buskers including; the late Paul Chappmen, Roger Rainbow, Dario Domingues (
title: M.I.A.
ASA releases "M.I.A." from Ribbons & Stone, their 4th studio album due on May 28, 2013. For more information,
title: Dead Souls
Our rendition of a song we loved back in 1980, our band name was the Pedestrians, and we were from Chicago. Br
Light, easy, melodic, from Nighthawkrock's latest cd, Silence Overdone. Play loud!
artist: Numi Who
Written at The Surf Hotel in Chicago in 1985 by R. Lewis Floodstrand. guitars lead vocal. David Floodstrand ba
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Rock On Songs
Post Punk
Rock On Songs 9.9 million plus plays means it's "time to check out this new hit." You want it live, you got it all in one take, with no editing. Real music, just like Dad use to like!
Passenger Pigeon
Post Punk
"Cold Coffee"
Passenger Pigeon started off as a simple name for the recordings I did back in 2006, and it became something more and more that I could just never feel satisfied with. So I work hard and have a lot of fun every time I record the little jigs I write.
mr jellys gazebo
What does the future bring?: Well it's a new year, I've started trying to get fit, eating less, being good to neighbours and small animals (not necessarily in that order)... But something stirred, if anyone has heard 'Fitter Happier' by Radiohead (off 'Ok Computer') then they'll know what I mean. I started getting nervous that I could turn into the robot voice speaking on the track, become another processed human manipulated by media hype/advice and no longer 'living' as such. Then I thought well it will do me good anyway to lose a few pounds and be more generous to others. I'll feel better about things, positive e...
Paul Mcilwaine
Blue Again : like the title suggests - I'm back with my first musical love THE BLUES. I will be working on a collection of new tunes and songs with a blues theme during the autumn and winter - I hope to release an album of new blues material by the spring 2010 - The working title is Blue Again. I have uploaded today two new tunes Snakehips and Burning with the Blues. Best Wishes from Ireland
no hand path
Some news..: We finished recording the guitars for our first full-length and we really think the result is great!!! ULTRA THANX to Alexander and John of Revolting Breed for their support, help and super-natural patience. Also thanx to the guys in Estia Patrwn for the help and hospitality. Finally thanx to Dimitris-Veldrin for the equipment! NEXT STEP: Vokkilz will be recorded within the next days and we ’re very excited about that. The journey goes on.... R...
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