Scott Styles
*NEW* Turnt (w/Hook By Fudge)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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artist: MyndsEye
title: Gottcha
A song in a series of collabs. with guitarist John Fiore. Tight grooves, intricate rhythms and counter melody
title: Sycamore
John Pfeifer- Vocals, guitars, synths, drum loops, music & lyrics; Matt Scott- synths, percussion
title: Black Dahlia
one of the first HU songs that was written
artist: Bellegante
title: Tomorrow
1st Take - Short Version
artist: BarbaraBanu
title: Sin medida
Colaboracion de Barbara con voz de fondo en la cancion de R.Ortega
title: 03 My World
Dub/ Ska Reggae/ Punk... Take a listen and see what you think! This copy of the track is the finished version
artist: Silverstein
Go here to watch the new Silverstein video:
artist: Atreyu
Metal, hardcore, 80's guitar rock
artist: Faunaserene
I was in the mood to create some ambient light and sparkle.....
artist: SCRYTREE
she calls... so strong through song that he may hear.. she dreams through the Great Scrytree mirror or not oth
More bluesy stuff, this time in open D. Gretsch 5120 with HS filtertrons, into Victoria 35115.
title: Found Today
Reached #2 on the 'Other Alternative' charts for soundclick during August 2014. This song sounds best on good
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Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
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Angus Smoke and the discoveries
Other Alternative
"wild star"
Trypadelic band
Digital Album out NOW: hi there friendship! david martel here. just wanting to let you know, that if you're into using the "world wide interweb" that you can download my new record... David Martel, "I Hardly Knew Me" available on iTunes and Puretracks as of today here is the link: yay! i'm david martel
GinNger SparklezZz
Mitakuye Oyasin-Native American Heritage Month: Wallace Black Elk, I like what he says here, aspecially twards the end when he comments on all of the distructive war gear that is produced and yet we believe we are civilized people...we believe we've got to solve all our problems with wepons and not words. Words can be just as strong. But people won't even try, because they think it could never be done.....
GinNger SparklezZz
ZEST made this cool video!: featuring pascal aka syngularity and velma frye...
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