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title: 03 My World
Dub/ Ska Reggae/ Punk... Take a listen and see what you think! This copy of the track is the finished version
artist: Atreyu
Metal, hardcore, 80's guitar rock
artist: Silverstein
Go here to watch the new Silverstein video:
title: Sycamore
John Pfeifer- Vocals, guitars, synths, drum loops, music & lyrics; Matt Scott- synths, percussion
title: Black Dahlia
one of the first HU songs that was written
artist: Victor Snow
Back with more electronic mayhem. Second song in my "Oligarchy of the Masses" project.
artist: Bellegante
title: Tomorrow
1st Take - Short Version
artist: Gretchen
title: Breathe
This song is about hurt and questioning why people do the the things they do.
artist: Melt (PHIL)
a song for those who literally lost a loved one..
title: Africa 1
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Flawless Tracks
I want some moe feat Datron
Hip Hop
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Avant Rock
"The City Awakens"
Soundtrackbased rock influenced by Angelo Badalamenti, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Rush, The Cure, Thomas Dolby, Yngwie Malmsteen, DJ Shadow and the Alan Parsons Project among others.
Taiwanese Guitar Man
My fans are getting younger and younger as time moves on...: 30 year old fans: Patrick Lew sucked since Eddie left the band. 25 year old fans: Patrick Lew sucked since the Band of Asians broke up. 20 year old fans: Patrick Lew sucked since the album Murder Bay. 15 year old fans: Patrick Lew is a f*** ing awesome rock star! How my fans are getting younger and younger as time flies.
Taiwanese Guitar Man
I will be leaving soon due to personal reasons.: I figured my time on this music page has run out. This has to be one of the hardest decisions I had to make on and some of my music pages on this independent music community. I spent 6 great years here publishing my music for people to hear on this music website. But the politics of the music critics has burned me out and it's causing possibly less people to enjoy my music which I spent so much time on. I been on SoundClick since 2002 and I spent the majority of my 6 years on this music page publishing my local bands and music I played in, including my OWN music in Band of Asian...
a song i wrote: u appall me You enthral me You disgust me You mistrust me Do I unnerve you When I observe you? You think I’m weird You are the freak I’m not like you So glad I’m not like you I’m not like you I’ll never be like you I don’t hate you I never thought to You’re so small Not worth it at all What’s to detest When you’re like the rest Of the timid and weak You are the freak. Skeletal Family...
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